Here is the sequel to my story If You Say So! The Title kinda says that. So lets do a recap shall we.


So Yeah, Joey dropped out of college and he works, as a mechanic Mai is a Victoria secret model, so her figure is always perfect.

They got married and two months later she was pregnant they had triplets (that's why Joseph dropped out of college), named Joseph Anthony Wheeler, Sarah Marie Wheeler, and Ashley Rose Wheeler. There about two years old now. They live in a house. Joey is 22 now and Mai is 30, but she looks damn good. Oh and Mai doesn't go to work everyday.

I think I covered it. So yeah were going to start off from there! I hope you enjoy this I got big plans. Also, Tristan and Serenity play a big part in this story. Unlike everyone else I like Tristan.

Mai and Joseph lied in there bed peacefully sleeping. It was 6:30, Joey had the day off and all he wanted to do was sleep. His son had other ideas planned.

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Lil'Joey jumped on the bed and starred at his dad. "Daddy!"

He starred again, and then looked at his mom who sat up and starred at him. She got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

"Mommy wake daddy up."

"Come with me."

Lil' Joey followed Mai who got the girls and went back into the room and put them on the bed. She got on as well.

"On the count of three jump up and down yelling daddy wake up!"


They all began jumping and screaming daddy wake up. They must have woken the whole neighborhood up. But not Joey.

"Lets go make breakfast."

Mai made breakfast while the girls played Barbie and Joseph watched Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Soon the smell of blue Berry pancakes filled the house. Joey walked down the hallway and into the kitchen. He put his arms around Mai's hips from behind and squeezed her tight giving her kisses on her neck.

"Your son wanted you this morning but you wouldn't wake up."

Joey kissed his wife on the lips then winked at her and went to the living room.

"Daddy!" Lil' Joey ran to his dad and gave him a big hug. "You should take me to the park. Just me and you and we can play some games."

"We'll go at 10:30, okay?"

"Okay daddy."

Their kitchen was right next to their dining room it had wooden things you could pull down like drapes, and a sliding door to seal it up. The drape things were already down; they usually were unless they had company. Joey walked back into the kitchen and closed the sliding door behind him. Mai was leaning against the counter waiting for the butter to melt. She hates it when Joey puts it back in the refridgerator.

"The foods gonna be cold now." She looked at the butter.

"Oh I'll make it up to you." He put her arms around her tiny waste and began to kiss her passionately. "So are you really going to take him to the park?" Joey's hands found their way up her shirt and to her breast. He removed the shirt and looked at her. "Yeah but I could think of much better thing to be doing right now." Joey lifted her onto the counter and began to kiss her neck making his way down to her chest.

"Whatcha guys doing in there? Is it safe to come in?" That would be the voice of Tristan Taylor. He's currently dating Joey's sister Serenity. Mai grabbed her shirt, which was actually Joeys and put it on. "Yeah!"

Mai began to butter the pancakes when Tristan came in.

"Yes, just in time for breakfast."

"Just in time to make Sarah's plate! Then you can have yours."

"Oh you suck."

"Hey now it's fair."

Tristan made a face at Mai, who made a face right back.


There it is the first Chapter I've got new plans for this. I know your going to love them!