A Time for Love

This is my first fan fiction so please R&R. What if the titans were pulled into an alternate universe with no way back? What if they were trapped with their worst enemy? What will happen to the Teen Titans? Find out!

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Chapter 1: Dreams

The villainous Slade tossed and turned as he dreamed about her yet again. She plagued his dreams and he welcomed her with open arms. He moaned as he tossed again landing on his side.

Dream. . . . Slade walked through the dark hallways stopping at a metal door that bore her name in big bold letters. There was a hissing sound as the door slid back revealing a darkened room. The only source of light was the moon shining through the large window cascading over the room giving it an eerie glow. He walked in taking hesitant steps. After fully entering the room, he glanced around at the decor and chuckled.

"She certainly has a thing for the dark and strange." Slade noticed a crystal ball on the bookshelf resting on its small wooden stand. The crystal ball had blue smokey haze swirling around.

"Fascinating" he whispered picking the object up. He quickly got on guard as he felt the sudden change in the room. He looked down at the ball in his hand, and saw that the smoke was now black and purple.

"Fascinating" he said again astonished at the mist within the crystal ball.

"Did you come to play with my ball or. . . ." Slade looked up at the sound of her voice but saw only darkness. He smiled under his mask at the sound of her dry voice. Slade becoming intrigued asked,

"Or what?"

"Or. . .did you come to play with me?" she whispered seductively in his ear, causing the hairs on his neck to stand as well as his lower member. He looked over his shoulder, but she had already moved. He placed the crystal ball back on its wooden stand, and then walked to the center of the room.

"I want to play with you my dear."

"Well. . ." she began. Slade tried desperately to pin point the voice of the vixen but could not find her.

"Well what darling are we going to play or what?"

"Let's play!" she said thrusting him to the wall holding him there with her dark powers. He hit the wall with a grunt. He struggled to free himself from her grasp. He gasped as she appeared in front of him. The moon shone in from the window falling on her beautiful features. Her pale face held a seductive smirk, and her large amethyst orbs bore into the arch-villain. His feet dangled off of the floor as she held him on the wall.

"What is the name of this game we are playing?" Slade asked taking in her beauty.

"Tag" she whispered to him placing her forehead on his mask while rubbing her hands up and down his strong chest. Pressing her body close to his own, she whispered against his neck. "It looks like I got you Slade."

"On the contrary beautiful. . .I've got you!" He kicked the table that was by his leg, and he thrust himself off of the wall grabbing Raven in the process. He turned in mid air so that he landed on his back with Raven pinned to his chest. Her powers flared at the sudden surprise. Objects in the room fell out of their normal spots as the room shook. Slade's mask was slung off in the power surge, but the only facial feature that could be seen was his royal blue eye and a black patch covering the other. His white hair fell over the patch.

She peered down into his eye. She smiled as she stared at it.

"You certainly have beautiful eyes."

"Correction darling eye." He said point at it. She giggled at him,

"I want to see the rest of your face."

"I'm not ready to expose my face to you yet." He said sliding his finger tips along her right thigh. Her thigh flinched at the welcomed stimulation. With his other hand he stroked her face. She moaned as his hand slipped under her leotard caressing her bottom.

"But I. . I. .I. . . want to see you." She stuttered trying to regain her thoughts. "I want to see how handsome you really are."

"I will show you who I am when you and I are ready," he brushed the falling hair out of her face tucking it behind her ear. "And not a moment before." He said raising up to kiss her cheek. "Trust me I'm not bad to look at." Not satisfied with the answer used her feminine wilds to get what she wanted.

"I am ready." She said grinding her hips in slow circles against him. He bit his lower lip as small groan escaped his lips.

"You aren't playing fair my dear." Slade said in strained voice. Leaning down brushing her lips against his neck inhaling his scent then looking in his eye.

"I know." She leaned down and captured his lips with her own.

Slade jumped up from his slumber inhaling sharply. He looked around and found himself still in his room.

"Damn. It was only a dream." He swung his legs over the side of the bed placing his head in his hands. He got off the bed walking over to the window. He scratched his bare chest as he stared out of the window. He smiled at the memory of her in his arms.

"One day she will be mine." He said to the moon. "Until then it is time to put my plan into motion. Those Titans won't know what hit them."

Raven screamed out as she awoke from her dream. She dreamed of him again. Her enemy, Slade, she dreamed of him almost every night. His strong arms wrapped around her holding her to him.

"What am I thinking! He's our enemy. Why am I dreaming about him? I should be dreaming about Robin, not Slade." Raven looked up as she heard someone knock on her door.

