No idea how this came into me and my sister's head... LOL... but anyway... I blame it on my mother's shrimp.

10 Little Indians

Ten little Indians

Started this rhyme.

One thought it was stupid

And then there were nine.

Nine little Indians

Went to heaven's gate.

St. Peter rejected one

And then there were eight.

Eight little Indians

Got into heaven.

But one was sinned

And then there were seven.

Seven little Indians

Ate some Trix.

The Rabbit stole one

And then there were six.

Six little Indians

Decided to take a dive.

One couldn't swim

And then there were five.

Five little Indians

All cried, "Nevermore!"

The Raven came and pecked one

And then there were four.

Four little Indians

Decided to take a pee.

One fell into the urinal

And then there were three.

Three little Indians

Decided to take a poo.

One had constipation

And then there were two.

Two little Indians

Wanted to have some "fun."

One got an STD

And then there was one.

One little Indian

Baking in the sun.

Too bad he was a gingerbread man,

And then there were none.

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