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Summary: "…take care of him, Yohji. That one's been through a lot." And he does, except, not in the way one would expect.

Pairings: KenxRan, hints of YoxKen, eventual pairing is still undecided. XD

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Chapter One

"Aya… I… I love you…"

Tanned cheeks blushing profusely.

"…Get out, Hidaka."

A voice, cold and unfeeling.

"But Aya—"

A plead.

"I don't need your love, or anyone else's. In fact, if you weren't a member of this team, I would've killed you the moment we met. Get out of my room or I will make you get out."

Harshly, with venom dripping from each spoken word.

"…Alright. I'm… I'm sorry, Aya…"

A sigh of defeat and resignation, and perhaps…

Even a tear.

A slim, blonde and handsome emerald-eyed man strolled casually into a rather seedy bar with sunglasses dangling carelessly in one had.

"Yohji! Long time no see!" a throaty voice boomed from the bar.

"Yo, Hana-chan" said blonde replied with a wink and a smile.

"So, what'll it be?" the voluptuous bartender leaned forward smiling merrily at her long-time customer.

"Just a beer for now, thanks."

The woman nodded and grabbed a can from the fridge, shutting it with her hip.

"Ne, Yohji," she leaned in as she handed over the drink, whispering conspirationally.

"Do you know that young man over there?"

Yohji glanced at where her gaze was directed and frowned at the mop of brown that greeted his sight. He couldn't see the man's face, as his head was cradled in his arms, but the hair, the outfit and the general structure seemed vaguely familiar…

Then, green eyes widened in recognition. "Ken?"

"So you know him, then!" Hana nodded in approval. "You should take him home. The poor dear's been here for the past 4 days. He's heartbroken, I think. Someone that young shouldn't have had to experience such pain."

Yohji gave a swift nod and, in a few quick strides, he was at his friend's side. "Ken," he gave his companion a gentle nudge.

"mmmnn…" a barely audible response came from the boy.

"Let's go home, Ken." And he sighed, pulling Ken's arm so he could sling it over his shoulder.

"Yohji…?" Ken whispered hoarsely, lifting his head a little.

Yohji stared in surprise and worry at his friend's face. The usually bright honey-brown orbs were a dull, lifeless color and the once-healthy tanned cheeks were pale. Little droplets of tears were still clinging to the long dark lashes—whether from sadness or fatigue, Yohji couldn't tell.

"Yohji, I don't want to go home." The voice sounded so broken, so sad, that the blonde couldn't help but speak in an even gentler tone.

"It's ok, Ken. We don't have to go home if you don't want to." Yohji whispered, half-lifting the boy off the bar stool.

He frowned with worry as Ken's body fell against his own. 'He's so light. How long hasn't he been eating?'

"C'mon, Kenken,"

The bartender watched with saddened eyes as Yohji exited her bar, the brunette boy in tow. "Take care of him, Yohji. That one's been through a lot…"

"Yohji-kun! Ken-kun!" Omi cried as Yohji stumbled into the shop, an unconscious Ken on his back.

"Hey, Omi." The older blonde's voice held no hint of the usual joking tone. Instead, it was replaced by a serious, hardened look in his eyes.

"Yohji-kun, what happened to Ken?" the little blonde came closer to feel his brunette friend's cheeks and forehead, his sensitive nose catching on to the strong, fetid odor of liquor wafting from his teammate.

"He should be ok, I think. Just got a little drunk. I need to go have a talk with Aya." Yohji almost growled out the last part, before laying his friend on the couch and giving Omi a silent glance.

Omi nodded in understanding, and Yohji got up and left the room.

3 solid knocks.

Aya glanced in annoyance at his door, having been interrupted from his book. The knocks came again, but this time, they were more like banging, really.

Growling with impatience, he set a mark on the page he was reading and got up to open the door. He was almost expecting a certain brunette to be there.

As soon as he opened the door, however, he realized just how wrong he was.

"Aya, you cold-hearted bastard!" a fist came out of nowhere, almost solidly hitting his jaw. Almost. His hand came up just in time to deflect the punch, and he stumbled backwards from the impact.

"Kudou? What the hell are you doing?" He asked in an even tone, as soon as he was stable again.

"I can't believe what you said to Ken, you s bastard! All he's ever done is care about you and you had to be your stupid, selfish, I'm-so-noble-because-I-fight-for-vengeance self and turn him down like that." Green eyes flashed angrily at amethyst.

"I didn't ask for him to care, Kudou. And he was foolish to love me." Aya's voice was calm, though his eyes promised the blonde painful retribution if he ever spoke that way to him again.

"Because he's Ken. He doesn't wait for anyone to ask, he just does. You're damn lucky someone as great as Ken ever learned to love someone like you."

"I don't need it."

"Damn you, Aya." Yohji growled angrily. "Don't you know what you've done to him?"

Aya frowned. What had he done to Ken?

"I didn't do anything, Kudou."

"Exactly." Yohji said quietly.

"Ken is sick. Did you know that? No, of course you don't. Because you're too wrapped up in your own damn selfish thoughts to care about the people around you. He was supposed to get better, but now he's stopped taking his medications because of what you said."

Silence. The redhead could find no words. But finally, he found his voice.

"Don't lie to me, Kudou."

And he was surprised as the blonde let out a harsh laugh. "I wish I was, Fujimiya. I wish I was. But hey, believe what you want. Ken has real friends who can take care of him."

With that said, the blonde turned around and strode out, slamming the door behind him.

After he had left, the redhead cursed himself silently.

What have I done?

Omi stared at Yohji as the older blonde came out of Aya's room with a troubled face.

"Damn bastard," he could hear him muttering as he walked towards Omi.

"Yohji… I don't think you should've said that." The young blonde said softly.

"Said what?" the green-eyed man said distractedly.

"The part about Ken-kun… dying."

"Well, someone had to knock some sense into the bastard's head."

"He'll find out anyhow, you know."

"He will. But by then, he'll have realized just how lucky he is to have Ken."

"…you're a really good friend, Yohji-kun."


Just a friend, huh…

Ken stirred in his bed uncomfortably, wishing he could get warmer. It was the middle of summer, and though there was a light breeze that night, it was nowhere near cold.

But… He couldn't help feeling lonely. Couldn't help feeling an emptiness in him as he thought of his red-haired teammate. So near, close enough to touch; yet so distant that it seemed as if one had to cross worlds to get to him. It was this thought that had him shivering. So cold… So alone…

His thoughts were interrupted as there came a light knocking at his door. "Not now, Yohji. I'm… tired." He said quietly, though loud enough to be heard outside.

Apparently, the person had no intention of leaving as his door swung open to reveal a silhouette barely visible in the darkness. Ken turned to face the other side as the figure came closer.

"Please, go away," he whispered, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Ken," a familiar voice cut through the deadly silence. And Ken stiffened, instantly recognizing that deep baritone.

He couldn't move a muscle, not even when the figure sat down on his bed, and quietly slipped into the covers with him.

"Aya…?" He whispered, not even daring to move.

"Shh… Sleep now, Ken." Aya fingered his baby-smooth cheeks from behind, wiping away unshed tears with his thumb.

"Aya," Ken almost whimpered as warm arms drew him in, covering him in a strong embrace.

"Just… relax, and go to sleep." The older man said soothingly, tucking the younger boy's head under his chin.


And Ken didn't say anything more as his eyes fell slowly closed into a dreamless sleep.

Aya watched as Ken's breathing finally evened, then closed his own eyes.

I will protect you, Ken. Because Weiss can't afford any casualties…

To be continued….

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