"Raven it's me. Open up." Robin whispered loudly from the other side of the door. Raven got out of bed heading to the door. The door made a hiss sound as it opened. She was faced by the leader of the Titans. He stood a good five inches taller than her, and his mask covered his eyes from her. She pondered many days what his eyes might look like under that piece of cloth. "I was coming in from patrolling and I heard you scream. Are you okay?"

"Sure. I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Robin. I said I was fine. So, when did you start patrolling again?" She asked raising a violet eyebrow at him.

"Oh." He said scratching the back of his head in a nervous fashion.

"I thought we agreed no one would go out patrolling alone since you broke your arm chasing Ranacid."

"I know but"

"But I know that you have been patrolling anyway for the past few months since Slade resurfaced." She said looking down at the floor.

"I wanted to talk to you about that. Would you like to go to the roof, I mean we could talk better out there it's so peaceful."

"I guess." Raven said with a shrug. Raven formed her soul-self raven enveloping her and Robin within it. They landed on the roof of the huge T they lived in. Robin looked around taking in his surroundings, then looked at the girl who held his heart. He took one of her hands in his own leading her to the edge of the roof, and they both set down looking at the moon that was beginning to set, and the sun that was beginning to rise. Raven looked at the side of Robin's face noticing the seriousness in his profile. She turned back to the fleeting moon as she said,

"What is troubling you Robin?" Knowing full well, what was bothering him, she asked anyway. He remained quiet for a few moments trying to gather his thoughts.

"Slade. The last time we fought him. He seemed to be fixated on you. Did you notice?"

"No." She lied as she looked down. She noticed it, hell he flat out focused only on her, but she did not want to alarm Robin more than he already was.

"You had to. He only targeted to you. He sought out you, fought you, and talked to only you!. Normally he would attack or make puns at me, but I wasn't in his agenda you were. When that beam was fired at you by one of his droids, he saved your life." Robin said turning to look at her.

"Maybe it was convenient for him at the time. Maybe he didn't want the blood of a titan on his hands. Maybe he isn't maniac." At this she turned to look at him and his face held a "get real" look.

"Raven, You are smarter than that!" He looked ahead of him sighing in slight defeat. "I'm sorry. I am glad he saved you for whatever reason he did, but he is still insane. And I want to know the real reason he saved you." He said putting a hand on his chin going into deep thought. Raven could already see where this whole thing was heading.



"Don't let this situation get you all obsessed over Slade again." She took his face in between her two hands. "We need you to stay clear headed. I need you to. Okay?" He looked at her with worry.

"Raven. He could be planning something to hurt you. I need to figure out what that is." He took both of her hands in his own. He kissed each of them in turn. "I cannot allow any thing to happen to you. My beautiful Raven."

Her face was a deep shade of red. He smiled at the blush on her face. "She looks cute when she's embarrassed." Robin thought. Switching the conversation he said, "I take it that emotion containment bracers are working? Nothing has blown up and you have been showing all kinds of emotions lately." She looked down at her wrists. Each of her wrists held a black bracelet on it. The bracelets were made of black leather with silver spikes in circling them. It added more decoration to her uniform she thought.

"Yes, they work efficiently. I need to thank Batman again for them." She said in her normal monotone voice as she looked back up at him. "If I just focus a little harder, I can tell what color his eyes are." Her thoughts were interrupted by the boy wonder,

"I think I need to thank him again too." He said sliding closer to her. He kissed her on the forehead gently, then tuck some hair that was in her face behind her ear. She smiled up at him then placed a hand on his cheek. He leaned in close to capture her lips. She closed her eyes waiting for his lips to touch hers. The kiss was short and sweet she opened her eyes and saw Slade staring back at her. She gasps jumping back slightly.

"What's the matter Raven?" Robin asked worriedly grabbing a hold of her shoulders.

"Nothing. Just I, nothing." She laid her head on his shoulder. "Just hold me Robin and never let go." Robin wrapped her up in his arms planting another kiss on her hair. He looked out at the sun would rise soon. He looked down at her again then back at the departing moon pulling her closer to him.

Slade was now in uniform. After a 30 minute session in the gym and a cold shower he was good to go, for the moment. He walked over to the computer screen sitting down in front of it.

"Computer. Pull up the file on the 'Parallax Apparatus'." A female computerized voice was heard,

"Certainly, Master Slade. The Parallax Apparatus is a device that can send people into different parallel universes. It was still in experiment stages until the disappearance of a group of scientist, including the creator of the device, Professor Robbins. The device is highly unstable."

"Unstable huh?"

"The Parallax Apparatus was banned from usage and was placed in the Jump City museum under heavy security. Chances of stealing the Dimension Apparatus are at 26 percent."

"I like the odds. With my foolproof plan, there is no way I won't succeed. Not only will I take over this dimension, but I will seize the next. Try and stop me now Titans."