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Entwined Destinies III: Saving Zordon

The Revised Edition

Chapter 8: The Neo Silver Millennium

"The time has come to complete my master plan. Malina, unite all my evil forces so that they we may finally take over the universe!" Dark Spector ordered.

"Let the battle begin!" Malina said, as she rose her staff into the air. Malina stood on a balcony over her army of minions delivering orders to them.

"When we're finished, there will be no good left in the universe. No love, no happiness. Only chaos, anger, greed! Fight strong and destroy all the forces of goodness. Especially the power rangers and most of all: The Sailor Scouts! We must dethrone Sailor Moon, for she sits on the throne that is meant for me!" Malina yelled.

"Go now! And spread the wrath of Dark Spector!" she ordered.

Thousands of ships full of Quantrons were deployed into deep space.

"The order has come in your majesty!" Klank reported.

"Prepare for the biggest battle the universe has ever seen!" Mondo ordered.

"Already done," Klank cackled. Thousands of Quadra fighters and cogs were deployed by the Machine Empire.

On Aquitar...

The Aquitian rangers were fighting with their all against the thousands of foes. But their numbers were simply too great and the rangers were wearing down fast. It would only be a matter of time before they were defeated and either killed or captured.

Malina's space ship...

Malina entered the bridge, eager to respond to a call from Rita and Zedd.

"There she is! You tell her Zeddy!" Rita cackled.

"We don't need your plan mother...we have our own!" Zedd told her.

"Quiet! I make the strategy and you will follow orders!" Malina replied.

"Oh yea, well who may I ask, put you in charge?" Rita retorted.

"Dark Spector himself," Malina replied simply.

"Dark Spector...uh...well in that case, we just love your plan mother!" Zedd replied.

"Get me Divatox. Then Mondo and Machina...now!" she ordered to Elgar. Then, she pulled off a curtain and revealed Zordon.

"Welcome Zordon. It appears you're almost out of energy. Soon, you'll be gone forever," she said.

"You will never succeed Malina," Zordon replied.

"Oh no? Watch. You have a front row seat to the end of your era...and the beginning of mine," she replied.

Malina watched evilly, as many planets were conquered before her eyes.

The defenses on KO-35 were almost in a panic, as they discussed how to

defend themselves. Zhane got up to leave.

"Zhane, where are you going?" one of the elders asked.

"I'll be back...with the other rangers and the Sailor Scouts," Zhane said.

After nearly being destroyed by several Velocifighter, Zhane reached the Astro Megaship and was docked safely.

"The rebels are under attack. So far, they've held them off, but they need our help," Zhane told Andros, as they headed for the bridge.

"It just isn't the rebels. They're invading all over," Andros replied.

"Divatox has conquered Gratha," Trini reported.

"Rita and Zedd are attacking the Vica galaxy. The Vica have no defenses," Cassie reported.

"They won't know what hit them," T.J. replied.

"They're trying to conquer the whole universe," Zhane realized.

"Exactly," Andros replied.

"Uh...I think you guys need to come look at this," Trini said, as everyone gathered around her and watched a mass of green move over the radar.

"What is that?" Kim asked.

"Over a thousands Velocifighters," Adam replied.

"Heading where?" Billy asked, afraid of the answer.

"Earth," Adam answered.

"Oh no," Kat said, as they watched the Velocifighters flock to earth.

"Hold on Earth," Andros said, as he set the ship on a course for Earth.

"Malina, prepare the torpedo and destroy the earth," Dark Spector ordered.

"As you wish, my lord," she said, as she prepared to leave her quarters. Malina glared evilly and prepared the torpedo. But she did not aim it at the Earth. Dark Spector was hit full force with the weapon.

"Traitor!" he screamed.

"Did you honestly think you stand a chance against me? The galaxy will be mine!" Malina said. Dark Spector exploded in a brilliant array of fire.

People began to scatter wildly, as the Velocifighters opened fire on earth. Buildings fell in massive explosions and debris was flying everywhere. The Astro Megaship fought its way through the attacking minions.

"We need to get down to the earth," Billy said.

"You guys get out there, I'll keep em busy up here," Zhane said. The rangers morphed and rode their galaxy gliders down to the surface, while the scouts and knights transformed and teleported. People cheered as they saw the arrival of the rangers and the scouts.

"All right girls, let see if we can even the numbers!" Kat called.

"Mars Flame Shooter!" Tanya called, as she blasted a large group.

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!" Aisha called, as he ovals of power shot out in all directions, taking out many of the minions.

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!" Trini called. Her attack was successful in freezing a large group.

