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Summary: Yugi's grandpa is sick. The problem is he lives far away. So Yugi has to go there to deliever some of his mom's homemade medicine for him. But with two paths, one being long and ther other being longer than the first but heading to the same location, will a sly werewolf lead him off course and then to its own home after seeing the sweet boy?

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Little Red Riding Hood

Chapter 1

Yugi was upstairs, doing his homework. It was the weekend and he was planning to spend the day outside after he did his homework. He lived with his mom who was great at making herbal medicines. She even had her own garden filled with different herbs to make her medicines. Yugi was happy to live out here in the quietness of nature than in the hustle and bustle of the city. He made many friends here as well and they all go to his school and share the same classes with him. He hoped to find them when he went out today.

He finished the last of his homework and got up from his desk, placing his things into his bag before heading downstars. Yugi's mom looked up. "Ah, Yugi. Just who I'm looking for. I need you to do something for me." she said as she walked over to him. "What is it, mom?" Yugi asked. "Your grandfather is sick again. Seems he caught a slight fever. I'm busy with making some medicine that I need to deliver for another family so can you go over to his home and give him some medicine and food?" she asked as she handed him a basket.

"Sure. I wonder how he got a fever this time?" Yugi questioned as they walked towards the door. "He said he was out last night, looking for some animal that was nearby and since a cold wind was blowing at that time and he was only in his pajamas, he wasn't prepared for the cold that was coming, especially since he told me he spent almost the whole night out there looking for that animal." she said.

"Let me guess, you scolded him over to phone about looking for animals late at night." Yugi said with a small laugh. "Yes I did. He knows he's too old to be out hunting for animals. Who knows if it was a wolf that was out there. He could've been hurt instead of getting a cold." she said before looking down to him.

"And you be careful too. I heard in town that there were sightings of a huge wolf in the forest. Stay on the main path and don't leave off of it no matter what." Yugi nodded. "Don't worry, mom. I'll be careful. I won't let no wolf get me." Yugi said as he left out, waving back to her as he walked.

In the forest, a large shadow was passing through the trees and bushes, looking for a meal. 'There has to be something good out here. I would've gone after that old man last night if my instincts didn't tell me I should've wait. Saying that I would get something better if I don't attack the old man just yet.' The shadow thought as he saw a little batch of bunnies nibbling some grass.

The shadow licked its lips and snuck towards them, being silent with its movement. The bunnies were unaware of the shadow until a twig snapped under its paw and they looked up. Seeing gleaming red eyes looking to them, they hopped off just as the shadow lunged for them. They disappeared in a nearby burrow and the shadows growled, revealing itself to be a large, black wolf with strange crimson eyes which is odd for a wolf.

He growled again and started digging at the hole, hoping to reach them before they got away but heard something. A voice of a child coming through the forest. He moved away from his target and went toward the bushes, wanting to know the person who is singing such a beautiful melody that soothed the savage and ravenous beast within him.

Yugi sung softly as he walked on the path toward his grandfather's house, the red hooded cloak billowing behind him. He gotten the cloak from a nice old woman when he walked through town and although he didn't really wanted to take it from the woman, seeing as she might need it more, but she insisted so he accepted it. He continued to sing as he walked along the path, unaware of who was watching him.

The wolf mewled softly, awed at the child's beauty. 'Out of all the people that walked across this path, I've never seen someone so beautiful.' The wolf thought. He wanted to meet him, this boy of childish delight, but he knew he couldn't appear as a wolf or else he would scare him off and he definitely didn't want that. So, without a second thought, he shifted into his human form and stood up, heading to where the path split, having an idea that may work.

Yugi continued walked until he reached the split in the path and saw someone standing there. His mother always told him to never talk with someone you don't know and he was planning to bypass the man but he called out to him and he stopped. "Hello, what may your name be?" the older teen asked, looking towards him with those mysterious red eyes. Yugi turned to him, oddly drawn into the teen's red gaze. "Oh, I'm Yugi. What is your name?" he asked, knowing he shouldn't be talking with him but something about him makes him want to know more.

