September 17

Dear Journal

Well, today has been a rather stressful day for me. I, a demon hunter bent on aiding to restore order to the Hellmouth, has just arrived to Sunnydale a day ago. It was then that I discovered that there would be some… well, some additional complications.

For one thing, I am eighteen. As in the kind of age that would make one just barely out of High School. I am educated, sure, but my youth sort of gets in the way of getting a very good job. I have several interviews for various areas, and with any luck, I should be able to get a job at least one of them, but money is gonna be tight and the hours are gonna be long. Sorta interrupts the whole stopping chaos plan.

The second thing is that I myself am half-demon. Please, do not ask me who my demon parentage is, or my human parentage for that matter. I was found and raised by another hunter, and thus I have no idea where I came from, or precisely what demon I was born from. On the bright side, I am strong, fast, agile, can heal quickly, the standard demon package. I can also cloak myself in darkness and sorta float a bit…

(Note To Self: Practice Flying)

On the other hand, I am having trouble convincing the local hero here, the Slayer, that I am in fact a good guy. I was dusting a vampire when she came along andapparently mistook me for being evil; my eyes tend to get all black and shiny when I get an adrenaline rush. So, yeah, she saw my creepy eyes, and we ended up trying to settle our differences.

(Note To Self: Find A Good Supply Of Morphine And Bandages)

So, yeah, I managed to fend her off this time, but she just wont listen to me when I say I am a GOOD guy! Course, when she said I looked evil, I said she looked like Rambo Barbie, so that might have prevented the situation from actually being helped. Actually, I think I just ticked her off.

But she does! I mean, for heavens sakes, she was wearing platforms! I half-expected her to be carrying a purse! And shes short! Sorta pretty, too, when she was not trying to bash my face in with a gravemarker. But I already do not like her… she is a total bigot when it comes to the citizens of theUnderworld!

Anyway, it will be hard to be a good guy when the supposed good guys are also out to get you, but I do hope to settle this diplomatically… or at the very least, become dangerous enough so they will just bugger off and leave me alone.

Anyway, it is nice to have something to rant into, I must say. I had this ball you squeeze to relieve pressure, but it kinda broke… anyway, I will likely be writing in here a lot more often, assuming the Blond Bimbo From Hell lets me keep all my fingers…