Skin Deep

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CHAPTER 1 Hermione's POV

I don't remember when I started thinking about her, I don't remember why I did. All I know is if there was one person that I had to spend the rest of my life with. It would be her…

I gently awoke my now frizz less hair gently cascading over my shoulders. I rolled over onto my side and stared at the blank wall of The Burrow. Letting out a silent yawn I began to sit up and gently blink away the sleep from my eyes.

"RONALD WEASLEY!" A loud bellowing voice erupted from beneath the floor. I let out a soft sigh and began to change into a light pink polo shirt and some faded jeans. Glancing over at the mirror I let a small smile grace my face. Over the years my face transformed from the frizzy framed plump reflection into a new lean sculpted image of beauty. Gentle mahogany shafts swayed from side to side as I moved away from the mirror and turned to face the door.

"Bonjour Mademoiselle Granger," a soft voice purred through the hall. I felt shivers run up my spine as I pivoted and looked at the goddess before me. Fleur Delacour, the half veela stood before me silvery blonde hair flowing over her shoulders and down her back. Her icy blue orbs met my own as she sent me a smile flashing her pearly white teeth.

"Good morning Fleur, did you sleep well?" I muttered looking into those hypnotic eyes.

"Ah it was a most refreshing sleep, shall we go down to breakfast then?" She spoke her voice hovering through the air like a soft melody. I sent her a brief nod and turned on my heel walking down the stairs into the now buzzing kitchen of the burrow.

"Hermione dear, oh and Fleur. What would you like for breakfast?" A plump Mrs. Weasley asked seating the two girls at the large table. My eyes shifted around the room taking in the warm scene of The Burrow. Fred and George sat at the end of the table their eyes alight with mischief and new ideas for their latest joke shop. Next to them Harry and Ginny sat holding hands and busy in a conversation about the latest quidditch strategies. And opposite them sat Ron stuffing his face as usual with bacon and eggs.

"Anything you serve is fine with me Mrs. Weasley." I replied sending the woman a gentle smile. Fleur nodded with my response and began to talk to Bill. I sent him a glare and lifted my head as a large plate of bacon and eggs was put in front of me. I mumbled thanks and began to devour the food.

"So Hermione, Ron tells me that you have been selected as Head girl this year." I looked up and met a face of none other than Arthur Weasley.

"Yes I got the owl yesterday." I replied a small blush creeping over my face as my chest swelled with pride.

"That's wonderful news…" He said getting cut off as a loud screech filled the room. A snow white owl flew in dropping an envelope onto my lap. My eyebrow quirked up in curiosity as my fingers fumbled to open the news.

Dear Ms H. Granger,

As Head Girl Of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You are required to fulfil certain duties and matters. This envelope is a verbal portkey, there is no need for gathering your trunk as it will be brought at a later stage.

Please bring one Fleur Delacour also.

The activation word is "Butterbeer."

I re read the note three times before looking up at the curious faces of the table.

"I have to go to Hogwarts immediately, it's a verbal portkey. And Fleur is coming with me apparently." I said turning my gaze to the icy blue orbs of the half veela. I pushed my chair away from the table and felt an engulfing warmth around my hand. I looked down at the perfectly manicured hands of Ms. Delacour.

"Butterbeer," I said ignoring the various good-byes and waits that were erupting from the kitchen. A small tug from behind my navel pulled me into the swirling vortex as I closed my eyes and braced myself for the arrival.

"Ah Ms. Granger, Ms. Delacour. I'm so pleased for you two to join us." A soft voice said, I opened my eyes to meet a warm gaze from the new headmistress Minerva Mcgonagall. Fleur and I stood in the new office that was now a brilliant red and gold.

"Good morning," I muttered sitting down in one of the two chairs that were placed in front of the desk. My eyes drifted to my hands as I realized I was still firmly grasping Fleur's hand. I quickly let go and I looked up meeting the gaze of Fleur, she sent me a warm smile and a tinge of red flowed over her face before disappearing just as quickly.

"Now Ms. Granger, as you might know. Ms Delacour will be taking Defense Against The Dark Arts this year. Ms Delacour tells me you two are aquatinted and as Head Girl you shall show Ms Delacour around the school and make sure she is familiar with every aspect of the school. Also you two shall be sharing the Head Girl's quarters until further notice. Now Ms. Granger, do you have any questions or comments?" She asked, my head started to spin. Fleur taking DADA! I mean, she was the champion of her former school but taking this role was another thing completely.

"No Headmistress," I replied my voice quavering as I felt Fleur's gaze upon me.

