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Category: Alternate Universe (AU)

Summary: Kaoru, a young goddess, heir to the Throne of the Heavens is descended to earth for an assignment to prove she is worthy of being Ruler of the Heavens. Battousai, the Prince of Hell, is given the assignment to stop Kaoru from being placed on the throne; using every means possible.

Rated: R, for language, violence, and suggested material.

Couples: Battousai/Kaoru, Aoshi/Misao, Megumi/Sano

Genre: Humor, Angst, Drama, Romance


This Is Forever

Chapter 1: "Destined To Be Tested"

To say Heaven was a paradise, where the gods lived, was an understatement. Mere words could not describe the home that belonged to the Heavenly beings since before time was conceived. It was a place where no mortal could taste, but merely look at in envy.

The palaces were made of the finest of ivory, so smooth to touch; not one rough indentation. The roofs were like domes, curved to perfection in an unbelievable way, much like an Arabian palace.

Many beautiful animals and birds that the earth had never seen recited in the Heavens. They brought beautiful songs, and calls that were hardly considered noise. Pure waters calmly ran their course through the palace's springs, and into the drinking springs, and separating into the bathing waters.

Darkness never fell upon the place, for the gods were beings that stood for truth and light, compassion and mercy, and justice and love for all things great and small.

There were twelve main gods, but the main three were the rulers of the Heavens; the head god, Tengoku, his wife, Tochi, and their daughter, Kaoru.

According to the other beings of Heaven, Kaoru was not so beautiful as far as physical beauty was considered. The princess was believed to be plain compared to other beautiful gods and goddesses in the palace.

Kaoru, when described with words, had the darkest of hair; black like a moonless and starless night sky. Her eyes were crystal-blue like the purest of waters; so pure it was sweet to taste. Her skin was so light and smooth, like cream, a mortal man's every wish to taste her.

The beauty of other gods and goddesses made Kaoru's beauty seem plain, and pale in comparison. She was very much a disappointment to her mother and father, both great and beautiful rulers.

What stood out more about Kaoru was her beautiful spirit. So kind and merciful, that many mortals worshiped her because she heard their cries of anguish and pain.

She was the one that priests and priestesses prayed to when they performed exorcisms. Kaoru was the goddess to drive the Demons of Hell out of the earth.

She was the great Kaoru, goddess of mercy, strength, and purity. She was the virgin goddess that no god or mortal, and especially a demon, dared to touch.

"What! You're sending me out there all alone!"

She was the goddess of bad tempers, tomboys, and loud mouths.

Kaoru stood in her parents' throne room, having received a message to meet them there for business to discuss. The young princess' crystal eyes narrowed at her parents, both sitting their thrones made of pure gold.

"Why are you sending me out there to earth all alone!" Kaoru cried out, indignantly.

"You are going there because it is a test." Kaoru's father, Tengoku, calmly repeated, not bothered by his daughter's rude outbursts.

"My duty is here, father!" Kaoru continued to protest. "The mortals of earth need me!"

"Kaoru, what I am about to tell you will not go beyond this room, understood?" Tengoku said, waiting for Kaoru to acknowledge his request, and she nodded. "After billions and billions and billions and billions—"

"I get the point." Kaoru interrupted hotly, rolling her eyes even more heaven-ward.

Tengoku coughed indignantly, and continued, "As I was saying, after my billion and plus years of being on the Throne of Heavens, I have decided to step down, and let you take my place."

Kaoru gasped, not believing that she is next to sit on the throne. She knew, deep inside her heart, that she was not ready for it.

"So," Tengoku continued as if he never paused. "As my heir, you have to be tested to make sure you are ready to sit here where I am, as Heaven's Ruler. You have to make sure you have patience, quality, and compassion."

"I have compassion in case you didn't notice. I always help out mortals against the beings of hell." Kaoru huffed, folding her arms and mumbling something about old gods not paying attention.

