Little Red Riding Hood

Chapter 9

Like expected, it didn't take long for Yami to heal from the wounds given to him by Siegfried. Sure, it set them back a week but nonetheless, there was no other appearance from the other wolf, especially with Aqua on guard. Yugi did everything he needed to care for Yami while he was on bed rest and once the other was up, he was happy. /"It's good to be back up again."/ he said, shaking out his fur as he stretched out his leg to see how his shoulder was fairing. Yugi nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I hated seeing you hurt and there was nothing I could do and that didn't make me happy. Yami, can't you teach me how to fight too just in case something happens?" he questioned and the older looked down to him.

/"That sounds like a good idea. My only concern is that you've been only a pup for a little while and therefore, you don't really have the strength for it to fight a full grown werewolf. If you're not careful, Siegfried can easily snap your neck or spine with one swipe."/ he explained and Yugi whimpered. "True but I just don't want to be left on the sidelines."

/"I know but we don't want you to be in danger, especially with the fact that you're the one he's coming for."/ he murmured.

Mother came walking in with a plate of food for Yami and set it down for him. "Aqua says he might have an idea to end it all. We're going to head into the den once you're done, Yami." she spoke and they nodded before she left Yami to eat, sharing some of his food with Yugi as he ate.

When everyone was in the den, Aqua looked to them. /"Well, as we know so far, Siegfried is hiding out somewhere in the forest. He can't go far without revealing himself to the town or some wayward traveler. We end it tonight if possible and we're going to need all the help possible."/ he spoke. "So what do we need to do?" Mother asked. /"We're going to try the bait tactic again but this time, we're going to have one or two of you hiding while we fend him off to distract him."/ he said before becoming his mortal form and reached behind him to take something off the hearth. "And then to end it, we just need someone to hit him in the back with this." he said, holding out the silver dagger.

"Silver is like poison to us so once we get hit, it will start affecting us. Shallow cuts can give him a chance to heal but having it stabbed straight into him will be his end." he explained and Yugi nodded. "So there's five of us. You and Yami will be fighting him to distract him so we need someone quick to get him in the back." Yugi murmured. "I'll do it." Leon spoke up finally and they looked to him. "Will you be alright doing this? Even after all he has done, he is still your brother." Aqua murmured softly.

Leon looked down. "I know but I want this forest to be safe and it never will be with him still running around and killing people. I love him like a brother but enough is enough." he said and Yami nodded. /"Bold words, young pup, but ok. We'll let you take care of him but if things get bad, run back home with Yugi and Mother."/ Yami said and he nodded.


"So when are we going to start?" Yugi asked as he looked up to Aqua. "The sooner the better. If you all are ready for this then we should get out there now while daylight is still out. We don't want to try in the darkness where we can't tell friend from foe."

They nodded and once they were ready for the final confrontation, they all shifted into wolf form, the dagger wrapped and settled in Leon's mouth before heading out.

Siegfried grumbled as he sat by the river, a tattered cloth wrapped around his wounded shoulder which was healed but it still hurt to move it. "Damn that wolf. How can he be stronger than me?" he muttered angrily as he took a drink from the river. "But no matter. Once they're out of the way, I'll take care of that wayward brother of mine and their little pup and then I'll have control over this forest. The packs may have left their separate ways but I will continue to bring fear to those foolish mortals that live in the town. Anyone that enters my territory will die and soon, it will be this entire forest." he said, smirking darkly to himself before looking up as he heard a howl, one of a young pup.

"Good, looks like that time is nearing already." he murmured before shifting and started towards the sound.

Yugi continued to howl from where he sat, Yami and Aqua hidden away in the shadows which their fur provided good cover in the dark area. Mother and Leon were further away but within seeing range so Leon knew when to make the attack. Soon, the rustling of the brush and the crunch of branches under someone's weight alerted them and soon, Siegfried appeared. /"Ah, so you're out here all alone again? And with your bodyguards nowhere in sight. Have you finally given in to your superior?"/ he questioned as he looked down to Yugi. The smaller wolf glared.

/"You're no one's superior but this is the last thing you will ever do. I don't know why you've chosen me as your target but no longer will I be chased by the likes of you."/ he growled and Siegfried laughed. /"Oh is that so? Well let me tell you something, The reason you're my target is the reason every human that wanders into this forest is. This is my territory and I will be the one to bring fear int the hearts of humans in that pathetic town outside the borders of my land by setting an example. You are going to be my meal but at the same time, I'll leave your remains for the humans to see so they know who to never cross."/ he spoke.

/"But because of it, you also put Yami and Aqua in danger! Have you abandoned the laws of your kindred! Have you ignored them as your brethren?"/

/"But of course! Another wolf in my territory is an enemy! I have heard stories of them! They were once fierce beings but they wouldn't dare lower themselves to kill a human when food was scarce during the winter season. They are the reason the packs left for why should they stay when the only other food source is barred as long as they're around? But I don't care for them for they are not worthy of my time. You and your dear mother is all I'm after along with that brat of a brother that can't even do a thing without my assistance!"/ Siegfried growled, the conversation at its end as he lunged for Yugi. Yugi yelped but a howl of anger was heard as Aqua leapt out, tackling the other wolf down.

/"Go now, Yugi!"/ he called and Yugi nodded as he ran off, heading over to where Leon and Mother waited, watching the fight. Siegfried snared in anger, swiping a paw up to knock away but once he was down, Yai joined in, tackling the wolf down and Siegfried gave a cry as his paw was bitten. /"You bastard!"/ he hissed.

