Hi everyone, sorry i haven't updated in like...2 months! I have about 300 words of the next chapter done, which is-even to my standards-very very bad. Life just has a way of getting in the way of things i suppose. I work 42 Hours a week and when i come home i'm pretty tired and the last thing i want to do is sit infront of the computer when i've been doing it all day. Also i have a few things i need to finish, like drawings for people that were due hmmm...a month ago!

Also, i've been downloading season 3 on utube. So many things about my story dont go with how the show is going now and I wanted to keep it close to the show and now its pretty much impossible with what i've created, so i need time to rethink my plot and get more inspiration.

So this is just to say thanks for reading and to let you all know I probably won't be updating til my week off during the xmas holidays, perhaps even later.

Hopefully santa brings me lots of wonderful plot bunnies!

So happy thanksgiving (even though i have no idea when in november it is) and Merry Christmas and thanks again for reading!