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Entwined Destinies III: Saving Zordon

The Revised Edition

Chapter 1: Chase Into Space

(assume the ... mean other names)

Mr. Kaplan stood at the podium and began calling the graduate names. Ms. Applebee handed each student their diploma as they walked by.

... ... Aisha Marie Campbell... ... William Aaron Cranston... ... Rockford David DeSantos... ... Kimberly Ann Hart... Katherine Lynn Hillard... ... Trini Seyla Kwan... ... Thomas Patrick Oliver... ... Adam Daniel Park... ... Jason Lee Scott... Zackary Brian Taylor... Tanya Marie Sloan...

"Ladies and gentlemen, the class of 1997!" Mr. Kaplan announced. The audience applauded and the graduates tossed their caps. After that, everyone went to Ernie's for the party.

It had only been two weeks since Zedd was defeated and Larisa had returned to the future. And only one week since Zordon had received the opportunity to return to Eltar. While his charges were deeply saddened to see him go, they were happy for their mentor, knowing how much his home planet meant to him.

But unfortunately, trouble was already brewing again.

"We have successfully captured Zordon," Astronema reported to Dark Spector.

"Very good, contact Lord Zedd for me. Give him my message," Dark Spector ordered.

"Yes master," Astronema replied.

"Can you believe it Billy? We've finally graduated," Kat said, as they danced.

"Yeah, and now we'll be spending the rest of our lives together," Billy replied.

"I can't wait, I have to be the luckiest girl in the world," Kat gushed.

"I'm the lucky one. I love you Katherine, I have for all my life, even without knowing it. I remember falling in love with you back during the silver millennium and I've cherished the feelings of falling in love with you all over again," Billy said, as he got down on one knee in the middle of the dance floor. This made many people stop and stare.

"Katherine Hillard, will you marry me?" Billy asked, as he revealed an engagement ring to her. It was a heart shaped diamond resting on a gold crescent moon.

"Oh Billy, of course I will!" Kat said, happy tears welling in her eyes. Billy stood up, slid the ring on her finger, and kissed her lips passionately. Those around them, including their friends, applauded.

Lord Zedd watched Billy propose to Kat through his infrared vision. His anger boiled, causing his body to almost glow red as it did when he was livid.

"What is it Zeddy?" Rita asked.

"Just Billy proposing to Katherine. They are so sickeningly happy, it makes me sick! But I will change that, I will make them pay!" Zedd ranted, as he clenched his fist.

"And how are you going to do that! You lost the golden crystal to those brats and now we're powerless to stop them!" Rita screamed. Before Zedd could retort, the palace shook furiously. Two people appeared before them and Zedd instantly recognized them. One was a very beautiful woman with long red hair, which had blue highlights. But her eyes betrayed her beauty, as they were an cold, emerald green laced with evil. The man next to her was quite handsome, though his black eyes were as cold as the depths of hell. He had spiky black hair highlighted with red.

"What are you two doing here!" Zedd demanded.

"Zeddy, who are they?" Rita asked.

"My mother and my younger brother. Malina and Ares Xett," Zedd replied.

"So good to see you again my son," Malina said.

"Yes, we heard about your latest battle with the scouts. You are an embarrassment dear brother," Ares replied.

"I don't need your help brat!" Zedd spat.

"Now boys, I will not have any fighting. We are simply here to help you Zeddy. We have discovered where the power chamber is," Malina replied.

"I know where it is too mother. I even destroyed their first base, but they still survived," Zedd argued.

"Yes, only because you blew it up from a distance. We are going in and we will kill them all, except Katherine of course. She is to be unharmed," Ares said. Zedd sneered.

"Are you still obsessed with that girl? She rejected you back during the silver millennium and she will again," Zedd retorted.

"No, she will be mine this time. I will make her mine," Ares replied dangerously.

"Gather our army, we will leave immediately," Malina ordered.

"Luna, we have a terrible problem," Artemis informed.

