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Naruto glared at the floating noodles, his eyes watery. Iruka-sensei had just passed away. Apparently, a sickness had taken to Konoha, and was settling deep into the lives of all the villagers. Already many had died, including the Hokage. Kakashi was getting worse everyday, and Sasuke was beginning to show the symptoms. As a matter of fact, the only one he knew that wasn't sick was Sakura. And it was killing her that she wasn't dying.

He could only imagine how she felt. Almost everyone she knew had died, and those that hadn't, were going to. Even her family. Even him, though he didn't tell her that. And Sasuke didn't tell her about him either. They both had a silent agreement that she would be better off not knowing. That maybe she could live pass the whole thing if they tried to pretend they were ok. Maybe she could stay sane.

Already he could feel his body weakening, getting ready for the final plunge. He was sleeping in later every morning, going to bed earlier every night. Pretty soon, he didn't think he'd be getting up. His shoulders drooped, and he dragged his feet when he walked. His smile barely found its way to his face anymore, and his cheeks were pale, no longer a lively peach color. Even his hair seemed to be dying, as it kept getting duller. Often he found that he had to stop for long periods of time to catch his breath, even if he was just walking a couple of miles. He couldn't even eat anymore. His already small body had began to shrink, it seemed.

Then, one fateful day, Sasuke passed out during training with Sakura. He was sweating profusely, even though they had just began. His eyes flickered back into his head, as if he were having seizures. Sakura screamed, and immediately took him to the hospital. The nurses came out saying that there was nothing they could do, and they all stared at the girl in pity as she screamed and cried in agony, holding the dying little boy to her chest. She rocked back and forth, cradling him in her arms for his last breaths.

The next day, he began to start to feel worse. He no longer had the foothold of Sasuke. He no longer had someone that he knew was suffering with him. Slowly, he began to slip into the darkness. Soon, he couldn't even get up. His eyes were heavy, and his breathing labored, like a heavy weight rested upon it. He fought to even stay awake, the black seeping in the corners of his vision. His hoarse voice whispered for Sakura, and not even half a second went by before she was by his side. He felt wet drops on his face, and knew she was crying.

Gathering his strength, he lifted his hand to her face, and wiped them away. It started to fall again, and she grabbed it. He smiled faintly, uttering a soft goodbye, and closed his eyes. This was the end. He wouldn't wake up to be ill any longer.