Solving For R (Variations on a Theme Drabbles)

Co-written with Nancy Brown.

A/N: This series of drabbles is the culmination of an email exchange with Nancy Brown regarding speculation on John, Shayera & Rex Stewart. (And possible Spoilers)

Assumptions: (Huge Spoiler Alerts)

- Rex Stewart is not born for another 35 years.

- In TOAFT, Old Bruce was telling the truth when he said he had no recollection of traveling to the future with John Stewart.

- Virgil Hawkins (Static) was telling the truth when he said he was part of the league when Shayera was pregnant.

There are multiple solutions to this problem (the true and correct answer is to be revealed during JLU season 3) and Ms. Brown and I offer variations on the possible solution. This is a DCAU logic problem, not a math problem; even though I added an equation for the fun of it. But don't try to solve it mathematically.

Just enjoy our proposed solutions.

Terry's equations: R equals (jy+sy)+(v+bx)+35 or R equals (jy+sx)+(v+bx)+35

Oh, by the way, I don't own them and my life would be so different if I did.