"What is it?" the female cat asked. Artemis brought the viewing screen up and showed Luna the trouble. Stalking toward them, numbering in the thousands, were Piranhitrons and Tengu warriors. Leading them was , Zedd, Rita, Goldar, Rito, and two people they hoped they would never see again.

"Are they who I think they are?" Luna asked.

"They are, which means the princess is in great danger," Artemis said.

"Contact the scouts and knights immediately," Luna said.

Billy and Kat were locked in a kiss when her communicator chimed, breaking their tender moment.

"How many times has that happened?" Billy asked rhetorically.

"Too many times. This Kat, go ahead Artemis," Kat said.

"Katherine, you and the others must teleport here now. We have an emergency on our hands," Artemis said frantically.

"We'll be right there," Kat said, as she and Billy rounded the scouts, knights and rangers.

The group teleported to the power chamber and gave their attention to Artemis and Luna.

"We have a serious problem.They have found the power chamber," Artemis said, as he turned the viewing screen on so the teens could see the multitude of minions coming toward them.

"Holy shnikies! There's a ton of them!" Rocky exclaimed.

"How are we supposed to fight that many?" Kim asked.

"They can't get into the power chamber, can they?" Tanya asked.

"It can't be!" Billy said, as he watched the black haired man on the screen.

"Who is that? Do you know him Billy?" Kim asked.

"Yes and the rest of you do to," Billy said. Only he and Kat seemed to remember. Luna and Artemis knew they all needed to remember. The moons on their foreheads flashed, as each person in the room was immersed in memories of their past and by the powers granted by Sailor Pluto, time was stopped for the moment.


Katherine danced boredly with what felt like the millionth suitor that night. She hated these stupid balls where suitors from all around the galaxy would come in hopes of winning her hand. Most would try to convince her to reconsider her decision to give up the throne, promising her many things. She wasn't sure why they tried since there were only three men she could marry and still keep the throne. One was Darien, whom was in love with her younger sister. The other two were Trey of Triforia and Andros of Kerovia, and she loved both dearly, but only as her close friends. Only one man held her heart and she smiled weakly to him from across the room where he patiently waited for her. Her handsome prince from Mercury smiled back. Finally the dance ended and she walked up to her mother's throne, sighing deeply.

"How many more must I dance with mother?" she sighed, exasperated.

"I'm sorry my daughter, I know you hate this, but it is only polite to accept the offers and to keep the peace," Queen Serenity replied.

"I know," Katherine replied, as her eyes wandered to Will.

"Don't even think about it Katherine. You are not to leave this party, not yet," the queen scolded.

"I won't mother," she replied, while smiling at Will.

"Queen Serenity, it is good to see you," Malina Xett said, as she and her two sons approached them. The queen shot a cool gaze toward them, letting them know that they were not wanted.

"What are you doing here Malina? I've already told you, Katherine will not marry Ares," the queen replied.

"Your decision has angered M51, we might consider it a declaration of war," Malina replied.

"So you're here to force my daughter into marriage," the queen said, as she glanced to her sides seeing her faithful rangers already surrounding the throne. Will, Thomas, Adam, Rockford, and Jason were there ready to remove the unwelcome party. Katherine looped her arm in Will's, as he faced down the man who was constantly trying to steal the woman he loved.

"Stay away from her," Will ordered.

"She will be mine Will. Even if I have to kill you to make it happen," Ares replied. The two men looked as though they were ready to tear each other apart, but they were quickly pulled apart.

"Stop this at once. My daughter has made her choice and you will not force her to anything Ares. Jason and Thomas, see that Malina and her sons are escorted out," Queen Serenity ordered.

"I will make you my queen Katherine and we will rule the galaxy together. Even if I have to wait a thousand years...you will be mine!" he promised...

Katherine instinctively clutched Billy's hand tightly, as she remembered prince Ares. He had always frightened her with his violent nature and unhealthy obsession with her. She calmed a bit, as she felt one of Billy's arms go around her waist, while the other clutched the golden staff.

"Now I remember. As long as he's around, Kat's in a lot of danger," Tommy mentioned. A loud banging was heard and all present realized that it would only be a matter of moments before they were invaded.