"Venus Love and Beauty Shock!" Kim called, as her hearts penetrated their defenses.

"Kerovian Rainbow Beam!" Ami called.

"Silver Starlight Beam!" Kat called.

The guys were attacking the same, but the more they destroyed, that many more came.

"There's just too many!" Rocky called. The rangers had already been beaten and had to demorph. The scouts decided to retreat as well, but only for the time being. Chunks of debris littered the battlefield. Little did they know, it was the remains of Dark Spector. Suddenly, Malina appeared before the people.

"People of the earth, it is your time to surrender. The power rangers and the Sailor Scouts aren't going to save you. They've already tried and they failed! The rangers and scouts are among you. Bring them to me by tomorrow morning, or I'll destroy you all. It's either them or you!" she threatened.

Frantic humans began discussing what to do. Some believed the rangers had left them, but others knew that their heroes were only regrouping and devising a plan. The rangers had never let them down before.

"What are we going to do? We either turn ourselves in or Malina's going to kill all these innocent people," Carlos said.

"Not if I turn myself in. she'll leave everyone alone if she has me," Kat said.

"I'm not going to let you do that Kat," Billy replied.

"If it is going to save the earth, then I have to," Kat said, trying to keep her tears back.

"It won't save the earth Kat. If Malina gets her hands on the Silver Crystal, then the universe is doomed," Billy replied.

"Billy's right, we'll show ourselves and she'll get one hell of fight," Tommy said.

"I'm going to Malina's ship for Zordon," Andros announced. No one protested, save for Ashley.

"You can't! It's too dangerous!" she cried.

"I have to Ash," Andros insisted. Ashley threw her arms around him and hugged him close.

"Please be careful," she whispered. He smiled, and brushed a little of her hair away from her eyes. He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.

"I will," he whispered back, as he left into the night. Ami put her arms around her future mother, comforting her.

Kat wrapped her arms around herself and shivered. Billy came up behind her and pulled her into his arms.

"It's going to be okay Kat, we'll defeat her," Billy told her. Tears streamed down her cheeks, as she turned to face him.

"What if we don't?" Kat cried

"We will, I promise you," he replied, as he pulled her into a passionate kiss and held her close all night.

"Where are the rangers! And where are those wretched Sailor scouts!" Malina demanded. The crowd of Angel Grove citizens was silent.

"FINE, then you all will die!" she screamed, as she pointed her staff.

"WAIT! I am the blue ranger!" Bulk announced.

"And I'm the black ranger!" Skull said. Soon, people were shouting out they were rangers too.

"You will all die!" Malina screamed.

"WAIT! We are the Power Rangers!" Andros called.

"And we are the Sailor scouts!" Kat announced.

"Let's Rocket!" Zhane called, as they transformed.

"Pink!" Cassie called.

"Black!" Carlos called.

"Silver!" Zhane called.

"Yellow!" Ashley called.

"Blue!" T.J. called.

"Ready girls, transform!" Kat called.

"Mars Crystal Power!" Tanya called.

"Jupiter Crystal Power!" Aisha called.

"Mercury Crystal Power!" Trini called.

"Venus Crystal Power!" Kim called.

"Kerovian Crystal Power!" Ami called.

"Moon Eternal Power!" Kat called.

"Ready guys, transform!" Billy called.

"Mars Power!" Jason called.

"Jupiter Power!" Rocky called.

"Mercury Power!" Adam called.

"Venus Power!" Tommy called.

"Gold Ranger Power!" Billy and Luke called.

The crowd cheered, while Bulk and Skull looked on with wide eyes.

"Them?" Bulk asked in disbelief.

"Wow, who would've thought," Skull shrugged.

The fight between good and evil began again and only one side would come out.

"ANDROS," Zordon said.

"Zordon!" Andros exclaimed.


"They're attacking everywhere," Andros said.

"YES, BUT I HAVE A WAY TO STOP IT," Zordon said.

"How?" Andros asked.


"But what will happen to you?" Andros asked.

"I WILL BE GONE. As the leader of the power rangers, it is your duty to see to the safety of the universe," Zordon said.

"I can't kill you Zordon," Andros replied.

"You must Andros," he replied.

Andros drew his spiral saber, but found himself unable to strike Zordon's tube.

"I can't," Andros hesitated again.

"Andros, you must do it now! The scouts and rangers are outnumbered and will not last much longer. You must do this to save the universe," Zordon ordered.

"Goodbye Zordon," he said softly, as he swung the sword and shattered the tube. A wave of gold erupts from the ship and begins to spread.

The minions attacking the gold ranger suddenly turn to dust. The wave washes over Rita and Zedd, cleansing their bodies and making them human again. Trey looked around in wonder, trying to figure out what had just happened.

