Harry Potter and Dudley Snorkack-Dursley

Chapter 1: Unexpected Guest

Harry Potter lay in his room at the Dursleys', thinking over his summer. He didn't have much planned, as his best friend, Ron Weasley, was stuck at the Burrow for the summer. His other best friend, Hermione Granger, was staying with her parents, while he, Harry, was stuck here, at this awful place he had been forced to call home for the past sixte-

He was brought back from his thoughts by the doorbell ringing and a loud "BOY! GET DOWN HERE!" from his Uncle Vernon. Harry sighed, stood up, and walked down the stairs to see what his uncle wanted.

"Hello, Harry," a voice said dreamily.

Harry froze. He knew that voice. But Luna Lovegood couldn't be at Privet Drive, could she?

"Hello," he replied hesitantly.

Vernon turned toward Harry. His face was bright red. "Who is this girl? What is she doing at my household?" His face became pale. "She's not from...school, is she?" Vernon whispered, becoming paler by the second.

"Uh, no" Harry lied. "She's, uh..."

"I'm an exchange student," Luna interrupted. "I met Harry at the train station. I needed somewhere to stay, and Harry said that I could stay here."

"Of course."

Harry spun around. He hadn't noticed that Dudley was in the room. The thought struck him that Dudley had gone mad. When Dudley smiled at Luna, he was sure he was correct in his assumption.

"Thank you," Luna said, pushing Mr. Dursley out of the doorway so she could get by.

"I'm not letting anybody stay in my house!" Mr. Dursley said, regaining the color in his face.

"Yes you are!" Dudley said, staring at his father with an angry look on his face. "Let her stay!"

Petunia Dursley, Vernon's wife, appeared. "Oh, Vernon...Let Dudley..." she started. When she saw Luna, she gasped. "Who are you?" she asked ferociously.

"Um..." Harry started.

"My name is Lila Snorkack," Luna said dreamily. Harry suppressed a grin.

"Yeah, her name is Lila Snorkack," Harry repeated, trying very hard not to laugh. "She, uh, wants to stay here for a while."

Petunia started to speak, but Dudley stopped her.

"She gets to stay," he said firmly.

Harry was confused. Why would Dudley want Luna to stay?

"Mother! She has to stay!" Dudley turned to his mother.

"Oh, of course, dear. Anything you like, Duddikins," Petunia sent a rather forced smile in Luna's direction. "But where will she sleep?"

"She can stay in my room," Harry said quickly. He figured it would be easier to contain any magical belongings Luna had in his room, as opposed to places like the kitchen, Dudley's room, or anywhere else the Dursleys could find them.

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley looked at each other. Harry saw Mr. Dursley give a slight shrug, and Mrs. Dursley do the same. They eventually nodded to Dudley, who grinned.

Harry and Luna grabbed her bags and Harry led her upstairs.

On the way up, he smiled to himself.

'This is going to be one interesting summer.'