Well, first fanfic, no flames please. BBxT fan fic. If you don't like the pairing don't read it.

It was a normal day in the T Tower. Starfire was searching her Manchond'r (A/N: my only interruption, I don't know what in the hell is this, but it was the first thing that I could invent) on her room. She was searching on the closet.

"It has to be somewhere around here…" she thought. She continued searching, but instead, she found a book. "Why do I have a book?" She thought, and she started reading, obviously it was in tamaranean. It said something like this:

When a Tamaranean has gone through his\her transformation, he\she gets some "extra" powers (…) when he\she happens to be a chrysalid, he\she gets a special power plus a transfiguration power, he\she only has to concentrate in how the object would look afet it transforms (…)

"Why do I would like to do this?" she said. Then, she threw the book to the closet again, and went downstairs, to the living room, in there were only Robin and Beast Boy.

"I couldn't find the Manchond'r" she said. She then saw that Beast Boy was depressed.

"What's disturbing you friend Beast Boy?"

"Do you know what day is it?" Beast Boy said.

Starfire, after thinking it a lot said "Sunday?"

"Yeah, but its October 2. It was 6 months ago that Terra transformed into a rock…" and with a sad face, he left the living room and went to his room.

"Poor Beast Boy" Starfire said to Robin.

"If only we could do about it…" Starfire continued.

"I don't think that everyone would accept her again" added Robin.

"Well, we can't do anything about…" but she was cut by a thought "wait! Think that I can! Maybe if I transform her with the power it said on the book!" Robin noticed that she was lost in her thoughts.

"Hum… Starfire, are you OK?" he said.

"Yeah, I was just thinking… I'm going out for awhile; I'll come when I can" then, she flew the fastest she could to Terra's statue.

She went inside a cave, which once was Slade's lair; there stood the statue of a tall girl with blond hair. In her feet, where some flowers the Titans have left there a few days ago, and a plate that said:


A Teen Titan

A True Friend

Starfire stood in front of the statue, and then, she starter to concentrate in how Terra looked 6 months ago. She remembered her ocean blue eyes, and her long, yellow hair, and then, she shoot the statue a white-green "laser" that cracked the statue.

"What have I done!" Starfire exclaimed, but then, the cracked parts started to shine, so bright, that Starfire had to cover her eyes from the light to not to harm them, and when she could see again, Terra was laying down, breathing hard.

"Friend Terra, are you all right?" Starfire said, but Terra was very weak, she only could say a few words.

"Beast… Boy… I…" and then, she got unconscious.

"Well, I think that she was very weak because she used all her energy to stop the volcano…" she then lifted Terra in her arms and they flew back to the tower…

To be Continued…

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