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Some Enchanted Evening…

I awoke with a start after many hours of restless dreaming. Darkness filled my room and the air was thick and heavy. My mind wandered to dreams, dreams of silver and blue, which caused me to toss and turn in my bed. It was like many nights the past few months, deep in my mind; I felt I knew what I needed. Without a second thought, I pulled on a dressing robe and walked, dreamlike, to a place which I knew I was unwelcome. Each footstep took me closer, and my heart beat harder and faster, my mind told me to turn around and fall back into my dreams, where I could safely retreat into my own mind. My heart had other plans for this misty night.

I arrived on his doorstep, my feet cold, and my mind racing. 'What was I doing here?' I thought to myself. I knocked softly once or twice. I hoped that he would not hear, not answer, save me from my humiliation, I turned to walk away and heard the door open. My heart almost stopped as I turned around and faced him. He stood silhouetted in the doorway, leaning his muscular arms on the door, wearing nothing but black boxers. He said nothing. His blue steel eyes pierced through my soul and I turned away so that he could not see my face. I glanced back and looked at him again. A perfect vision of beauty, silver blonde hair, those eyes, that body. I was embarrassed at my own plainness, and realized that I was not worthy of being here. I turned to leave, but was unable to look away from him. His eyes held my gaze, and I walked, as though not of my own will, towards him. I passed him and stood by his bedroom door. A scent was in the air that was intoxicating, thick night air, blowing through the open window, heavy with jasmine, gardenias, and roses. The scent made my mind soar, and my head feel dizzy. Still not a word was said, but I knew what I was there for. Him.

He walked in the room, dimmed the candle light with his wand and laid it on the table. He stood in front of me, looking into my eyes. I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him softly; quickly, I retreated and felt shocked at my own boldness. He stood there, unmoving, and I knew I had made a mistake coming to him. Tears started to well in my eyes, and I headed towards the door. I felt him grab for my hand and turn me around to face him. He lowered his head to meet mine and kissed me hard and passionately. I smelled his skin, so clean and raw, it was like a drug. I felt as though I couldn't get enough. He explored my neck and collar bone, and I let my loose robe open to expose my breasts. He was gentle and rough all at the same time. I closed my eyes and wondered how I had even gotten there. Was this all another dream?

These dreams of him had plagued me for months now; at first I had called them nightmares. Me with him? Never! We had been enemies for years. The dreams had become more and more seductive, with scenes similar to this one almost nightly. In my dreams we were in different times and places, different people sometimes, but somehow I always knew it was him, the eyes always gave him away. But now, looking at him, as he felt my breasts with his soft hands, I wondered why I had never looked at him this way before. He was changed, and with change comes redemption, and second chances.

I felt a strange new braveness to myself, and as he stood up to meet my face again, I, in turn started feeling my way around his body. My lips brushed against his chiseled chest, and then nibbled him on his stomach. My hands slid over his silk boxers and gently pulled them to the floor. I reached around and felt his back muscles and then wandered to his rear. Tight, smooth, every bit the Greek god that I dreamt him to be. My mouth wandered lower and lower till I reached his lovely long member. I was a virgin and had only heard about things from other girls in the common room, but this was the point of no return. I placed my hand on him and felt his skin explode with goose bumps. I had no idea how powerful sex could be. My mouth continued to wander, past his naval, onto the fine blond hair that lead me to him. I traced it with my tongue, and kissed his quivering thighs. His hands were running through my thick golden brown hair, touching my neck, sending shivers down my spine, I kissed my way back up to him and licked playfully at it, he was getting hard and though I had nothing to compare it to, it looked massive.

His moaning made me feel very excited, and very "in control". More than I think I have ever been. For years my confidence has always been low when it came to boys. School work, well, I aced every test, final exam and question that was given to me. That's how I avoided the physical side of relationships. I had a few boyfriends, even kissed one, but I never had the confidence or desire to go past that. And now, as I was letting my tongue roll around him, taking him in my mouth, I wondered why I had waited so long. He tasted so good. I could almost hear his heart beating faster and faster, in sync with mine. I stood up and lead him over to his bed.

I had heard all the rumors of the countless girls whose virginity had met its end in this bed. It was covered in green satin sheets with silver trim. Larger than any other bed I had seen in the school. He lay down and I continued to tease him with my mouth, playfully kissing him, licking, and letting my hands run over his abs and stomach. My robe had completely fallen off now, and I was there, in front of him, in nothing but a red thong. I felt self conscious again and tried to cover my self in some way with a sheet, but his eyes were full of desire, and he pulled the sheet from me. Those silver blue eyes looked me over as if I were prey. He grabbed my wrists and threw me onto my back. He began kissing my neck, chest and stomach, his hands roamed freely across my body. I went to close my eyes, but his gaze caught mine again and I was entranced.