/"The feeling's mutual, you rat! This is no one's territory anymore and once you're gone, the humans can do as they wish. This forest provides them with resources but they can't get them if you're the one in their way."/ Yami growled, baring his teeth at the other. Siegfried shook his head as he looked to him. /"The humans are inferior to us. Why do you care so much for them!"/ Siegfried snarled, lunging at Yami and trying to latch onto him with his teeth but he ducked and dodged each move.

/"Because humans are like us! Sure we have an extra features but does that really make us any different! But since you'll never learn that lesson, this is where you're time ends."/

Siegfried growled at his words before turning, kicking up dust and Yami howled angrily, backing off and Siegfried using the moment of lowered defense to try and take him out but Aqua leapt in again, leaping onto his back and biting down at the base of his neck. The evil of the three howled as he tried to remove Aqua from his back. /"We have to do something now. Go, Leon. I'm sure Aqua will know what to do the moment you show."/ Yugi said as he looked to the smaller and he nodded. Mother unwrapped the dagger and held the handle out to him, Leon biting down tight before dashing off. "Be careful, Leon!" she called and he nodded.

Yami's ears perked at the sound of pounding paws on the ground and gave a look to Aqua. The other looked back to him and winked as he latched on tighter, making Siegfried howl more. /"That's enough!"/ he roared as he shifted and reached back, grabbing Aqua by the fur and slung him into a tree. Aqua yelped as he made impact, hitting the ground. He was winded and Yami growled. /"We're not finished here yet."/ he whispered as he changed into his werewolf form and ran for him. Siegfried was ready and grabbed at his shoulders, ready to make the lethal bite into the other's neck. Yami growled as he grabbed Siegfried's upper law, preventing him from getting any closer. The two grappled one another just as Leon arrived onto the scene and ran for Siegfried, ready to make his move. Unfortunately, Siegfried saw him and in a blue of motion, Leon yelped in pain as he was kicked, dropping the dagger.

/"You traitor! To kill your own brother?"/ Siegfried hissed.

/"You're no brother of mine anymore!"/ Leon barked as he ran for the dagger once more. Siegfried moved to toss Yami off to the side as he lunged at the younger pup and Leon froze, helpless as the huge form of Siegfried came at him. Aqua roared angrily as he intercepted the other, Leon taking the extra time to duck away. Yugi gasped before changing back into his mortal form and ran out. /"Yugi!"/ Mother cried. "I got this, mom! If someone doesn't get it, Siegfried will and he'll kill everyone with that kind of power in his hands!" Yugi called back as he rushed onto the battlefield. Aqua kept Siegfried at bay while Leon went to check on Yami. He grabbed the dagger before turning and ran for Siegfried.

Since Siegfried was too distracted with Aqua, who even in wolf form was becoming a hassle to keep up with, he wasn't expecting Yugi coming at him. Getting into range, Yugi lifted the silver dagger and impaled it into the back of Siegfried who gave a menacing roar of anger as the silver took its effect. But he was still mobile as he turned and looked to Yugi. /"You!"/ he snarled and went to grab the smaller teen but Yugi growled as he shifted and clawed at Siegfried's face, making him reel back from the unexpected attack. /"It's over. You're done."/ he whispered before headbutting the other in the stomach, causing him to fall back and burying the dagger in deeper. They watched as Siegfried howled and writhed in pain before eventually stilling. Mother came walking out and smiled to them all. "The nightmare is finally over now. We can live in peace." she whispered and Yugi nodded, smiling softly before looking up as Aqua walked over, nuzzling him.

/"That was very brave of you, Yugi. I'm proud."/ he murmured. /"Well I couldn't very well let him take me down with him. All of this hard work would be for nothing if that happened."/ he said and Yami nodded in agreement as he walked over to them as well. "So what are we going to do now?"

/"We'll bring the body to the town and have Yugi explain about the true killer of the forest. Once that's taken care of, we'll let you decide if you want to stay or migrate to another place."/ Yami said as he looked up to Mother. She pondered over the thought before smiling. "I think we should move. I'll start packing the necessary things and once you come back, we can go." she said. They nodded and Yami hefted the body of Siegfried onto his shoulder before the three headed into town.

People whispered as they saw them come into town and making their way to the town square. Someone called Kazura to the town square and once he was there, he looked to the dead body of the wolf before them. "What's going on here?" he questioned. Yugi stepped forward and looked to him. "This here is the real wolf that has been killing people in the forest. He was trying to prove an example to everyone in town by killing whoever came into his "territory". We dealt with the problem so now the forest is free to anyone who needs wood and water." he explained. The people whispered once more, happy with the thought and Kazura nodded.

"Well, kid, you've been doing many amazing things. At least the problem's been resolved so no more deaths will be upon our heads." he spoke and Yugi smiled. "It's the least I could do, especially when I was nearly a victim as well." Yugi spoke and the old hunter nodded. "As thanks, we'll mount this kill in honor of you and your two wolf friends for helping this village out. I was suspecting you for having them around but since you found the real killer and prove their innocence with the fact that they never attacked or bit anyone, I'll drop all suspicion of you." Yugi nodded and thanked him before looking to Yami and Aqua. The two nodded and soon left while Kazura took the body and left.

When the two returned to the forest, Mother was placing the last thing in the cart. "Mom, everything's taken care of and Mr. Kazura dropped me of all suspicion that Yami and Aqua could be the killer." he said and she smiled. "That's good. We wouldn't want to leave on a bad note with the townspeople." she said before looking to Yami. "Mind drawing my cart for me?"

/"Of course. Where should we go?"/ he asked as he tied the cart to him. Leon peeked out from the cart. "How about up north? Maybe along the way, we can sell Mother's herbs for coins when we need food and we can't find any deer to hunt for meals." Leon suggested. "I like that idea. Let's go." Yugi said as he and Mother climbed into the cart and they were off to a new home to settle in peace.

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