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Chapter Two


"Wait a minute. Danny's your dad?" Sam asked shocked to think who her mother was.

"Yeah." Lilith said simply. She took out a necklace and pointed it at the ground.

A ring of blue light came and surrounded them.

"What are you doing?" Tucker asked nervously.

"Man, your way more of a wimp than mom made you seem." Lilith said blatantly.

Suddenly it was as if they blinked and when they're-opened' there eyes they were in a strange room, covered with clocks and clock pieces.

"Clockwork?" Danny was the first to notice the strange baby.

"Danny?" Clockwork asked in his usual deep voice. He turned to Lilith and glared at her as he changed into a middle aged man.

"You said he wouldn't come." Lilith bragged.

"For that you will have to explain their alternate future with them." Clockwork said, he spun his staff and they 'blinked'. When they could see they could clearly tell that they were in Danny's basement, yet it wasn't. It was as if the lab had combined with a bedroom of a teenager.

"Lilith Julie Andrews Fenton?" Jazz yelled, down the stairs.

"I'm in my room Jazz!" Lilith called back. She turned to them. "In the closet." She shoved the three of them into her closet before they could argue.

"We're in the future hiding in a cramped closet." Tucker complained. There was no response from his two friends. "Danny! Sam!" He whispered louder.

"Shhh!" They whispered back, focused on the sounds outside their closet world.

"Your parents have been looking all over for you. They are not too happy. Lancer called and said you were late to all of your classes today, that you didn't even bother showing up for first or second block." Jazz scolded.

"I'll be right up." Lilith said, faking her apology. The basement door shut and Lilith ran back to the closet. The door whipped open. "Danny--wow this is cool--go intangible and takes Tucker and Sam--Still cool--to the front door. You don't know I'm ghost-girl yet, and hopefully not for a while."

"Couldn't you have just said that first?" Sam asked.

"Hey I'm 15." Lilith snapped, as if that was reason enough.