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Well I decided to get back on this fanfiction train. Oh and one more thing Im not very good with making baby talk so just imagine you know there two.

Here it is...


Dada! Dada!


Dada! up!

Little Joey Rolled of the bed that was higher than him. How he got up there I don't know, he was just magical like that. He did his little baby waddle down the short narrow hallway in there apartment. Joey and Mai made enough money to be able to afford there own house but just never got around to buying one.

"Mommy! Dada!" Joey looked at his mom with his big brown eyes and pointed to his mom's room.

"Let daddy sleep some more, he was out all night last night." Joey looked at him mom and began to scream. Throwing himself on the floor kicking. Mai quickly picked him up and covered him mouth.

"Don't scream Your gonna wake your sisters up and when do I'm gonna give you a whoopen and your gonna stay in your room by yourself all day by yourself do you understand?" Joey shook his head while he made little gasping sounds to stop from crying. Mai walked back down the hall and on to Joey. She brought her lips to her ear ands whispered in his ear as sexy as she could. Which was pretty fucking sexy!

"Wake up Baby, I need you, Ya gotta get up." Any other day she would have woken him up with the smell of breakfast. But with a family of five, a apatite like Joey's, and three growing children, you could imagine that food went pretty fast in this household.

Joey rolled over taking Mai underneath him. He began caressing her, kissing her lips and moving to her neck. Mai Giggled! "Stop it!"

Joey finally opened his eyes and looked at Mai, "Why are ya telling me to stop, what happened to ya needing me?" Mai Smiled.

"I do! I need your help with Joey! He wants to play with you" She pointed at Joey who was sitting on the bed. Watching them. Joey looked at his son and sighed. "Okay. I'm up." Mai Left the room and Joey Jr. Crawled up to hid dad! Joey Jr. Started in so baby language that only the parents can understand.

"I went with my friends and had some fun." Joey answered. "Oh!" Joey carried his son over his shoulder upside down back out in to the living room. Little Joey was laughing! He walked up yo mai.

"Where is Sarah and Ashley?" Joey looked Mai while he brought Joey off his shoulder.

"Oh there still sleeping, they wouldn't go to sleep last night." Mai took Joey from Joseph

"Why not?" Mai put Joey on the floor and he walked to the Living room.

"They wouldn't go to sleep they wanted you there."

"Well I'm gonna be leaving again tonight if its okay." Mai looked a little disappointed She hadn't had much alone time with Joey for a while. He keeps going out with his friends from work plus Tristan.

"Okay, well before you take off again will you go grocery shopping?"

"Awww... Why can't you."

Mai got real close to him and put her arms around him, "C'mon Joseph! You get to go out and have lots of fun with your friends all the time and im staying home with your kids. The least you could do is go grocery Shopping."

"Oh Alright!" Mai smiled she always got her way. "Your so spoiled Mai!"

"I love you!" She said as Joey went to go get dressed to get grocery shopping. "I love you to!" He yelled from the other room.

Hours later...

Joey got back from his night out with the boys, normally mai would have been asleep but she stayed up this time.

"Joey I thought You were gonna be home by one. We talked about this before you left , Remember?"

"Yeah but I decided I wanted to stay out later! Do You have a problem?."

"Yeah I do! I was worried and you didn't even call!" Mai voice began to raise!

"What are you my mom?"Joey's words were slurred and sarcastic. You could smell the alcohol on his breath.

"No Joey I'm our wife!"

They were yelling now, about everything. They woke the children up. Mai and joey srgied a lot but never anything serious ... at least not like this. They argument got more heated and louder as they got into it ... about an hour later it ended bad. All You could hear was the children crying.

Dun Dun Dun ... What could've happened? Guess you'll just have to review and see!