I was able to put Lily to rest, as Nikolai called it. I don't know what to think. I don't know what I am. Nikolai says that he is working on nulling the contract. Which means he's trying to stop it, I guess. He's talking to the Ancients and says that they are going to send a representative to see us. He told them I was his human servant. I guess that there are laws saying that they cant touch me if I am his servant. But I have to pretend to be so while the rep is here. Don't know if I like that thought.

Darien is ok. He's grumpy a lot now. I think it has to do with the fact that he too is one of the monsters. I don't blame him. Everyone is now treating us both like lepers. I don't know if that is a good thing or not, personally, I am beginning to like my privacy. It's a lot easier than having friends who will turn on me. I mean, one friend turns out to be a spy for Nikolai; the other is a spy and would-be killer for the Vampire Council. Go figure. What next? Is Raye going to end up slaughtering everyone while we sleep, then wake me up and cry over everyone's dead bodies? Yeah, I prefer my privacy. I don't know if Darien is too happy with it though.

Nikolai and Andrew are coming over at the full moon to watch Darien. He wont go to the pack, though we're still trying to get him to do so. He feels that they are all at fault for his change, I guess. There isn't much we can do to change his mind except kidnap him and take him to the pack anyway… Maybe I should suggest that to Andrew.

I decided to ask about how Andrew became a wolf, he told me that while Rita was in South Africa studying bugs she was attacked by one. She had been watched by the pack there for a while, but wasn't able to control her beast. When she came back for a visit, unfortunately during the full moon, she changed. I don't think she knew what she was at that time. She attacked Andrew, but somehow during the attack, she got control of the beast and was able to stop from killing him.

The thought makes me more than worried about what Darien might do if he ever changed and got loose. Andrew guarantees me that that wont happen. One could hope…

Renee is going home today. I am not sure that I am happy about it. I mean she can be a spoiled little twerp, but no one deserves to have done to them what happened to her. I wish Chad was alive so that I could kill him again and again. I'm beginning to wonder if friends are worth it. Chad was Raye's friend and he went insane. Andrew was Darien's friend and he kept his true identity a secret. Molly was my friend and she was a spy for Nikolai, and Lily was also my friend, but a spy for the Ancients. I don't think friends are worth the aggravation to be honest.

Yeah I know I'm dwelling on my failing friendships. But honestly, I don't understand what I have done, if anything, to deserve to be stabbed in the back so much.

Oh yeah, Lita is now training with Cat to be a Bounty Hunter. She disappears once a month for a week to train. Cat vanished, though I think she's still watching me. I don't know what she is. I forgot to ask Nikolai, not sure I want to know.

Life is returning to normal, or at least as normal as it can be when you hang out with monsters, have an ex-boyfriend, now werewolf, living with you and may be one of the monsters, yourself.

Life really sucks.


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