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Raven cautiously flew down the dark, musty corridor and into the damp room. She silently landed on the ground and looked around. The only light in the room was from the holes in the ceiling where water was seeping through. Raven slowly walked into the darkness and letting it envelope her. She knew she must be careful if she had any chance of finding him. She concentrated very hard and could finally feel his presence; she called out his name but she was answered with silence.

Finally, just as she was turning around to search in the other direction she heard a faint meow coming from the ground. Raven quickly walked towards the noise and as she got closer she could make out a green tinted ball of matted fur in the corner of the room. She ran to the corner and ell on her knees carefully cradling the kitten in her arms and rubbed it's head against her cheek.

"Oh Beastboy…" Raven whimpered.

Suddenly the cat opened his eyes and purred. A tear slid down Raven's cheek but she smiled.

"Don't worry Beastboy I'm here now, you'll be safe with me." Raven said as she flew back to Titans tower as fast as she possibly could.

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