"You think I don't know how you do your job!" Tengoku yelled out, his powerful voice echoing against the walls surrounding them, bouncing off the ivory, causing his wife to jump and his daughter to stumble backward and almost fall to the floor. "I know you do your job, but I am talking about sitting here, on this throne, and ruling all!"

In a much calmer voice, Tengoku continued, "I am referring to everything and anything. You have to listen to the gods and goddesses bring their issues here, listen to the mortals bring their issues here, and even the freak'n animals! It's always nag, nag, nag, and nag! Why do you think I have snow-white hair! I got it the first day I sat on this throne!"

"Great. Now I have something to look forward to." Kaoru mumbled, but her father heard it.

"Don't get smart with me! I want my retirement, and I'm going to get it! Oh, and I also want a grandchild sometime in the near century."

Kaoru looked at her father as if he just told her to pull a big miracle and lock all the demons up in hell.

"The throne, maybe I can do, but the having a child, no, not a chance."

"This is why your father and I have decided to arrange a marriage for you." Kaoru's mother announced, speaking for the first time.

"Arranged!" Kaoru shouted, not believing her parents dared to go behind her back and plot out her life. "You're having an arranged marriage involving me! Who the hell is the groom!"

"For a goddess, you sure have a nasty mouth." Tochi sighed, shaking her head. "I suppose that is because your generation of gods and goddesses think it is just fine and dandy to use 'hell' anytime they please."

"Hell is just a place of torture and imprisonment." Kaoru explained impatiently. "When my generation used the term hell, we're just using it as an expression."

"Regardless," Tengoku intervened, getting back to the original subject. "Your husband is going to be Akira Kiosatou."

Kaoru almost gagged. Akira Kiosatou is a fine god, and he had the looks that any mortal could envy, and he had a great heart. Yet, Akira was the love interest of Tomoe, goddess of marriage and wives-to-be, the perfect model for the perfect wife, and also Kaoru's only true friend.

When one is next in line for the throne, other goddesses are nice to them, but envious behind their back. It was the same for Kaoru; the goddesses are friends to her, but hate her when she is not around. The gods flirt with her, hoping to win her heart just so they could get a piece of Heaven's throne.

Only Tomoe was the one who was truly her best friend; her only friend. And here, her parents were going to marry her off to someone who was her only best friend's love interest! So. Not. Fair!

"You can't do that!" Kaoru yelled, desperate to keep her only friend. "Why would you do something as cruel as that!"

"You are marrying Akira, end of discussion!" Tengoku yelled, standing from his throne. "And you will go to earth to be tested to see if you are worthy of my throne! I will not have my daughter sassing me and telling me that I, Ruler of the Heavens, cannot rule her life as well!"

Pushing back her tears, Kaoru numbly agreed, trying to think of a plan to get her out of the marriage situation. The whole going to earth thing she can handle, but getting married to Akira, her best friend's love, she could not handle.

"Will I still have my powers as a goddess?" Kaoru asked in a defeated voice. Her parents won out.

"Yes and no." Tengoku answered, and he received an inquiring look from his daughter. "You will live as a mortal while on earth. We can't risk the demons knowing the Princess of Heaven is at a venerable place; therefore, you cannot have your powers on a regular basis. You may have them back when, and only when, you are in a desperate situation and it's a matter of life and death."

"Where will I go, father? Where will I live?"

"I have sent a message to a priest and priestess who worship you. They live in Kyoto, at a shrine, and restaurant, called the Aoiya."

"The… Aoiya…?" Kaoru repeated the name. "Demo, why Kyoto, the City of Sin? It is a place that no god or goddess dares to enter. It is where… the Original Demon landed when he was cast out of Heaven."

"It is a good place to be tested. Don't worry; the priest and priestess are good people who will believe you when you tell them you are who you are."

"What exactly do you want me to be tested on?"

"That is to remain unsaid, because it wouldn't be a test if you knew all the questions on the test, right?" Tengoku asked, chuckling merrily.