"Well that's settled then, I'm sure you know where the Head Girl's quarters are. Please escort Ms Delacour and make yourselves at home." She motioned us to leave and I slowly walked out of the office Fleur at my heels.

"So, Hermione. I guess we shall be getting to know each other more oui?" Fleur whispered her eyes piercing into my thoughts like a bullet.

"I guess so Fleur," I replied turning my head slightly to send her a forced smile. We walked up to the Grffyindor dorms and just before the fat lady and took a sharp right and met a painting of Rowena Ravenclaw.

"Good Morning ladies, password please." Rowena said sending us a large grin.

"Infinity," Fleur muttered looking Rowena in the eye. I quirked an eyebrow at Fleur, "I got told before mes ami." I gave her a nod and the portrait swung open to reveal a large red and gold room. There was a crackling fireplace and three large bookcases with a large lounge in the middle and a desk and lamp to the side. Two golden lion heads sat on either side of the fireplace with glistening rubies for eyes.

"Wow," I whispered my eyes wide at the interior of the one room. We stepped through and gave nods to the various portraits moving around us. We walked through the door and up the winding stairs, there we entered a large bedroom with an enchantment to show the clear sky scattered with clumps of creamy clouds gently floating with the wind.

"It is beautiful is it not?" Fleur whispered stepping closer towards me her gentle breath sweeping over my neck.

"It truly is," I replied stepping towards the bed with my trunk sitting on it. I opened it out and pulled out my new robes and the glistening Head Girl badge. Turning around a blush crept onto my face as Fleur started to undress into her own robe. I quickly turned back and began to undress myself as quickly as possible. I finished taking off my shirt and jeans before feeling a light tap on my shoulder.

"Ah Hermione… Oh why are you red, are you sick?" She asked my face going even redder as Fleur tilted her head letting silver locks gently sweep across her face.

"Err I'm just, I'm not really used to people seeing me like this…" I stammered out my gaze dropping to the floor as I placed my arms across my chest.

"Like what, oh but why Hermione. You have a beautiful figure it is nothing to be ashamed of." Her words swept over me like a comforting blanket and I looked up at her and sent her a sheepish grin.

"Thank you Fleur," I whispered before turning around and finishing getting dressed. I walked back down to our common room where she sat on the lounge.

"So Hermione, what should we do to pass the time?" She asked her brilliant sapphire eyes staring at me as she sat there with a placid smile.

"Well I finished all my work over the holidays so I guess we can do whatever we want." I replied walking over towards the lounge and sitting on the opposite side as far away from her as possible.

"Ah do you have any topics for discussion then?" She asked me gently putting a loose clump of hair behind her ear.

"Umm, not really. What about you?" I replied mentally smacking myself for the great reply.

"Hermione, why do you sit so far away. Are you scared of me, did I offend you?" She asked the smile now gone to be replaced by slightly parted lips curving down.

"No, of course not Fleur I'm sorry." I said quickly moving closer towards the half veela.

"Ah Hermione, may I ask a personal question?" My eyebrow quirked at her and I gave her a brief nod. She gave me a brief smile of thanks before looking at her hands in deep thought. "If someone was your partner but they only loved you for your appearance, what would you do?" Her eyes kept looking down as a small frown crept across her lips.

"Fleur, if someone loves you. They should love you for who you are. Not for what you look like or where you're from. And I'm sure you know of this because of your heritage. Why do you ask?" I reply my gaze meeting those crystallized orbs again.

"I just, I just… Oh Hermione I do not know what to do." My eyes grew wide as the half veela threw herself forward and began sobbing into my neck. My arms gingerly wrapped around her crying body rubbing her back as her cries got louder and my robes damper.

"It's ok, its ok I'm here." I whispered in an attempt to sooth the weeping young woman. A small blush crept across my face as her arms snaked around my side and her cries died down to minor shaking.

"I can't d-do I-it," She stuttered her now bloodshot eyes looking into my own. I frowned at her and began drawing circles onto her back.

"What can't you do?" I asked watching as stray tears leaked down her now blotchy face.

"Everything, oh you don't know how much I try Hermione. You don't know what it's like to be me, everyone looks at you like you have to be perfect. You have to be the best of the best. I can't do it Hermione, I just cant do it anymore." She whispered warm breaths sliding across my neck and down my spine. She nuzzled into the crook of my neck before letting out another wave of tears.

"Shh now, just rest." I replied feeling Fleur relax into my arms. "If only she knew, if only she new that I would take her pain away. I wouldn't let anyone hurt her, no I would be here for her. Not for the Veela, but for the Fleur. If only you knew, if only." I thought my eyelids starting to droop as the crackling of the fire got fainter and fainter before I fell into a dreamless sleep.

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