"Not compatible!" Zim screamed in frustration. "I have GIR's tracking chip right here, WHAT DOES IT MEAN, NOT COMPATIBLE! GRRR RRR RR!" He kicked the piece of machinery with his black-booted foot, before screaming in hysterical pain and hopping around the room, screaming curses and threats to the pig-headed machine.

He needed to find his robot before worrying the tallest further! "Stupid computer, I SAID, FIND GIR'S COORDINATES!"

The computer gave a hissing sigh. "I told you, the chip is not compatible with my processor."


"I can't."

"And why NOT!" Zim asked impatiently. "I am your MASTER, and you will OBEY ME! OBEY MEEEE! For I am ZIIIIM!"

The computer sighed again and answered in a dull voice, "I can't get a processor myself. I can't move from the base." The computer thought for a moment, and was about to add "Idiot.", but thought better of it and just sat there.

Zim placed his green Irken-ish chin on his gloved palm and thought this out to the utmost extent. "Hmmm… Well, I'll just have to see if I can buy a processor from the filthy human worms. Computer! Disguise!"

A thin, silver tube came down over Zim's head. As it lifted back up, smoke billowed out of it. And when the smoke cleared, there stood Zim, looking absolutely ridiculous in his clown costume.

The computer snickered.

"What, what?" Zim asked, annoyed, staring at the computer through his contacts (which were multi-colored, by the way).

The computer giggled abit before mumbling "Nothing." Zim gave a disgusted snort and exited the lab through the elevator, adjusting the again-askew wig.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (Ehehehe, I just had to say that), Dib and Gaz sat watching the Vampire Tree Frog special together. It interested Dib because they were vampires, and vampires being paranormal; it interested Gaz only because she got to watch the Tree Frogs sucking people's blood and eating each other. The goriness in it pleased her oh-so-very-much.

As it cut to commercial break, Dib stood up and was about to wander off into the kitchen to get another soda when something green, hairy, and with a zipper fell on top of his head, screaming a war-cry and banging on his head with it's fists, which were giving off a metallic ring.

He screamed in sheer horror, and Gaz stared at him angrily. "Dib, shhh! Bloaty's Pizza Hog's commercial is on!" she growled, before turning back to the TV with rapt attention.

Dib stared at her while the green-and-black thing chewed on his spiked hair. When a large drop of saliva fell onto his glasses and brought him back to reality, he reached up and took a firm hold on the thing. He pulled and pulled, and the thing finally came off (with a chunk of his hair, of course). What appeared to be a dog made of a crudely sewn costume with an exposed zipper waved at him cheerily. When it opened it's mouth and screamed "WHEEE-HOO! HI THERE!" the tip off of Dib's spiked hair fell out of it's mouth.

Dib dropped it in surprise for the fact that it talked. "Y-you spoke!" he stammered.

Gaz turned to him. "I told you, Dib, be QUIET. They're gonna show the Tree Frogs eating a pig."

The show had come back on, with only Gaz to notice it; Dib sighed loudly, picked up the dog (who was now screaming about the pig on TV being eaten by Tree Frogs), and headed upstairs to his room.

He set the dog on his bed, where it promptly started rolling around in his blankets. When it finally stopped, it fell off the bed, tangled up in the dark blue covers, screaming joyfully.

A/N: I know this chapter is short, but I'm kinda at a loss for words right now. It's extremely funny writing this and thinking up nutty things to say, but I think the Scary Monkey's got a grip on my thinking cord. OH THE HORROR.