"Stay close to me," Billy told Kat. She nodded and inched herself closer to him.

"This should take care of the door," Zedd said, as he put an explosive on the door. It exploded and the Tengus plowed through it. The Piranhitrons began climbing onto the roof, where they broke through the glass sun roof.

Kat screamed as the shattered glass fell, but found herself protectively shielded by Billy's body.

"What are we going to do Billy?" Kat said frantically.

"No harm will come to you princess," Ares said, as he swung his staff at Billy, but the gold ranger blocked it with the golden staff.

"The same cannot be said about you," Ares taunted.

"We'll see. I didn't let you near her in the past and I won't let you near her now," Billy replied, as they began to duel.

The other minions attacked the rangers and remaining scouts, while Rito pranced around planting mini implosion devices that would surely destroy every inch of the power chamber. Ares struggled hard against Billy, trying to get to Katherine. The minions began to leave and Ares was pulled away by his mother.

The devices beeped wildly and the evil beings disappeared as the power chamber began to come down around them.

"Everyone take cover!" Billy screamed, as he pulled Kat as close as he could and rolled to the ground, covering her with his body.

"Mother! I was supposed to leave with Katherine!" Ares complained.

"Son, those scouts and knights are resilient as cockroaches. That blast did not kill them," Malina replied.

"I hope it killed Will," Ares said darkly.

"I thought you wanted that pleasure for yourself," Malina replied.

"Yes, but it would save me the trouble," Ares replied.

"No, you want that blast to kill him so that you don't have to face him. He's stronger, smarter, and faster than you and you can't beat him," Zedd taunted. Ares glared at his disfigured older brother.

"I can and I will defeat him. Besides, you're one to talk about losing battles. I'm not the one that looks like a walking steak," Ares smirked. Zedd growled, but their mother stopped the fight from going any further.

"Now boys, no fighting. It's time to leave, for we have to attend a meeting hosted by Astronema. It seems that she and Dark Spector have captured Zordon," Malina said.

"What about those wretched teens?" Rita screeched.

"Let them dig themselves out. There's nothing they can do while still here on earth," Malina replied.

"I feel like a ton of bricks just fell on me," Rocky said.

"I think it did honey," Aisha replied, as Rocky helped her out of the rubble.

"Are you okay Kat?" Billy asked.

"I think so, is everyone else okay?" Kat asked. Everyone, including Luna and Artemis seemed to only have cuts and bruises. The cracked viewing screen blipped and Billy picked it up. Suddenly, an image of Alpha 5 appeared.

"Rangers!" Alpha cried.

"Alpha!" Billy exclaimed.

"Rang..ers...Zor..don has been kid..napped..Dark Spector... He..has gathered evil..forces..from across..the galaxy. After that, the screen went blank.

"Zordon has been kidnaped!" Trini said.

"How are we supposed to rescue him? I'm sure by ship, Alpha meant space ship," Adam reasoned.

"I know how. I need everyone to go home and pack some things. Tell your parents your going on a trip," Billy said.

"They destroyed the zeo crystal, we'd just be in the way," Zack said.

"No Zack, we need you guys too," Billy said. With that, the teens went their separate ways on their missions.

Billy arrived at the NASADA spaceport morphed as the gold ranger. He was easily allowed access, since he had been building a project there for months. Soon, he teleported the others there.

"Wow Billy, this is amazing," Tommy said, as he stared at the shuttle.

"Thanks, this should take us into space so we can save Zordon. Is everyone ready?" Billy asked.

"I'm not going," Zack said.

"Why not Zack?" Jason asked.

"Guys, I'm really worried about Zordon too. But I just got into Julliard and it's the opportunity of a lifetime. I know that all this is bigger than that...but my gut tells me that I need to be here on Earth. I hope you all understand.

"Of course we do Zack. Don't worry, we'll handle this," Billy replied, as he shook hands with him.

The others wished him well, before boarding the shuttle.

Billy clasped Kat's hand as they strapped in and he took the helm. Billy engaged the thrusters and the shuttle left earth for outer space...

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