Onion Bagels

By BiblioBabe

Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the plot; to sue me for claiming otherwise would be both wrong and profitless.

Note: Just that this is my first L&O: SVU fic. I've done JAG (we don't talk about that) and The West Wing. Content is somewhat mature. Feel free, although not obligated, to review. If any part of this was unintentionally lifted from someone else's story, please let me know and I'll give you full credit; I read a lot of fics, and sometimes can't keep straight what I read and built on myself, and what I made up entirely.

Olivia stretched to reach the onion bagels that resided on the top shelf in the grocery store. She'd never had to do that before, because she'd never bought onion bagels before, but she was still finding it annoying that they were so far out of reach. Olivia supposed she shouldn't be annoyed; after all, this wasn't something she had to do every day. That thought made her smile.

She hated onion bagels. Onions in food were all right, but bagels were for breakfast, and onions weren't. Elliot was one of the few people she knew who loved onion bagels, and his insistence on eating onion bagels almost every morning had driven her crazy. But that was before….

"Olivia!" She heard her name from the end of the aisle. Turning around, Olivia recognized Kathy Stabler. Olivia sighed; she and her partner's ex-wife were not on the best of terms, for obvious reasons. Kathy did not appreciate that now that she and Elliot were divorced, Olivia saw Elliot every day. Even when they were married, Olivia saw more of her partner than his wife did. Although they had kept their relationship professional, even while Elliot was separated, his new status as a divorced man had changed the balance of the entire unit, including their relationship.

"Hi, Kathy," Olivia said warily. The last thing she needed was a confrontation in a grocery store, as she had more important things—and people—to get home to.

Kathy approached her and surveyed her shopping basket. "Looks like food for two, Olivia. Didn't he tell me that you hated onion bagels?"

"I do," she replied. "These are for … a friend."

"You don't have to censor yourself on my account, Olivia. I know what's going on," Kathy spat back.

Olivia was shocked. How could Kathy have known? They'd tried to keep their relationship under wraps, for obvious reasons. She was sure that he hadn't…. Olivia suddenly felt the urge to get out into fresh air. Looking down at her waist, she pretended that her pager had vibrated. "I have to go, Kathy. Cragen's calling me in. I'd like to talk to you sometime, try to explain."

"Go to hell, Olivia, and take my husband with you!" Kathy shouted. Olivia turned around and ran to the check-out, tossing the onion bagels on the belt without regard for how they would fair.

Olivia felt hand on her shoulders, and then a welcome voice whispered in her ear. "Careful with my bagels there."

She turned around and looked into the face of her lover. "I'm sorry," she said. "I just…."

"I know; I saw. C'mere." Olivia gratefully stepped into the arms of the person she trusted with all she had that was more than her life—her heart. Jenny's arms closed around Olivia, and Olivia could smell her perfume. "Forget about the bagels; let's head out," Jenny said, and reached out her well-manicured hand for Olivia's. She grasped it tightly, and together they left.