Elgar and the Piranhitrons become dust as well and the wave hits Divatox. She is also transformed into a human and she realizes that she was free.

The scouts, knights and rangers looked around them in wonder, as the villains turned to dust before their very eyes. Malina screamed, as she too suffered the same fate as all those with evil in their hearts.

The golden light from Zordon's tube surrounded the scouts and knights, transforming them back to normal. The Earth shuttered hard, almost as if the balance was shifting.

"Zordon sacrificed everything for us," Kat said.

"Yes he did and for that we will be forever grateful," Billy replied, as he held her in his arms. Suddenly, Malina's ship landed. Andros stalked out, and was welcomed by his friends.

Suddenly, Wes and Jen appeared as Sailor Pluto and her knight before them.

"The Earth has shifted and in the next few years, the earth will be frozen. When it begins to happen, you all must go to the location of the former power chamber where your cryo sleep chambers await," Jen said.

"But what about the others?" Kat asked. Wes smiled.

"Zordon's powers have taken care of that, for those with a good heart will be spared and will awaken with you in 1000 years.

"Luke, Ami, it's time for you to return to the future with us," Jen said. The young couple nodded and said their goodbyes, before joining Wes and Jen. Soon, they were gone, just as quickly as they had come.

Two months after Zordon's sacrifice, Billy and Kat were married in a huge ceremony filled with family and friends. A few years later, the Earth entered an ice age. The saviors of the world entered their cyro sleep chambers, until the day when they would be awakened and the age of the Neo Silver Millennium would begin.

One thousand years later...

Four of the Time Force rangers rushed out of the city of Angel Grove where chaos was livid. It had been nearly four years since the Earth had begun to thaw. The people left were disoriented and scared, while a mutant, who had been mistreated by humans was angry and searching for vengeance on the human race.

"We need to find her! She's the only one that can bring any order to all of this!" the pink Time Force ranger cried. They were all still grieving, as they had just lost their red ranger to the mutant Ransik.

"Jen, are you sure this legend is even true!" Lucas asked.

"I know it is, come on" she called, back. Lucas, Katie and Trip followed her to a place in the desert on the side of a mountain. Jen dug around in the dirt, until she found the hatch she was looking for. Lucas, Trip and Katie looked surprised, as she pulled the hatch open and climbed inside.

"Come on!" Jen urged. They followed her into the underground chamber, where cryo sleep chambers lined the wall.

"Holy...the legend is true!" Lucas said in amazement, as he stared into the faces of people of the past. Jen began the procedure to revive them from their ageless sleep. Each woman wore a Sailor scout uniform and each man wore brilliant armor. The blonde woman opened her eyes and smiled.

"Hello Jen," she said.

"How...how do you know who I am?" Jen asked in amazement. Katherine smiled and handed her a peculiar looking wand.

"Because you are to become an outer scout like Taylor, Tori, and Kira," Katherine said, as she pointed at the three women who were her outer scouts.

"Our world is in chaos. The legend says that only you can bring peace," Lucas said, still skeptical. Katherine smiled and took the hand of the blonde haired man next to her.

"We will bring peace to this world," he spoke. And the Sailor scouts did just that. The mutants rampaging their world were no match for the planet powers. Soon, they were captured and imprisoned for their crimes. The people of earth were forever grateful and wanted a benevolent leader. It was then that they declared that Sailor Moon and her husband should be their queen and king. It was a decision they would not regret.

Two years later...

Crystal Angel Grove was bustling with good news from the palace. The queen was having her baby.

"Come on Kat, I need you to push!" Trini coached. Kat screamed as she did.

"Just a little more, I can almost see a head," Trini said. She squeezed Billy's hand tightly and pushed again.

"There's the head! Now just one more push!" Aisha announced. Kat screamed, as she pushed again. An infant cry was heard, as Trini scooped up the baby boy. Together, she and Aisha bathed him before wrapping him in a blanket and placing him into the waiting arms of his mother.

"Oh Billy, he's beautiful," Kat said, with happy tears forming in her eyes. Billy was in awe, as the baby's tiny hand wrapped around his father's finger.

"He is," Billy said.

"Well, I'm guessing that you two already have a name in mind," Aisha smiled.

"Prince Luke William Cranston," Katherine announced.

"Our little Luke," Billy said. Kat turned and kissed him.

"I love you Billy," she said.

"I love you too Kat," he replied. They smiled at each other, knowing that someday they would have a baby girl too.

The earth had entered an era of peace and the Neo Silver Millennium would reign for centuries to come.

The End