"A Simple Kind of Life"

By: Angelic Temptress

Disclaimer: I bet you didn't know they weren't mine.

Rating: PG-13. Why not?

Spoilers: None really. (Um… I really hope EVERYONE saw the new episodes, though this doesn't have anything to do with them.)

And thanks to Missy for the beta and taking my side. ;)



Shayera sits in the cafeteria with her book, The Inferno, opened to page sixty. She takes a bite of her sandwich.

"There's some light reading."

She moves her eyes from her book and to John's face. Her mouth is full of roast beef.

"Mind if I join you?"

She nods and swallows the food. "Um… Sure. Go ahead." She marks the page and sips her water. "Now I'm beginning to think you're stalking me."

"Maybe I am."

She narrows her eyes. "We need to play nice now, John. What would Mari say?"

The Batman then sits down beside Shayera without asking for permission. He's got his plate of "healthy" food and vitamin water sitting next to her sandwich and fries.

"Hello to you too." He doesn't waste a glare at her, and she smiles.

So does John.

"So, how about those Gotham Knights? They're getting better." John swallows a bite of his chicken sandwich.

Bruce doesn't answer.

"How's Gotham?" Shayera questions.

He doesn't answer.

She shakes her head and realizes she wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the universe.


All good things must come to an end…