"A Simple Kind of Life"

By: Angelic Temptress

Disclaimer: I bet you didn't know they weren't mine.

Rating: PG-13. Why not?

Spoilers: None really. (Um… I really hope EVERYONE saw the new episodes, though this doesn't have anything to do with them.)

And thanks to Missy for the beta and taking my side. ;)



She instinctively narrows her bright eyes and tilts her head to one side, staring at J'onn in a way even he'd find uncomfortable. Her arms are positioned across her chest and her teeth are clenched.

"The schedule is correct, Shayera."

"We take vacations now?"

He nods. "You were on a mission in Brazil when we voted. Flash and Superman proposed the topic."

Her jaw drops. "And they passed it?"

"Batman wasn't at the meeting." J'onn turns to watch the monitor. He's got his eyes on a riot in Jerusalem.

"Oh." She shrugs with understanding. "I don't need a vacation, J'onn. It really isn't necessary."

He doesn't even bother looking at her before using the loudspeaker to dispatch Superman and Green Lantern to the riot. "I also find it to be a good idea," he says and faces her. "We all need time for ourselves, and don't try to persuade me. You, Steel, and Vixen have the week off. You were chosen at random." His usually expressionless face softens as he places his hands on her shoulders. "If anyone deserves to rest, it is you. So much has happened with your return, Brainiac, the news of Talak's death –"

"I'm not fragile."

"I know that, but even aliens need rest. Relax. Have fun."

Fun? Relax? How can she do something so foreign? And how can J'onn, the one who never takes a break, be suggesting it? Her mind draws a blank, but she still courteously says goodbye before leaving her friend to his monitor duties

The hallways are their usual selves with heroes walking in and out of rooms, some saying hello and some not acknowledging her. She brushes off the rudeness and tries not to focus on it. Though she knows she deserves it, Shayera still feels troubled.

Part of her misses the days when she was admired.


A blur of color circles Shayera and stops her in front of the cafeteria doors. The Flash screeches to a halt and props an arm on the wall. His grin grows.

She narrows her green eyes and places a hand on her hip. "It there something I can help you with?"

"Because I'm like your brother and think you are the hottest thing I've ever seen, I'm sure you'd be happy to help me out."

"You are like my brother, and you find me attractive. A little sick, Wally."

He makes a face. "I really need you to do me a favor." Flash shrugs. "You know how I like to spend time at that orphanage, right? Well, I was wondering if you'd like to stop by with me. The girls need a woman to look up to."

"Oh Wally…"

"Please. I'll buy you lunch. Pizza? I know a great place," he says sweetly. "I'd love you forever."

Shayera gnaws on her bottom lip. "I'm no good with kids."

"You'll be fine."



"Oh alright," she groans. "But I refuse to do gluing."


"Gluing," she repeats. "You know, kids on television; they glue." Still he looks confused, so she adds, "Sometimes with yarn."

"Oh!" He smacks his forehead with a laugh. "Arts and crafts."

"Yeah that. I'm not doing it."

"Okay. I'll see you later then." The Flash speeds off, and she can't help smiling as she walks into the cafeteria.

After buying a basket of fries and a bottle of water, Shayera moves to sit with Vixen, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Steel, and Booster Gold. The strangely assorted group says hello, and she returns the greeting.

"What is all this? Sit at another table day?" Shayera asks.

Canary answers. "New policy. Superman wants us all to intermingle. So here we are. We're mingling."

"Or trying to," Arrow adds.

"Rumor has it that you've got the week off," Booster Gold remarks. "It's a nice week to have a vacation."

"Any week is nice for a vacation," Arrow states and sips his cola.

"Good news travels fast."

Mari's brown eyes get brighter, and she scribbles something onto her napkin. "Keep your Tuesday free, Shayera. I've got a plan." She pushes the napkin across the table and grins wickedly.

Shayera raises an eyebrow before stuffing the napkin into her pocket.

"What do you plan on doing with yourself?" Steel asks after swallowing a bite of his burger. "You know what I mean."

Shayera shrugs her shoulders. "No idea. Any ideas?"

A look passes over Black Canary's face, and she then leans forward in her seat to suggest, "How about coming to Gotham Wednesday? Zatanna and I both have that night off, and I'm sure we three intelligent ladies could think of something exciting to do."

"It seems as if my week is getting more dangerous as this conversation progresses." Shayera smacks Booster Gold's hand from her fries and glares at him. "Do you have a death wish?"

"I don't think threatening the other Leaguers is good policy," Superman teases as he walks to the group's table. "Now isn't this nice? You're all getting to know one another."

"Principal Superman? Are we allowed to leave detention?" Green Arrow mocks with a snicker. "Because I have a game at four." The rest of the table also chuckles.

Mari glances over Shayera's shoulder and offers a smile. "That's my cue. See you all later." She stands and strolls away. Although her head tells her not to, Shayera glances in the direction Mari is headed and locks gazes with her boyfriend.

As quickly as possible, she moves her eyes back to Superman. "Are you working this weekend?"

"Actually, I'm visiting family. Why don't you stop in Metropolis Saturday morning?"

Shayera knows she's just made a deal with Diana's Hades. Already four of her seven days are promised to others. And if there is anything she hates, she hates not being in control.


To be continued… If you all want to see what happens…