The Farm by Gina

Rating: R

Pairing: Tara/Faith

Copyright 2005

Disclaimer: I own nothing but enjoy trying to play with the characters a bit.

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Summary: Tara's dad is driving the truck that Faith falls into after being stabbed by Buffy. What happens from there?

Chapter One

Faith was lying in the back of a truck struggling to keep herself conscious. She was bleeding heavily from the stomach as well as battered and bruised from the fall she took off her apartment balcony when Buffy stabbed her. She had shot Angel with a poison arrow for Mayor Wilkins. She'd come to know him as boss and father figure in the few months preceding her being stabbed. Buffy was hell bent on making Faith the cure for Angel's ailment but it all went wrong and Faith ended up comatose for several months.

The fates were never good to Faith it seemed and this time was no different. The blood of a slayer was the cure for the poison Faith shot into Angel's body. Buffy, like all times before, had chosen to put Faith's life lower on the ladder than that of a vampire by using her blood to cure Angel. Granted, he was a vampire with a soul but a vampire nonetheless.

Faith had a rocky go of it ever since she came to good old Sunnydale. She was left out of the important Scooby meetings; lead astray by an evil watcher-wanna-be and mistakenly killed a human being. Not to mention how Buffy lied to her about Angel in the beginning. These things, coupled with a rotten childhood, were the makings of what caused Faith's jaunt to the dark side. It was on the dark side, that Faith found someone who loved her and treated her like a human being. She had concluded that this was a much better treatment than the norm of being dubbed as a second-rate slayer, or piece of income as her mother had done prior to her own death.

Rage and desire for revenge filled Faith's every fiber as she struggled for consciousness. She had let herself fall over the balcony to stop Buffy from using her blood to save Angel. Luckily she was able to keep her head from smashing against the back of the truck bed to hard; but hard enough that it had her reeling. None of that would matter soon if she didn't get treatment. She knew the blood loss was too much to withstand much more of life.

- - - - - - - - -

Tara Maclay was a shy senior in high school. She had lived on a farm with her father, Thomas and brother Donny for nearly a year. She had lost her mother a year ago and the nightmare she lived only grew worse because her mother was no longer there to protect her as best she could.

The Maclay women were looked down upon by the men because of their abilities to use herbs for healing and being well experienced in the craft. It had long been told to Tara that, upon her twenty-first birthday, the full reason of the male harshness towards the women would be known and understood. It was said that the Maclay women were part demon. The men in the family kept the demon half of them in line with harsh authoritative ways. Upon Tara's twenty-first birthday, the demon half of her would emerge dominant only being submissive to the Maclay men. This is how it was prepared to behave by Tara's lifelong regiment of beatings and being sheltered from doing things girls her age normally did. Something deep inside Tara wanted out, to break free of what she had endured at home. While another part of her feared what the demon half would do if she were to leave.

Tara's life consisted of going to school and pretty much being a slave on the farm to her brother and father. She got good grades and worked with herbs as much as she could to try to keep up on the things her beloved mother had taught her before her death. Her father's dictatorship ways left little time for such things however, thus she had to squeeze time in for them when he was out drinking. This was no life for a young girl but a life that Tara supposed she would forever be forced to live. She often dreamed that a woman of great kindness would come and rescue her but stopped believing in the dream ages ago.

Tara heard her father's old truck pull in the drive and wondered what orders he was going to give this time. She looked at him going around the back of the truck where a still figure was lying. Horror spread across her features as she wondered what he'd done to this person. "Tara, get some blankets in the barn and see what you can do for this woman." He growled roughly. 'Not a bad looking woman, if we can get her patched up a bit maybe she'll thank the boy and me.' "Get moving!" He snapped as he staggered towards the house.

- - - - - - -

Tara knelt down by the dark slayer and noticed the gaping stomach wound right away. She went to work immediately with fear that the young girl had lost too much blood to heal from this. She spread the blanket out and moved Faith onto it. She then applied pressure and wiped around the edges of the wound with an herbal antiseptic she kept in the barn. She was lucky being as most times, she hadn't time to prepare more of the antiseptic. Since Donny and her father had gone out the night before, she had just prepared some fresh antiseptic.

Faith visibly jerked as Tara applied first one then another dressing to stop the bleeding. She then removed Faith's blood-soaked shirt and began to clean the blood from her stomach. After doing this, she looked Faith over. She found scrapes and bruises on the dark-haired slayer's upper body. Unsure as to the extent of Faith's injuries, Tara decided to leave things go after she cleaned the minor wounds.

Faith's eyes fluttered open and closed a time or two while Tara was working on her battered body. Her mind was fuzzy due to her head injury and the extensive blood loss made her weak. She kept trying to focus her mind but that wasn't happening tonight. She decided to relax and hope that the slayer healing would hurry up and aid the woman in healing her body.

- - - - - - - - -

At around 6:30 the next morning, Faith opened her eyes again. Someone rustling around in the barn had stirred her out of a restless slumber. She looked around to see a man standing over her. "What happened ta'ya girl?" Thomas Maclay asked as he looked down at the weak woman. "We don't care for the sick here for no reason; so ya best be healing' up there so you can earn your keep." He trudged out of the barn as a young woman came in with a tray.

Faith's eyes closed again momentarily, her body was still weak and she felt like death warmed over. She didn't know if she was out of the woods yet but figured this would be a good place to recover. Even with slayer healing, it would take awhile to recover from the mess saint Buffy caused. She also knew that it was graduation day but couldn't focus on why that was so important to her. She had cut the school scene out of her life before she came to Sunnydale. She could remember working with the mayor and tried to concentrate hard on him hoping he could feel she was all right. She relaxed in her thoughts, as Tara put the straw up to her lips for her to get a drink.