Chapter 1

It's been five years since Sasuke left the village, everything had returned to normal, even Sakura's heart. She finally decided to forget about him and move on with life. Over those years she had become much, more stronger by becoming an apprentice to Tsunade-sama. Sakura changed a lot, she didn't smile as much and kept quiet most of the time. This all happened as Sasuke departed from her heart and life.

"Hinata, I want you to take Hanabi with you," said Hiashi-sama.

"But father...I.need to train. H..Hanabi will bother me," replied Hinata. Over the years, Hinata had grown stronger and started to stand up for herself.

"I want you to train with her, Hanabi will improve a lot by that," snapped Hiashi-sama.

"Um...H.Hanabi can come," muttering the last few words, so softly that Hiashi strained to hear them.

"Father, no way am I training with Hinata. She is a weakling with her is bad!" exclaimed Hanabi, from behind.

"You are to go and no buts!" stated Hiashi before turning to Hinata, "Come back before sun set." And with that he left leaving the two girls alone.

"Hanabi, we should go and train," Hinata mumbled quietly under her breath.

Her sister on the other hand just ignored her leaving Hinata half angry and sad.

"Hanabi, f..father said that you have for training," said a stammering Hinata.

"Fine! I'm only coming because of father not you," and with that, the two girls left for their training.

Upon arriving at the training area near the edge of the forest, Hanabi commanded to start. Getting into their battle stances, they prepared for the coming battle. The two were so into their match that they failed to notice three enemies lurking nearby. Suddenly Hinata realised two incoming senbon flying towards Hanabi and her. She dodged one of them and rushed in front of Hanabi, taking the attack in her left thigh. With her byakugan activated she could see two enemies near the base of the forest floor, but she could sense the presence of another enemy. The three enemy ninjas revealed themselves. They were dressed fully in black but they didn't have forehead protectors to tell Hinata what village they were from.

One of the enemy ninjas called out to Hinata, "Oi, oi little girl. You can't beat us by yourself! Even with that other weakling!"

Inside Hinata, her heart was burning with anger. Her sister was rather annoyed with the fact that they called her a weakling.

"Let's fight," Hinata called out to Hanabi, who willingly agreed and followed her sister.

The enemy ninjas just laughed at them. "Lets have some fun but don't kill them, remember the plan," the leader of the group yelled to his companions. With that, the enemy charged at Hinata and Hanabi. Getting into their battles stances, they prepared for the coming attacks. Hinata took on two while Hanabi took on another. The sounds of kunais echoed though the forest floor. Hanabi accidentally missed her attack giving her opponent the time needed to knock her out. Upon seeing this, Hinata tried to get to her sister but didn't have the chance as her opponents caught her leaving her surrounded with three enemies.

"What do you want with us?" Hinata asked confidently to show no weakness.

"Now why should we tell you that, little girl?" one of them replied. "We won't need to, since you'll find out sooner or later." With that the three enemy nins charged at Hinata.

Hinata was starting to feel tired since the opponents were so strong she used up a lot more chakura than usual. The senbon was still in her thigh because she didn't have time to take it out. The wound was bleeding but it seemed okay. The three fought Hinata until she ran out of chakura. Once seeing this, the enemy knocked her out with the last thing she saw was one of them picking up Hanabi before blacking out.

On the other side of the forest two ninjas were having a spar. Winds were coming in covering the sky with dark clouds. Rain started to fall but the two persisted. Sounds of clashing kunais and shurikens, echoed throughout the forest floor against the howling wind. Until, finally-both could do no more, lying against a tree to catch their breath.

Tenten's muscles ached from their long match after for what seemed like 10 hours. It was already late afternoon and the sun was starting to set. She looked across to see Neji meditating; it was cool seeing him like this because she could see his face without looking at his eyes. His milky-white eyes.

The two stayed silent, listening to the wind, until Neji broke the silence.

"Your aim was off," stated Neji.

Tenten flashed him a small smile before answering, "I know but the wind caused my calculations to go wrong."

"hn," was the only reply she got from Neji.

The rain continued to fall, pelting down at the two like stones.

"That's it for today. You should go home before you catch a cold," Neji informed her before turning around to leave.

"Bye, Neji!" Tenten called out to him before turning towards home, herself.

"Bye," muttered Neji and with that he walked back home.