Chapter Fifteen

Angel's words penetrated through Faith's mind. She knew he believed in her; he could have turned her in many times and did not. She knew Tara believed in her, even if she wasn't showing it in such a good way. She also knew that Thomas believed in her, he allowed her to get through his walls, trusted her with his daughter and helped her out in a few situations. She also knew all the things the Mayor had done for her and came to a decision as to why he did it. "Boss, you treated me like a daughter, you gave up this crazy plan once for me, will you do it again? You talk of how important family is to you, prove it and help me have a normal family. I have friends boss, real friends and I hope I have someone who can love me outside these walls. They showed me that they do believe in me, will you show me that much or are you gonna let evil come in between our family?"

The Mayor looked at his slayer sadly; he remembered hiring her simply to get a job done but something more happened. He had grown fond of this girl and knew it would most likely be his downfall. "Faith, if I don't turn good for you, will you kill me?" He decided to play the same card she played. "You knew my agenda from the get go, yet you allowed me inside your walls as I did you. You know that I have done everything for you and never put demands on you as you are doing me."

"You didn't truly answer me that question either boss, is it gonna be a fight to the death if we can't agree on sides?" Faith flinched inwardly at what was happening between the two of them. Though she didn't allow him to see it, it was killing her on the inside to make the stand that she was making. Little did she know, it was killing the Mayor as well.

"Faith, I founded this town a couple hundred years ago specifically for this purpose. I was Mayor Richard Wilkins I and so on down the line waiting for the day that I would fulfill my goal. Little did I know that my goal was harbored for the same reasons your ways were changed. Granted, there were other reasons for what I embarked upon but much of it was family oriented. I can't promise you that I will be a good person because frankly, it's not my style just as it isn't yours to be a totally good person. It has become my style however, to love you and for that reason, I will not complete my task, at least until your mortal death. This is a death that I hope does not come for many years and I will do whatever is necessary to keep you from dying of an untimely death. My only stipulation is that Buffy Summer's leave the town of Sunnydale for good! If she so much as breathes near you, I will kill her with my bare hands for the pain she's inflicted upon you!" The Mayor's words were spoken with authority, as they resounded throughout the building and outside it thanks to the wire that Faith wore. "As a matter of fact, I want them all gone, Buffy, Joyce and Ms. Rosenberg. Angel may stay to help keep watch on me if you don't fully trust me. Is it a deal?"

"You won't try to stop my slayer duties?" Faith asked trying to stop a smile from appearing on her face.

"You are the slayer," the Mayor smiled at his charge. "I want help from you if I need it but will not get involved in your slaying of those pesky vampires and other demons. Most of the time, they were of no use to me anyhow."

Faith turned to the door and opened it. "Fang, can you arrange all this?" Faith asked, as she looked the vampire over.

"Faith, I can't ask all these people to leave there homes." Angel said emphatically. He knew Faith had the tool that could get rid of the Mayor and was growing angry that she did not use it.

"Do it or I tell him to complete the ascension," Faith barked back. "B let you live far to long when you were Angelus because she loved you. I am givin' him a chance because I love him. Now do it or I take his side fully."

"I can go to Harvard without a problem," Willow spoke up surprising everyone. She realized that Faith did have feelings just as real as everyone else. "And I'm sure Buffy will make a deal to get herself out of jail but Faith, you have to do your job. You can't let evil run a muck."

"No Red, this is your lifelong home, you go to school here. I'm not afraid of what you can do to Tara and I and that's the main reason he wants you gone. So, you can stay, B and fang have to leave. The choice is up to Joyce at what she wants to do." Faith spoke confidently, as she believed the Mayor would be fine with this idea so long as she was okay with it. She also wanted to show Tara that all was well with her and didn't think forcing Willow to leave would be the right way to go about accomplishing this task.

Angel didn't like this plan one iota and was forming a plan. He would go along with it, free Buffy then dispose of the mayor at a later date. Faith's plan was merely putting off the ascension rather than stopping it from happening totally. He could not go along with this so decided to put his plan in motion. "All right, I'll go along with it but let me say this Faith, a true slayer would end the evil, not sweep it under the rug." He walked off after giving his brief statement.

Faith closed the door and looked at the Mayor. "I think you can handle telling B, you want I should take care of Angel for real this time?"

"You got the same vibe I did Faith," the Mayor smiled at his slayer. "Yes take care of him, I keep my ascension box and you keep the only tool that can destroy me, the knife."

"Deal," she returned his smile and walked out of the building where Willow and Tara were finishing up a talk.

"It's gonna take some time for me to trust you Willow, but I understand where you were coming from. You just need to learn why not to use magic in such ways." Tara and Willow shared a brief hug then Willow turned to leave.

"Red," Faith grabbed her arm and spun her around. "You ever do anything like that to Tara or try and mess up my relationship with her, you won't have time to leave Sunnydale cause I'll kill ya!" Willow shivered inwardly having known Faith gave her a real chance to stay in town and there would be no more second chances.

"Fight off the demons and I'll leave you alone." Was willow's response before leaving the two women standing outside city hall alone.

"Faith, I knew something was off. I knew that you would have acted more violent towards me if you were really angry." Tara didn't know where to start but found that was the best place. "I understand that you will never be fully on the up and up as the Mayor said but you made a huge sacrifice today when you stood up to him. I can accept you for who you are and what you do because you have accepted me and I love you."

"Then we're good," Faith kissed the woman several times. "I think you can go back to the apartment and I'll be along in a few minutes."

Tara didn't know why the swift push off but figured she aught not ask questions and left as the Mayor stepped out of the building. "It's being taken care of, Buffy comes one step in this town and she's a dead woman, are we clear?"