"Is there anything else you wish to say to your daughter before you send her out into the City of Sin, father?" Kaoru asked, begging to get out of there.

"Nope, nothing else."

"Then I will leave you in humbleness." Kaoru said, bowing to her parents and then she quickly left the throne room.

Behind the ivory walls, a godly being smiled triumphantly, hearing everything that was ever said in the room.


Kaoru was more than off, and she made it known when she slammed the ivory door to her room closed. It made a huge bang, and it echoed through the walls of the palace.

Not being able to contain her tears anymore, Kaoru sobbed, and threw herself down on her bed, crying into her soft pillow.

Kaoru's room was huge, to say the least. Her bed was big enough to fit six people all in a row, if they slept in her bed. The frame was made from the finest of cherry woods, and it even gave the room a fresh smell of cherry wood. The canopy material was made out of the best silk, softer than water.

Kaoru had a dresser where she kept her many silk pajamas, and undergarments. The dresser was made out of pure gold that made it looked like a huge treasure chest rather than a dresser. Her closet was a walk-in closet where her many beautiful and finest garments and kimonos were hung with extreme care, as if they was made of glass.

Suddenly, the room was filled with the soft sent of white plums, and Kaoru knew who had entered.

The princess sat up on her bed when a light weight pressed on the bed next to her; someone had sat down next to her.

"Kaoru-sama?" a soft voice said, filled with beauty and compassion; the perfect being in every way possible.

"Tomoe-chan, my parents are horrible!" Kaoru blurted out, hugging her best friend while placing her face on her shoulder.

Tomoe was soft and perfect, and smelled beautiful and perfect. She should have been the daughter of Tengoku and Tochi. At least they would be satisfied and proud of Tomoe. She was the imagery of patience, fidelity, intelligence… perfection.

Tomoe would have merely nodded to the king and queen of heaven, accepted their every word and command. She would have agreed to going to earth without question, and she would be having an arranged marriage between herself and the one she loved.

Tomoe should have been the Princess of Heaven, and Kaoru would never give it a second thought if given the chance to exchange places with her best friend.

Breathing in deeply, Kaoru tried to focus on the wonderful smell of white plums that illuminated from Tomoe. That sent alone made Kaoru calm down no matter what mood she was in.

"Doushiteno, Kaoru-chan?" Tomoe asked, patting Kaoru's back in an affectionate, sisterly way.

"My parents are forcing me to go to earth for some stupid test!" Kaoru cried, her anger elevating all over again.

"Oh, I'm sure it won't be so bad, you'll see." Tomoe reassured, brushing Kaoru's tears away with her thumb.

"That's not all." Kaoru breathed, trying to get her courage up to tell Tomoe this whopper tale. "When I get back, they're forcing me to marry."

"I'm sure you'll like him." Tomoe said gently.

"That's the problem, I don't like him. Well, I do, but only as a friend."

"Silly girl, you can still be friends when you marry, it'll just be a bit weird."

"Tomoe-chan… the one my parents are forcing me to marry…" Kaoru gulped, closing her eyes, waiting for the blow that will make Tomoe cut off all ties with her. "Is Akira-san."

Tomoe stilled, her face blank and unreadable.

"Kiosatou-san?" Tomoe asked, trying to reassure that this is still the same Akira, even though there was only one Akira in the palace.

"H-Hai…" Kaoru confirmed, closing her eyes again. "Gomen nasai, Tomoe-chan. I wish my parents will get this stupid idea out of their heads!"

"It's fine." Tomoe suddenly said, her eyes downcast. "If that's what they want, I can't argue, nor will I ever argue against them."

"Tomoe-chan…" Kaoru whispered, hating herself at that moment. Of course Tomoe would kindly step aside without an argument; that was the way she was. Never raising her voice to anyone, and always letting everyone have their own happiness.

Yet Kaoru was not happy.

"I know!" Kaoru announced as if it solved everything. "You and Akira-san can be lovers while he and I are married!"

Tomoe was not looking at her; she was looking at the wall as if it was a fascinating thing. Her eyes were still blank and downcast.

