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Harry Potter and Dudley Snorkack-Dursley

Chapter 3 A Chat With Hermione

A few hours later, a large brown owl arrived. Harry opened the window, untied the parchment, and gave the owl one of Hedwig's treats.

The parchment was a letter from Hermione:

Dear Harry,

Would it be alright if Ron and I could come to the Dursleys' to discuss our plans for the upcoming year? If so, could you send me an owl back with a day and time that work for you? Thanks.


Harry looked at a small calendar he had hanging on his wall. Today was Tuesday, so he should tell Hermione to come as soon as possible, tomorrow. He grabbed a piece of parchment and wrote:


Come Wednesday at 3 pm.


Harry looked at his watch, the one Dudley has thrown against his wall the past year, resulting in it being given to Harry. It was 9 pm. He was feeling a little sleepy, so, after saying good night to Luna, who was sitting on the bed she had conjured in Harry's closet, which she had magically expanded, he grinned in the direction of Dudley's room and put his pajamas on, climbing into bed.

In the middle of a light sleep, Harry began to dream. He was in the middle of a grassy area...it looked like the area around the lake at Hogwarts, but everything was blurry. He could hear screams...his parents, the shrill screams of a few girls, and Hermione...

"No!" Harry awoke with a start to find Luna standing over him.

"Good morning, Harry. Were you dreaming about him?"

"Uh, yeah." How Luna could know was beyond him, and he didn't feel like asking questions. Harry looked around the room. Hermione's brown owl was staring at him through the window. He went over to the window to let it in. He immediately grabbed the small bit of parchment tied to its leg, and left it staring expectantly after him as he sat on his bed.

Dear Harry,

Ron can't make it; he has to help with the wedding, but I'll come.

See you at three!


Harry spent the next eight hours in his room, reading a book on quidditch, leaving only for meals and to occasionally taunt Dudley. With Luna present, the Dursleys had suddenly decided not to have him do any chores, so his day was completely open.

At three pm, he was started by a soft knocking on his bedroom door.

"Hello!" Hermione smiled.

"Hi. I didn't hear the door..."

"Oh, Lila let me in." Hermione stared at Harry, obviously expecting an expectation.

"Oh, yeah. Luna's here." How could he have forgotten? Thinking on it, he hadn't seen her much...or Dudley...

"I figured that out rather quickly," Hermione replied rather sharply.

" Well, she needed a place to stay..."

"So you invited her to stay here? With the Dursleys?"

"Well, no. She sort of invited herself here, and Dudley wanted her to stay..." Harry grinned despite Hermione's sharp look.

"What's so funny?"

"Well, Dudley likes Luna! But he can't really; I'm pretty sure Dudley is incapable of love. And Luna would never like him back."

"What? Dudley likes Luna? Well, I guess it makes sense..."

"Makes sense? How does Dudley liking anybody, much less Luna, make sense? He's mental. That's obviously it..."

Hermione gave a small grin reluctantly before reprimanding him. "You might not like him, but that's no reason to be cruel!" Her face took on a more serious look. "Besides, everybody can love."

"Right. Everybody except for Voldemort-" Harry looked up to see how Hermione would react to hearing the name, but she gazed at him steadily "and Dudley."

"Are you talking about him? Would you mind if I joined you?" Luna walked in and sat on her bed in the closet, staring intently at Harry and Hermione. After a brief pause, she added "Is Ronald coming, by the way?"

Harry cleared his throat before answering. "No, he's not."

"Oh." Luna's expression became slightly downcast. "Well, I suppose I'll just see him at school."

"Suppose you will..." Harry said, hoping desperately that she would go away so he could talk with Hermione alone.

After a few silent minutes, Luna stood and walked towards the door. "Are you staying for dinner?" she asked Hermione.

Hermione glanced at Harry, who shrugged. "Yes, I think I will."

"See you then." Luna turned and exited the room.

"Well, let's think about next year. I was thinking..." At Hermione's words, Harry turned his attention away from Luna and Dudley and onto thoughts of the following year.