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Chapter one


"Danny!" Jazz yelled as her dark haired brother left the kitchen. "Mom, Danny ate all the cereal again."

"Bye! I have to meet Tucker and Sam!" He yelled back as he reached the door. No sooner had he stepped on the front porch than his 'ghost senses' went off and a puff of blue came out of his mouth.

Danny looked around him to see if any one would see him 'go ghost'. No one was ever around at seven thirty but it had become a habit for him to check.

"Going Ghost!" Danny yelled. His clothes changed into the usual black and white jumpsuit and so did his hair and eyes, into white and green.

He flew down the street until he spotted the Box Ghost and Sam and Tucker.

Danny landed on the street next to them. "What are you up to?" He asked it confused.

"I am the Box Ghost!" It yelled. A blast of green knocked it over.

"We know!" A girl snapped.

"Who's that?" Danny asked his friends.

The girl flew toward them. She was in the same kind of jumpsuit as Danny; she looked like a female replica of him.

"Did Jazz get a make over?" Sam asked.

The girl opened a cardboard box and dropped it over the Box Ghost.

"Who are you?" Danny asked flying up to her. They were both flouting in the air.

"Danny Phantom?" She asked him, hurriedly.

"Yeah. Now who are you?" Danny repeated.

"I'm…" She stopped and looked down at Tucker and Sam. "I'm Lilith."

"Am I supposed to know who that is?" Danny asked, as they landed on the ground.

"Not yet." Lilith said, "But…"

She changed, her jumpsuit changed into a short t-shirt and low rise jeans, her hair changed into the same black color as Danny's and her eyes changed to the same dark color as Sam's.

"…you will."

"What?" Danny asked, shocked, trading looks with Sam and Tucker.

"Lilith?" Sam asked her.

"I need your help, Dad." Lilith said to Danny.

"Please tell me there's someone behind me." Danny said to no one particular.