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This story takes place ten years from now.

"Good morning Sassy!" Yumi said as she pet her golden retriever. The dog handed her a pile of papers.

"Oh? So you've gotten me my mail haven't you? Thank you." She looked over each of them and sighed.

"Bill…bill…bill…you just don't get decent letters these days, huh Sassy?" Sassy barked and handed her another envelope.

"One more huh?" she took the envelope and read it.

"What? From Kadic College? Why, I haven't been there since I left in 10th grade!" she quickly opened up the envelope and began to read to herself.

To Whom It May Concern:

I, Principal Delmas of Kadic College, hereby invite you to the annual ten-year reunion for the class of 2005. It is free of all costs and you may bring anyone of your liking. Please be aware that there are still students on campus, and that they are not to be disturbed for any reason. Thank you for your cooperation.

Place: Kadic College

Time: Anytime Between 5 pm and 10 pm

When: October 20th 2015

Where: At the gym


Elizabeth Delmas


"What? That's strange, why would I be invited? I never graduated from there." She said suspiciously.

"And Sassy, get this, Sissy is the principal! Boy, we had great times there. Do you think I should go?" Sassy barked again.

"You think so? Eh…wait! It's tonight! Why in the world did I just get this letter if it's tonight! I've got to find something to wear!" With that Yumi darted to the mall. She found something she thought was just right for the occasion. As everyone knows, Yumi doesn't like to dress up too much. She found a simple flared black skirt with a red satin short-sleeve top. She paid for her things and left in a hurry.

At home she took a shower, put on her clothes, and did her hair. Yumi's hair was now longer than it used to be, it was reaching a couple inches below her shoulder. She had decided that she should leave it down; she figured she looked better with it like that anyway. She opened her closet and pulled out a box. Inside was something so pretty, she had never even worn it before. Yumi reached her hand inside and pulled out black, open-toed, high-heeled shoes.

"After this thing, I'm going to be in so much pain." She stated as she put on the shoes and stood up. She almost fell, while trying to walk to the door, but quickly regained her balance. She grabbed her coat and yelled goodbye to Sassy.

Yumi pulled up to the school. She stepped out of her car and looked around.

"Boy, this place hasn't changed a bit." She said, making her way to the gym. She took a deep breath and opened the door. Inside, the music was loud, people were everywhere, and there was a buffet table filled with different foods and drinks. She didn't feel very hungry, so instead, she sat down at a table. Yumi was hoping that she'd see at least one of her friends here, and to her satisfactory, she did.

She had heard a slight giggle coming from behind her. It sounded familiar, very familiar. Yumi turned around and saw Aelita sitting at a nearby table. She wasn't looking at Yumi though, she was looking at someone else. Although, Yumi couldn't see who it was, because of the crowd of people blocking her view. She made her way closer, and realized that it was nothing new. It was only Jeremie! He was close up to Aelita's ear, whispering supposed nonsense into it.

She walked even closer and stood in front of the two.

"Well, weren't you two going to come and say hi? Cause if you want, I can leave you alone." Yumi said, joking of course.

"Yumi? Yumi!" Aelita jumped up and put Yumi in a tight hug.

"Great to see you guys." She said. Jeremie only smiled.

"Yumi, have a seat! Tell me, how are you doing?" Aelita asked. Yumi noticed a bright shining figure on Aelita's ring finger.

"AELITA! That's beautiful!" Yumi exclaimed.

"Thank you. Jeremie gave it to me." Aelita said smiling at Jeremie.

"What?" Yumi had realized what this was.

"Well, you see…" Aelita was interrupted by none other than Jeremie.

"I proposed to her a while back. We are getting married in November, we tried to call you, but we didn't know where you lived or your phone number." Yumi didn't know what to say, she was so happy for them.

"Congratulations!" Was all she could say.

They sat there and talked for a while until someone placed their hands over Yumi's eyes. She squealed.

"Guess who!" said the person. Yumi thought for a moment and smiled. She knew who it was.


"Hey, how'd you know?" he asked sitting down next to her.

"Lucky guess, I suppose. Besides, how did you know it was me? I could've been Sissy for all you know."

"Yeah, but you weren't were ya?" he replied, laughing.

"I guess you're right. Hey! Aelita what's that?" Odd asked, noticing the ring on her finger.

Jeremie told Odd, what he told Yumi. Yumi looked over at the door and sighed. Aelita noticed this and figured she had to do something.

"Uh, Jeremie, I'm going to the restroom okay?"

"Okay, but you do remember where it is, right?"

"Yes, I do. Yumi would you like to come with me?"

"Huh? Oh, sure Aelita." Yumi got up and followed her to the girl's bathroom.

On their way back, Aelita noticed that Yumi was hardly talking. She sat Yumi down on a bench and began to talk.

"Yumi? Are you okay? You seem a little…upset."

"No, I'm fine Aelita, I just…how come he isn't here?" she asked.

"I don't know. He probably wasn't invited."

"What? Why not, he was a student here." Yumi said.

"Maybe I should tell you, before you hear it from anyone else."

"What, is something wrong? Did something happen to him?"

"No…it's just that…"

"What Aelita?"

"Ulrich was expelled, Yumi!"


"Well, when you left, he became so depressed."

"He can't blame this on me! I didn't want to leave! He knew that! My parents made me go!"

"Calm down Yumi. He did know that, but he assured himself that he was going to be able to see you again. And after a year, he just sort of, gave up on that. He became very distant from the rest of us. He hardly ever talked, and it was even harder to defeat X.a.n.a most of the time, because he hardly ever showed up. He started failing a lot of his classes. But that didn't stop one person from getting to him." Aelita said, looking deep into Yumi's eyes, to show that she understood how she felt.

"Who? Who was it?" Yumi asked, practically falling off the bench.

"Sissy…they began d-dating."

"That's it? Aelita, that's fine. I mean, with me not being here, I figured it was bound to happened sometime."

"There's more Yumi."

"Oh, sorry. Go on."


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