"When do you leave?" Tomoe asked, as if she was trying to change the subject.

"Oh, tomorrow. I'm so sorry, Tomoe-chan. If I could, I'd switch places with you. I'd let you be the Princess of the Heavens, and I can be you, just a normal, average goddess."

Tomoe gave a small smile while shaking her head.

"I don't think I would want to be in your place." She said with a giggle.

"Oh gee, thanks! Some friend you are!" Kaoru laughed, grabbing her pillow and hitting Tomoe lightly on the shoulder with it.


Hell was a place of torture, immoral, and death. It sang of death, and stunk of death. It was the place the immoral mortals go. The murders, rapists, molesters, thieves, and everything else immoral; they all went to that place, never entering Nirvana.

The only building in the massive ruins of hell was a small palace that was hardly anything to be proud of. Its body was made of brimstone, the only stone that could endure the fires of hell, and even then, the brimstone melted after a few months. The slaves of hell would rebuild the palace made of imperfection until it melted again; it was an endless cycle. The palace looked more like an old palace of Japan than anything elegant.

It was always dark here, for the beings stood for lies, deceit, unkindness, and hate. Every day was a dread for the prisoners here because it was endless torture; endless burning and pain that filled the place with cries in the night, endless cries and pleas for help that went unheard, and unyielding.

In the pathetic brimstone palace, the Ruler of Hell sat on his throne, a note in his hand that was just delivered. His smile was cruel and hateful as he read the words again and again. He called his son into the room, which stood before him.

The Prince of Hell, known on earth to mortals as Battousai, was feared in all hearts of the moral and righteous. He was cunning, cruel, and tricky. He had days where he could ascend to earth, and he took possession of a person immoral.

While possessing a mortal's body, he killed virgin women, bathing in their blood, eating their hearts, and letting the soothe, ruby liquid fill the throat of the mortal he possessed, feeling it at the same time as the person.

He never stopped, and would never have stopped, had a certain damn priest and priestess perform an exorcist on each mortal he possessed. Those two damn priest and priestess whom worshipped the goddess, princess of the Heavens, Kaoru.

Just the name Kaoru made his day grow darker than it already was; his heart was filled with hatred and spite when he heard her name. The very being who did utter her name was tortured even more when he was in hell, and if it be a mortal, he killed that person slowly, painfully, ripping out their vocal cords and cutting their tongue out.

Then that damn priest and priestess would arrive, sending him back to hell, and the cycle would start all over again.

Hell was just an endless, unbreakable cycle.

"Kenshin," the King of Hell said to his son, the note still in his powerful hand. "I have a note here in my hand that was just delivered to me from my little friend in the Heavens."

Kenshin did not say anything, his hard, cold amber eyes were focus on his mentor, his predecessor. The prince would have been considered beautiful had he not constantly looked blood lustful and angry. Not one scar was on his skin, unlike his father whom bore many scars, and horror stories of war.

"Apparently, the princess of Heavens, Ka—"

"Don't say her damn name!" Kenshin growled, a disgusted sneer crossed his beautiful face, which was outlined by his blood-red hair.

"Well, as I was saying, baka deshi, the princess of Heavens is going to descend to earth. Her parents seem to want to test her in seeing if she is worthy of the throne. Due to this, I want you to do something."

"What is it, Hiko?" Kenshin asked, his face a look of boredom.

"I want you to ascend to earth in the form you are in now, and stop that wench from taking the throne. Use every means possible."

"Why try to stop her from taking the throne? If she does, then we can create a war with her, and possibly take over Heaven again."

Hiko looked at the note in his hand again, and then frowned at the insolent whelp standing before him.

"You discredit the girl too much, baka deshi. She is not an ordinary goddess; she is the goddess that drives demons from earth and puts them back in hell. This girl, if she is placed on the throne, will lock us all up in this damn place for eternity. No more free tickets back to the surface because she is the key to hell. The key that will keep us all locked up in here."