Something in those eyes, silver and blue, dark molten pools of steel at one point, light silver coins the next. Mood eyes. They danced in the moonlight, alive with passion, changing color with every breath he took. He never broke that stare as he continued to tease me with his mouth, making little circles around my nipples with his tongue. My heart continued its race, and my head was swimming with thoughts of him. A little voice somewhere in the back of my mind asked me "what about Harry and Ron?" but I quickly silenced that voice and turned to meet his handsome face again.

I knew this would never happen again, this was one of those 'regret it in the morning' type of events. I knew that he didn't love me, probably didn't even like me, maybe it was a case of right place, right time, and convenient sex. But at that point in time I didn't care. He was slowly removing the thong I wore, and kissing my legs as he did. I was there, exposed, to someone who had more that once made me cry, called me horrible names and hurt my friends. What if he now just walked out of this room and left me here, naked and alone? What if he went to get his friends so they could all have a good laugh at my expense? But he didn't.

He kissed his way back up until his face was equal with mine. I tried to speak, to explain why I had come in the first place but he silenced me with his mouth, kissing me so passionately that my body felt light, like I would float away. His hands intertwined with mine and I could feel his hardness rubbing my thigh. We kissed and my legs parted slowly to allow him in. I had heard that it hurt and was prepared for it, I thought he would be rough and uncaring, but he must have sensed my apprehension, as he slid in slowly, making sure I was ready to accommodate him. Gently I felt him inside of me; my whole body seemed to be on fire. I felt him moving slowly, and when I opened my eyes again, he was still looking directly into me. I noticed that his face had changed too; he was no longer the scowling spoiled boy that I met 6 years ago, but now an orphan, and an exile. He had suffered losses, known fear and heart break and somehow that made him more human and alive to me. His face had become softer too, his lips so full, deep pink and gentle. As he kissed me, he nibbled my lower lip. My tongue ran over his lips, wetting them, and then pushing into his open mouth. His tongue wrestled with mine in his mouth, softly, gently and so seductively that I felt my head would explode with all the thoughts inside. And then an odd sensation crept through my body. I tensed up, not really knowing what was about to happen, and then it did. It felt as if all the blood in my body had just rushed to my head making me dizzy and euphoric and it pushed every other thought out. My whole world focused on him now. And no other man would ever make me feel like this again. I was his, utterly and completely. His body was warm, and I wrapped my arms around him. I felt him relax into my embrace as he continued slowly moving and kissing me on my chest. My hands ran through his hair. I felt alive, and it was all because of him. No matter what happened between us after this night had ended I would be forever grateful to him for opening my eyes to the beauty of life.

My mind and heart were one now. Did I love him? I bit my lip as I thought of this. Maybe I always had, maybe I tried to deny my feelings these past years. I felt a greater power was at work here. The dreams, the night, the heavy perfumed air, the silence between us. Had all those years of hate and torture had turned into lust? Lust for this man, who was now my first? What did it all mean? I was confused by these feelings, and it must have shown on my face.

He sensed that something was on my mind and kissed me again, causing all of my worries to fade. All I could think about was him. He consumed my every thought right now, my entire being. I felt almost possessed by him. I was not going to be that rational girl I always was. I would worry about my feelings, and what everyone would think another time. Right now, I just wanted to be with him forever. I brought my arms up around his neck and rolled over on top of him. The feeling of power this gave me was like a natural high I straightened up my back and looked down at him. He looked like an angel; his pale skin almost glowed in the moon light. He was smiling. He looked up at me like I was all he wanted, and at that point, he was all I wanted. I began to rock my hips slowly, gently teasing him, making him wait. He looked at me as though I was torturing him, he tried to speak, but I quickly silenced him with my lips, just as he had done to me, it made me smile. I reached over and held his hands over his head. His lips brushed my breasts and I left out a soft moan. I felt my whole body blush. The room had been ghostly quiet until this point, except for our breathing and the wind softly blowing the curtains in his window. Every part of my skin felt like one more touch could push me over the edge. I had never imagined that I would be so happy, or feel so free and alive. I began to move my hips faster, and my breaths were coming harder. My face was flushed. My hair fell around my shoulders as I straightened up again. I was sweating slightly; the moonlight glistened on my bare skin. He sat up with me and kissed me again. He took in my scent, and it seemed to drive him over the edge.

He surprised me by picking up my whole body and wrapping my legs around his waist. I never felt so safe, so secure, so loved. He turned around and laid me back on the bed and raised my legs to his neck as he stood there, on the side of the bed and starting moving harder and faster, in rhythm with our heart beats, and breaths. I felt myself at the peak over and over, not even having time in between to recover. It felt so good, so right, that I had tears in my eyes. Neither one of us had spoken a word this entire time, it seemed like hours. I felt his whole body begin to shake, and I couldn't control my mouth any longer, I came again and again and screamed out "Draco!" I had never called him by his first name before, and it pushed him into an orgasm that seemed to last forever. He collapsed next to me on his bed and looked deep into my eyes again. He buried his head in my long hair, taking in its clean jasmine scent. His mouth was next to my ear and I felt him breathing long and deep. I thought I heard him whisper "Hermione" before we fell asleep.

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