Writer's Block

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James sat staring at the blank pages before him waiting for inspiration to come. He was beginning to grow desperate now, even an idea would do he thought pleadingly, nothing.

Angry visitors and letters plagued his mind blocking any potential plot whispers from entering.

"When's the next play going to be ready James?"

"We can't wait much longer James."

"You said it would be ready last week James!"

and the becoming ever more frequent, "I'm sorry James we were forced to use another writer we couldn't wait any longer."

The pressed loved it as his writing plummeted the tabloids soared churning out bitter harsh cold truths and theories:

"Finding Neverland a fluke?"

"One Hit Wonder?"

Finding Never Land, his finest creation. The magical world where pain and suffering was known to nobody, evil horrors of a far and distant world. It was a world he had visited many times in his childhood. It was where he and David played long into the dusk like they had before.

He tried to show his mother, show her David wasn't gone. He wanted desperately to take her to him. She wouldn't listen, she refused to believe. The more she refused to believe the more difficult it became to come to David and so their time together grew shorter until it stopped all together.

He never forgot about Neverland he kept it in his mind hoping maybe one day he could return and play one last game with David. He could hear him calling his name begging him to come and play Pirates with him but he couldn't get close enough to join in the game.

Soon his brother's cries stopped reaching him.

When he met Mary he believed they would travel many magical worlds together making a final stop in Neverland it was then he could hear his brother's cries again. He wanted to tell her but again she shut him out refusing to believe and understand the wonderful places he wanted to take her.

Then he was given a final chance to return to the magic and beauty of Neverland. He had not spoke of it for many years until he met Sylvia.

Sylvia allowed him to once again see the wonders of Neverland once again he saw the opportunity to share this magical world with someone he cared about.

Not only did she allow him to rediscover Neverland for himself but she gave him the ability to express the magic of Neverland in words, in a play.

The world had a lot more positive reaction towards him,

"It's the best you've ever written James"


The magic of Neverland as expressed people finally understood its power and joy it had to offer for all those who believed.

As he watched Sylvia enter the magical world of Neverland the emotions that ran through him could not be placed, joy? Sorrow? Success?

Peter knocked softly on the study door clutching a leather binding in his arms, "I finished it." He said softly handing the book to James.

James read the words on the page silently when he finished he handed the book back to Peter and smiled sadly. He felt an urge to hug him and protect him from the evils of this world.

Finally it had happened right there in that split second. The boy James Matthew Barry had became a man and Neverland had closed its gates to him.

He shut his books and left the study shutting the door behind him he knew he would never write again. he had finally stopped pretending and believing.

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