Theme Challenge: Syd and Sky
Series presented by:
BloomingViolets and Pink-Green-White-4ever
Challenge: Game – written by BloomingViolets
Last Revised: September 24, 2005

Summary: It was their little game.
Disclaimer: We don't own 'em, wish we did.
Ship: Sky/Syd

AN: Done in response to the Ars Amatoria's Ranger Romance Themes Challenge.


It had started out as a game. She had been the one to initiate it one day when she gave him a card with a riddle on it. He had been puzzled at first, but slowly he figured it out. And when he had solved the riddle, he had been surprised to find out that it worked like a treasure hunt, only without all the other clues. The first time he had solved the riddle, the card had told him to head to the roof top of the SPD Academy.

And so he went.

When he had arrived, he found her waiting for him, a small box in her hands. When she handed the box to him, he gave her the most puzzled glance. She in turn smiled and told him that she had been shopping that day and saw something that reminded her of him. So she had bought the item.

The item had been a miniature model of the blue ranger.

After that, he began to play along.

When he had been patrolling the city a few days after, he spotted a pink spiral notebook on display of a small stationary store. And later that night, after she had solved the riddle, he presented the notebook to her.

It had been their little game for months now. Every time each of them saw something that reminded them of the other, they would buy it. And they each took delight in making up the riddles to go along with it. The gifts were inexpensive, but very thoughtful.

A tiny stuffed animal here.

A digital alarm clock there.

A picture frame bought.

A batch of cookies made.

Every gift was inexpensive but was handled with care and treasured beyond belief.

No one else knew about it. Z never understood why Syd loved the little silver bells hanging around the neck of her stuffed elephant Peanuts. Bridge never understood why Sky wore a shiny star-shaped pendant around his neck. No one ever noticed the subtle hints of blue that suddenly appeared in Syd's clothing. Or the lightest shade of pink that was Sky's socks. Some how the game had turned into something much more, something that neither were yet aware of.

For now, they continued exchanging little gifts and riddles.

It was their little game.