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Author's Opening Notes: This was done in the two hours or so after the episode "Homecoming" first aired, so if you haven't seen it yet, it will contain spoilers.

"A New Family"
By J.T. Magnus, "Turbo"

Beast Boy stood there watching as his team... his family walked away, the Titans standing behind him. Minutes passed without a word before something surprising happened, Raven stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"He's going to lead the Doom Patrol to its own doom."

He turned to look at Raven's face, "Don't say that, Raven."

"I know you hate to hear it, BB, but she's probably right," Cyborg added, glancing at Robin, "We know that from experience. I was so obsessed with Brother Blood that I nearly caused both you guys and the Titans East to be brainwashed."

"And we all know what happened because I was so single-minded about Slade... Mento wants to beat The Brain so much that he'll let everyone die - just so The Brain will be defeated."

Beast Boy looked past Raven, her hand still on his shoulder, to Robin, "But, I don't want to see them... dead..."

What was said next wasn't surprising, who said it was...

"Friend Beast Boy, if you are a Titan, then be a Titan, you can't be a member of the Doom Patrol fighting with the Teen Titans. Korman- Blackfire and I are... related, but I can't consider her my sister anymore."

Robin added more, "He thinks that The Brain is the worst villian ever... So was Slade."

"And Brother Blood," Cyborg nodded.

Even if she couldn't show emotion, Beast Boy could feel the sadness as Raven spoke, "And my father. There will always be worse enemies, Beast Boy... You chose to make sure we'd be alive to fight them... You took a risk," she leaned close, "But you did the right thing."

Raven's hand slipped off of his shoulder as she turned to follow the others, already leaving.

Before she could take too many steps, a hand found its way to her shoulder and turned her around. Faster than she could react, Beast Boy was kissing her. When the kiss was finally broken, she again spoke.

"You took a risk, but you did the right thing."

And they both knew she wasn't talking about back in The Brain's base this time as she kissed him this time.

He was a Teen Titan, they were his family; Starfire his sister, Cyborg and Robin his brothers... and Raven, something more...

Author's Closing Notes: ONE-shot, don't ask for more on this one. But don't worry, I've got an idea for another part to The Parent Meeting, so just hold on...