"So why are you sending me to do the dirty work?"

"I have a kingdom to rule!" Hiko shouted, wadding up the note into a paper ball and throwing it at his son, whom calmly stepped to the side, avoiding being hit by a pathetic weapon.

"Of course, I could do it myself," Hiko continued, moving into a sexy pose with his hand elegantly tossing his black hair back into place. "However, I have my place here, on this throne, so I can't just go up to earth when I want. I have a schedule to follow, unlike you, and I won't just pop up to earth when I feel like it."

"Hm." Kenshin said, an eyebrow raised. "You just don't want to face the girl is what you really mean."

"You incompetent whelp! One more smart remark and it's the pits of torture for you!"

"Whatever, old man, I have a mission to complete." Kenshin mumbled, turning his back on his father and walking out of the throne room.

"Hey!" Hiko continued to shout at the redheaded demon. "You're supposed to bow before me! You're supposed to grovel at my feet! Are you listening to me! Damn kid!"


"All's well in the majesty's world, I presume?"

Kenshin looked to his left to see the next demon in line for the throne, if he did not prove himself worthy of sitting there.

"Enishi, what brings you here?" The Fire Demon asked, his face full of mistrust towards the other demon that bore snow-white hair and turquoise eyes.

"Just a curiosity… and I couldn't help overhearing that you were given an assignment to keep a certain darling goddess from ascending to the Throne of Heaven."

"It's nothing you should worry about." Kenshin snapped, and proceeded to walk away.

"Another curious question—" Enishi started, walking with the other demon's brisk pace.

"Your curiosity is going to get you a one-way ticket to the pits." Kenshin interrupted, trying to make his pace faster.

"I'll be curious anyway, and here's the question: how're you going to find this goddess when you, nor I, or any other demon and mortal has ever seen her?"

Kenshin stopped his pace with a snap; Enishi's curiosity finally paid off.

"I will find her, no matter what." Kenshin answered calmly as if it was the most obvious answer. "I just have to find someone who may look like a mortal, but is more elegant and beautiful than them. She will stand out like a sore finger."

"Which finger are you talking about?" Enishi asked cruelly, and Kenshin answered him by flashing him a rude gesture with his middle finger.

"Okay, you got me there." Enishi admitted, smiling in his usual insane way. "So how're you going to stop a goddess?"

As if not wanting to answer, Kenshin started to walk away at the same pace he was going before he stopped, yet Enishi still followed him.

Kenshin led them down an old, unused hall; their footsteps echoing off the brimstone walls. He stopped them in front of a door that was the entrance to a room; a very forbidden room.

The entrance was sealed off by two double doors made out of brimstone. The handles were made out of a precious ruby stone, carved not to perfection, but close to it.

Enishi's turquoise eyes widen with shock when he recognized the room, and the details inside.

"You can't be serious!" Enishi exhaled, looking disbelieving at his companion.

"Oh, but I am. My father said 'every means necessary.'" Kenshin chuckled cruelly, opening the two double doors for the weapon he was taking with him.

The one weapon that would be the cause of Kaoru's demise for the throne.


"Everything is ready, Kaoru-sama." A little goddess girl exclaimed, handing her mistress a very full clothes bag.

"Arigatou gozaimasu, Tsubame-chan." Kaoru thanked, taking the bag gently from the little servant girl.

Tsubame, a secondary goddess, served Kaoru through centuries of servitude. Kaoru loved the little girl, and she never worked her too hard; never asked for too much from her.

"I will miss you, Kaoru-sama." Tsubame exclaimed, her eyes tearful and downcast.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." Kaoru said, giving the girl a kind hug. "I'll be back before you know it!"


When Kaoru left her room, she made her way towards the marble steps that led out of the Heavens; the steps that no mortal or demon could find; it was just strictly for the gods' uses.

Taking in a deep breath, Kaoru looked at the ivory palace one more time, her goodbyes said, and she walked down the mile-long steps.


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