"No problem on that with me boss." Faith smiled as she lit a cigarette. "Any of them tries to cross you and they're dead. Now, how long will this extended ascension take?"

"The day Buffy Summers steps in this town, and she will, it starts and will be under way before anyone realizes what's going on. By the way my dear, you need an Oscar." The Mayor slapped his hands together in utter delight.

"Honestly boss, those were things I did wonder at times so it wasn't all acting." Faith grinned sheepishly at the Mayor.

"Well now, I hope you know that I would never kill you and I do realize that you struggled hard to make this decision. I am so glad that you made the right choice. Just keep up with those slayer duties and nobody will be the wiser."

"Me too boss," Faith said and raised the crossbow ending Angel's life before he could inform anyone of what he'd just heard. "Once the ascension starts, Tara will be mine and it will be to late."

- - - - - - -

Faith entered the apartment with a smile on her face. There waiting for her, was a nice dinner and Tara. "Hey T," Faith said, as she kissed the woman and sat down. "I'm so glad we got all this mess resolved."

"Faith, what's gonna happen after you pass away?" Tara had to ask the question that Angel tried to get answered. She knew Faith was only putting off the Mayor's destruction but promised to stick by her and would do so.

"I got it covered T," Faith pulled the girl into her arms and began kissing her aggressively. "Let's not let all this come between us Tara. I want to be with you," she moved her kissing to Tara's neck and fondling her breasts. "C'mon T, you said yourself that I made a big sacrifice, can't we just let it go for now?"

Tara began returning the kisses feverishly. She had waited for this moment for some time now and wanted to be with Faith badly. Something tugged at the back of her mind however, but she chose to ignore it as Faith asked her too.

As Faith undressed the blonde and passionately kissed her stomach and suckled her breasts, a pounding on the door interrupted her task. "Damn it," she said gruffly and got up to open the door.

"Did you think it was that easy Faith?" Buffy asked with a grin on her face.

"Fuck off Bitch!" Faith shouted and punched Buffy quickly.

Tara looked at both slayers and found that her stomach was churning, something just wasn't right. "Buffy, please go. We made a deal and Faith will stick to it." Tara said weakly.

"I am the slayer! Nobody makes deal with evil beings, we kill them! That's what makes me a true slayer and her nothing! I am just shocked that my friends agreed to this ridiculous plan! Buffy's anger showed clearly in her words and on the features of her face.

Rage was displayed in Faith's eyes as she plunged into the fight with Buffy. Tara stood helpless and watched the madness unfold.

Finally, Willow came along and helped Tara stop the fight. "Buffy, please, give Faith a chance to do her job. We all agreed to do this and the Mayor backed down. Please Buffy, for once, just don't go back on the plan and mess everything up?"

"You've all gone mad!" Buffy shouted and raced out of the apartment, as Willow shrugged at Tara and Faith before following after Buffy.

"She's gonna go after him and all bets will be off," Tara said somberly.

"Can we just finish what we started Tara. I don't wanna worry about B and the Mayor just now." Faith said scooping the woman back into her arms. For the plan to work, she had to make love to Tara and that is just what she did.

Upon finishing the task, Tara felt nothing but total devotion to Faith. All else was forgotten, as the knife that could destroy the Mayor began to shimmer into nothingness. Faith knew now that it was done, the ascension was at hand. She had everything she ever wanted, a father in the Mayor, a lover in Tara and a town that she would co-run with the Mayor.

She also knew a few more things and jumped up from the bed. She put on her clothes quickly and bolted out the door. Tara looked stunned but ran after her barely keeping pace.

She ran into the center of town where the snake-like creature was devouring persons and Buffy lie on the ground bleeding badly. "Didn't get to blow him up this time huh b!" Faith shouted, as she ran up to the creature. "I'm sorry that I had to do it this way, I couldn't hurt you while you were still human because the humanity in you is what I loved. I had to play along with your little game," she said and drove the knife into the big snake just before it got hold of Willow.

Tears flooded down Willow's face, as she ran to Buffy. "Need some help?" Angel said from the sidelines.

The two carried Buffy off in the direction of the hospital, as Tara threw her arms around Faith in great joy. "You really did pick the good side!" Tears leapt down her face as she hugged the slayer.

"Yeah T, it didn't feel to good but I couldn't hurt him while he was human and still loved me. I couldn't risk taking time to see if that snake thing loved me but part of me will always believe it did. I had to play everyone to get this planned out just right and I hope fang will be ok with me killing two of his look-alike thingies y'know? I can't believe the Mayor fell for that twice but I guess it proves that he did really love me. I guess I betrayed his trust in a way."

Tara hugged Faith tightly as her emotions were finally released and tears escaped her eyes. "It's all right Faith, I love you too and there has to be a part of the Mayor, the part that couldn't hurt you, that felt human emotions for you, that is proud of you for being the slayer and doing your job. You saved Willow's life Faith, they can't down you any more."

"Tara," Faith said as she tried to compose herself. "I had to allow the Mayor to cast a devotion spell on you. I had to make him think I was totally up with his plan, y'know? So technically, I'm no better than Willow. We had to make love for the spell to be activated but that's not the only reason I made love to you. I love you Tara, I really do. It was my love for you that helped me to pick this side of the fence and I hope you can forgive me for allowing him to do that."

"It's all over now Faith," Tara said with a slight smile. "Let's move on and forget this. Let's start over, maybe go to my dad's farm where we met and make some new memories?"

"That sounds great to me Tara." Faith said and pulled the blonde in for a long passionate kiss.

A/n That's it guys. I always wanted to write a story where the bad guys win and almost did that. I couldn't make Tara's character seem to dumb to fall for such a thing though so changed it at the last minute. I hope you liked this, leave me some feedback.