This Life, This Love, This…

A Morning Apart: Part Two

By Seerandgel

The dress is dedicated to my sister Victoria, someday she will wear such a dress.

Disclaimer: Fanfiction is infringement of copy right laws which means it is illegal. I make no money from the writing and posting of this fan fiction. I own only the dress described. Not the people or places in it, Sailor Moon does not belong to me. It belongs to someone in Japan who has made a ton of money off of it.

The Moon Kingdom.

Serenity yawned and stretched, her night gown rising a few inches off the floor as she reached upward with her fingers.

Two pairs of hands reached out and helped her to pull the night gown from over her head. Another pair of hands took the night dress and folded it while the other four hands helped Serenity into a morning gown for breakfast.

It was a pale blue and clung to her shoulder, tucked under her bosom then fell to the floor in folds and yards of soft cloth, the sleeves were snug to her wrist and they finished with a quarter inch of white lace. At the base of her neck the dress curved gently around from shoulder to shoulder. The white lace neck wrap was tied in the back. She lifted the dress from the floor and slipped her feet into satin slippers that were offered to her. She let the skirt fall and watched the lace on the hem skim the floor. Her pale yellow hair was lifted from last nights braid and was cared for, it was gently combed and then French braided from each temples to the bas of her neck then it was allowed to fall unhindered to the floor. Serenity felt her hair being smooth by a hand then she stepped away and smiled at the hand servants. She walked over to the mirror and slowly twirled in front of it, admiring her dress and the way it matched her eyes, and caused her lips to look darker without trying.

A knock was heard at the door connecting her sleeping rooms to her inner sitting room. The knock interrupted the silence of the morning routine. Serenity waved at it with a hand, without leaving her gaze from the mirror.

Something was not right this morning.

The maid knelt before her and held out the tray she carried. Serenity picked up the yellow rose that awaited her fingers and senses. But she first matched the rose against her gown before breathing its soft scent in. As she had suspected, the rose did not match, but it smelt divine. She placed the rose back on the tray and unfolded the hand written note.

I adore you.


She kissed the note and then picked up the rose and kissed it too. She turned toward her hand servants, "I shall wear the light green morning dress instead." Serenity acted like this happened every morning.

"Yes Your Highness."


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