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Outline: Last chapter. So you know what's going to happen.

Chapter 22 The Summer Gift

Everyone was at Tommy and Kim's apartment, waiting for a certain person to get out of the bathroom.

"Come on, Kim," Zack yelled.

"All right, I'm coming," she called.

"Kim, we're going to be late picking up Aisha," Tommy said.

She came out of the restroom with her make-up bag in her hand.

"I'm here, Tommy, happy?" Kim asked.

"You have to give the girl a break sometime, Tommy. She is having your kids," Trini said.

"I love giving her a hard time," he smiled as they walked out of the door.

Everyone piled into Billy's dad's 88 van and headed to the airport.

"That was really sweet of your dad to lend you his van for the day, Billy," Trini said.

"It sure was. I convinced him that we all shouldn't be taking separate vehicles," he replied.

"All right people, lets kick it," Rocky said.


Aisha could not believe that everyone was there to greet her.

"Look at you, Kim, you're going to burst any minute," she said as she hugged the nine month pregnant Kim.

Tommy laughed and put his hand on her shoulder.

"She better not. The hospital's an hour away," he informed her.

"Are you still staying with us?" Kim asked.

Aisha looked over at Kim, then back at Zack.

"I'm staying over at Zack's. I don't want to be in the way when the twins come," she said.

"What makes you think you'll be in the way?" Tommy asked.

"I wouldn't really know what to do. And when Zack asked, I felt that it would be for the best," Aisha replied.

Kim gave Zack a puzzled look.

"Don't worry, Kim. We won't pull a Tommy and you," Zack laughed.

Tommy shot his head towards Zack as Kim's eyes grew.

"Zack! You swore you wouldn't say anything," Kim yelled.

"You didn't care if anyone knew, remember?" he asked.

Everyone stared in shock.

"I'm sorry, you're right. I shouldn't have gone off on you like that. It's just that you're the one that didn't want anyone to know you knew," Kim said.

"True, but that's how you got pregnant, right," Zack asked.

"Wrong, Zack," Kim laughed.

"Oh no," Adam said.

"Oh no, what, Adam?" Rocky asked.

"Kim found out see was pregnant two months after we started our senior year," Adam replied.

"Meaning…" Tanya asked.

"Well you and Kat wouldn't know, but remember when we went out camping that summer," Adam questioned.

"Oh no, you guys didn't…" Billy began.

"It wasn't planned," Tommy said.

"I was wondering way you two stayed behind when we were getting wood," Rocky said.

"Rocky, Tommy already told you we didn't plan it," Kim yelled. "I stayed because I was too freaked out to go out at night. And even when it was light I still was holding on to Tommy's arm."

"We get it," Kat said.

"So then why did you stay, Tommy?" Aisha asked.

"You know how protective I am of Kim," he said.


Four days later.

Billy walked out of the kitchen, leaving Tommy alone. He took the empty seat next to Trini.

"So, if it wasn't planned, how did you two end up doing it?" Jason asked.

"Jason," Kim yelled.

"What? Don't give us the details on what you did. Was it like asked or something?" he asked.

Kat hit him over the head.

"Come on now, Jason," she told him.

Kim looked at the two of them and smiled. Their relationship had blossomed more than ever since school had ended.

"It's all right, Kat," Kim said. "We were just talking and one thing lead to another, no big deal."

"Where's Adam and Tanya?" Rocky asked.

"A movie," Aisha said.

Kim grabbed her stomach.

"All right, I think it's time," she said, taking deep breaths.

"What," Trini yelled.

"Why didn't you tell us anything?" Billy asked.

"My contractions weren't close enough," Kim said.

"You were having contractions?" Zack yelled

"Damn girl, you can really take the pain," Rocky said.

"Kim, you should have told us you were having contractions," Aisha replied.

"I know, Aisha, but you guys would be freaking out like you are now," she said.

"Tommy, get your ass in here now! Kim's having the babies," Jason yelled.

Tommy went running into their bedroom.

"Hold on one second, Kim. I'm grabbing everything," he replied.


"How is she?" Tanya asked, running into the hospital with Adam.

"We came as soon as we could," Adam replied.

"They just took Kim into the delivery room," Trini said.

"How was the movie?" Aisha asked.

"Who knows, we didn't get to finish it," Adam laughed.

"Sorry to hear," Rocky apologized.

"It was no big deal," Tanya said. "It wasn't all that great to begin with."

Slight lie, but they would not have stayed anyway.


"Come on, Kimberly, one more push," Dr. Walker said.

After about a minute of screaming, Kim gave birth to Elizabeth.

"That kind of sucks. I wanted Marty first," Tommy joked.

"Don't give my any shit right now, Oliver, cause at this point I can chock you to death," Kim yelled.

Dr. Walker turned to the nurse that was in the room with them.

"Elizabeth Ann Oliver, 5 pounds and 4 ounces, was born on May 31, 1997 at 5:31 p.m."

Tommy smiled and kissed Kim in the forehead, whose eyes were closed.

"Ready for Marty, Kimberly?" Dr. Walker asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be," she replied.

At 5:36, Kim gave birth to 5 pound, 3 ounce, Marty Frank Oliver.

The End