"I'm Yami. Why is someone like you out here in the forest where rumors of a wolf is travelling around, hm?" he asked as he walked over to Yugi. "Well, my grandfather is sick again, saying he was chasing an animal that was near his house last night and my mom wanted me to deliver some medicine and food to him since he will be bedridden for a while." Yugi said. Yami smirked lightly. 'So, that what my instincts were trying to tell me. They somehow knew this young, delectable boy would be coming by.'

"Ah, he must've saw the wolf that all the townspeople have been talking about. I have seen this wolf myself and he is a force to be reckon with." Yami said, glad that the townspeople feared him but of course, he didn't want Yugi to fear him and knew of the perfect story to tell him. "Really, there is a wolf in the forest?" Yugi asked and he nodded. "Yes, he's a huge wolf, bigger than you even. He had sleek black fur that's blacker than the coals you use to heat your home, his paws so big that they could tear down a tree within minutes. And his teeth, sharp as needles and can rip you apart.

"The last thing that makes this wolf so horrifying is his eyes. That haunting gaze will have you entranced like a spell done by the finest temptress. But no need to worry, little one. I can tell just by looking at you that you would never be harmed by the beast. There has even been rumors that there should be another along with him but I know he wouldn't harm you as well." Yami said, Yugi's rapt attention focused on him and his story.

"Are you really sure the wolf wouldn't hurt me?" Yugi asked, now curious of how he could know that the wolf wouldn't hurt him. "I'm sure of it. How could anything harm such an innocent person such as yourself. I'll be appalled to hear that someone would hurt you." Yami said. Yugi looked down, not wanting to tell him that he was right. Yami was now truly appalled. Someone dares hurt this child? "Who, Yugi? Tell me, who hurts you?" Yami asked as he knelt down to him.

"I really don't want to say." Yugi whispered. "Please, Yugi. Tell me." Yami pleaded. He sighed before nodding. "Ok, I'll tell you. There's this boy at my school. His name is Ushio. When my friends aren't around, he catches me in a dark alley or somewhere where no one would hear me call for help and beats me. I don't know why though. When I ask, he says that I might be different, like some sort of monster and doesn't deserve to be here in a world full of normal people. He thinks I'm some sort of werewolf or something just because my mom grows a herb garden." Yugi said.

Yami growled deeply, now angry that someone would dare hurt Yugi and insult his kind as monsters. "Don't worry, Yugi. I'll watch over you from now on. I will never let him hurt you again." Yami said. Yugi looked up to him and smiled. "Thanks, Yami." Yugi said before remembering what he needed to do.

"Oh, I almost forgot. I need to take these things to my grandfather. I'm sorry that I have to go but I can't forget about my sick grandfather." Yugi said as he started to walk off. "I hope to see you again, Yami." he said. Yami watched him go. "Wait Yugi. I have a better idea." Yami said. Yugi looked back. "What is it?" he asked. "Well, instead of taking this path, why don't you take the other? It's much more faster." Yami said.

"As much as I would like to, I can't veer off this one. This will take me straight to my grandfather's house and I need to get there quickly and back before dusk." Yugi said. "Yugi, I know these forests well. I have travelled these paths many times. For once, taking this one will get you there sooner. I'm sure of it." Yami said. Yugi thought about it. 'Maybe I should take it. If he's right and its faster than this one, I will get to grandfather's house sooner.' Yugi thought. "Ok. I guess if you did go through these paths more than once, you may just be right." Yugi said with a smile.

Yami smiled as well. "Well, you better be going then if you want to get to his house soon." Yami said and Yugi nodded. "Thank you so much, Yami! If I didn't know this path was faster, I would've been taking a long time to get back home." Yugi said happily. "No problem. Now go on now before you worry your dear grandfather." Yami said and he nodded. "Once again, thank you. I hope we can see each other again real soon." Yugi said as he left once more, singing the same song he started before he met Yami.

Yami smirked once more. 'Don't worry, little one, we'll be seeing each other very soon but not as we did just now.' Yami thought as he became a wolf once more and headed off towards his grandfather's house. 'That old man owes me something for not eating him the night before and he has. By letting this child of such innocence and beauty meet with me. And now that he has gave me a gift, it time for me to have my meal and he's on the menu.' Yami thought as he ran off, hoping to reach Yugi's grandfather before he does. The last thing he wanted is for him to see the wolf he said wasn't so bad eating his grandfather.

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