Anything But Ordinary

Chapter 1-You Learn

The cool September air was shockingly refreshing the morning of the first. Seventeen year old Kelsey Meadowes pushed her trolley past the barriers hurriedly. Her sister, Dorcas, roamed immediately behind her. The Meadowes had been late that year, yet again, and barely had even five minutes to their name.

"Kelsey, Dorcas," their mother Jillian shouted from behind a huge crowd of people. "Be good this year! I don't want any letters home saying the two of you caused mass destruction at your school! No bickering this year."

With that, their mother turned around and with a small crack, she had vanished. Kelsey grinned, her long shiny brown hair sifting in her face as the wind blew.

"It's always the same," Dorcas complained. "Mum's always late getting us here and never has the proper amount of time to say goodbye to us."

Kelsey had to actually agree with her sister. Their mother was a very busy Ministry official and rarely had any time whatsoever. They had been lucky she'd even halfway escorted them.

"You go first," Kelsey offered. She rested her trolley as her sister ran through at a run. As Kelsey made to launch herself between platforms 9 and 10, she felt someone run by her, knocking her to her feet. She hadn't seen the boy's face, but she knew immediately who it had been. Only one person had hair like that and that person was Sirius Black.

Her small brown eyes squinted angrily and she made her way to the scarlet steam engine on the other side of the barrier.

Every year, somehow, Sirius managed to make her life hell. Last year it had been dumping a barrel full of melted cheese on her in front of everyone in the Great Hall. She had remembered crying herself to sleep that night. She wasn't big on public humiliation in the least and she had remembered the looks on everyone's faces as they had watched her walk out of the hall covered in orange cheese. The Marauders, Sirius' group of friends, had laughed themselves silly for weeks.

Kelsey sighed, took a deep breath in, and trudged on, boarding the train. She didn't have any close friends, mainly because she got along with everybody. She decided to get her own compartment and sleep until the train ride was over.

As she closed her eyes, Kelsey remembered the facial expression that had adorned Sirius' face after humiliating her. For a moment, it had looked like he'd known he'd done wrong. Yet, when everyone started laughing, he had gotten too caught up in his own ego and his own glory to even both to apologize.

She let herself drift off to sleep, the humiliation still on her mind. Kelsey was a slightly tall girl, at the height of 5 feet, 7 inches. Her brown eyes had been inherited by her late father and her brown hair by her mother. She was often told that she and Dorcas looked absolutely nothing alike, at other times told they could pass off as twins. She had always grown up as the older sister, the role model, but had failed to achieve that title. Her mother had expected that she lead the way for Dorcas and be sure to look out for her. Yet, Dorcas had always been a free spirit, strong-willed, and stubborn. Kelsey was stubborn as well, which did not make for a good combination. Her sister was only five feet and had the same brown, shiny hair she did. Kelsey knew that being the youngest bothered Dorcas a lot, as she was often compared to her older sister everywhere she went.

Her sister was funny and popular, not shy in the least, whilst Kelsey felt strangely awkward in comparison.

It wasn't until Dorcas tugged on her arm that Kelsey awoke. She slowly lifted her eyelids and glanced out the window. She saw the castle standing beautifully in the distance and the large gamekeeper, Hagrid, bellowing about holding a large lantern.

Sure enough, as Dorcas went to get off of the train, Sirius Black rammed straight into her without a care in the world. At the sight of that, Kelsey had had enough.

"Sirius Black," she shouted. Sirius turned around cluelessly. His magnetic gray eyes playfully gazed into her own furious brown ones. "I am so sick of you gallivanting around as if you're some kind of god! It's bad enough when you're rude to me, but you're taking it way too far by being disrespectful to my sister."

"Sorry, love," he added airlessly. "Won't happen again."

With that, he ran off chuckling with his three friends and eventually found a seat on one of the horseless carriages.

"What a jerk," Dorcas grumbled under her breath.

"You have no idea," Kelsey assured her.

After the sorting, Kelsey was relieved to return to her dorm in the Gryffindor tower. After six years at Hogwarts, she had grown to love the Hogwarts castle and her dorm room was where she spent the majority of her time. She smiled as she entered it, spotting her freshly made bed and her trunk sitting beside it. She flopped onto the bed and sighed. She heard someone walk in and didn't even bother to look over.

"They disgust me," someone cried shrilly. "Pulling pranks during the opening feast! I'm surprised neither Professor Dumbledore nor Professor McGonagall said anything. Those Slytherins could have been seriously injured."

Kelsey grinned as she placed the name with the voice. Lily Evans was almost, if not more, as sickened by the Marauders as she was. Yet, the two of them had never been close. Only friends from a distance.

Jena Smith just shrugged Lily off. "I thought it was funny," she stated. "And did you see how James was looking at you throughout the whole feast?"

"No," Lily answered stubbornly. "I can't look at him without vomiting and frankly, I don't fancy being sick."

Ah, yes, Kelsey thought to herself. I'm home.

"What did I do this time?" James asked, more to himself than the other three guys in the dorm room. "What could I have done for Lily to dump her ice cold, mind you, pumpkin juice on my head?"

"Hm," Sirius mused. "I really don't know. I think she was overreacting."

Remus rolled his pale blue eyes at the two others. "She was upset that we pranked the Slytherins."

"Why?" James asked. "We always prank the Slytherins."

"It's the first day," Remus reminded him. "Maybe Lily was considering that you might have grown up over the summer and this little prank served as the proof that you haven't."

"But why me?" James inquired. "Why was she only mad at me?"

"Well, mate," Peter started. "I think it might have to do with the fact that you're always professing your undying love to her and insisting that you've 'changed' when clearly, you haven't."

"Way to keep the brutality to a minimum, Wormtail," Sirius laughed sarcastically.

"And what about you?" James asked, turning to Sirius. "You're not making my status look any better by knocking down girls all the time."

"When did I knock over girls?" Sirius asked, straining to remember.

"Kelsey and Dorcas Meadowes," Remus reminded him.

"Oh, right," Sirius replied. "Yeah, I didn't mean to. It just sort of happened, I suppose."

"And you didn't apologize," James accused. Sirius shrugged. "Padfoot, you need to stop being such a jerk to people. Kelsey's in Lily's dorm. They're probably ranting about the both of us as we speak."

"That's pretty interesting," Sirius said, grinning. "We should eavesdrop."

"No," Remus replied. "What Prongs is trying to say is that you should try and act a little nicer. You being a jerk isn't helping anyone right now. We all know you had a rough summer, but that is no reason to be rude to everyone."

Sirius started coldly at the floor. He hadn't intended on Remus bringing up his family and he was unhappy that his friend had. That summer, Sirius had moved out of 12 Grimmauld Place, the Black residence, to the Potter's home. The Blacks were notoriously known for their crude prejudice and dark magic. Just being in that house had sent Sirius up the wall.

"Fine," Sirius sighed. "I guess you're right. I'll apologize later on tonight."

"Thank you," James said. "For everything, Padfoot. You know how much Lily means to me."

Sirius nodded. He wanted his friend to believe that he was changing for him. It would make James feel better. Yet, the truth was, Sirius knew that his behavior that day had made him feel more like a Black than ever and the thought of that terrified him.

He knew that he would have to apologize and redeem himself. Yet, after all he'd ever done to Kelsey Meadowes over the years, could he really blame her if she didn't forgive him?

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