AN: This will be the first of many, I assure you. I did something like this for DBZ, back in my fangirl days, and I know other authors have done this same thing. So here's my take on it—random little mini-fics, updated whenever I get an idea. I already have a few set aside that I'll be throwing up here at random intervals. Be warned—some of them are VERY weird, and some of them just poke at the show's inherent little quirks, numerous as they are.

This one was inspired by Suppi-chan's CCS fic of the same name (because I am wholly uncreative). No ownie. Hope you likey.


Conditions for Peace

Ran refused to look at Shinichi. Flat-out wouldn't even glance in his approximate direction.

The newly-returned, newly-tall high school detective watched her stare at the wall, and sighed dejectedly. This was not going to end well, he just knew it. He absolutely knew it. Maybe if he was lucky, he would escape with his head still attached to his shoulders…

Kazuha stepped into the gap between them, placing herself directly in the line of fire, should things get ugly. "All right, we all know why we're here. You two," she pointed emphatically at the estranged couple on either side of the room, "are not leaving until you kiss and make up." She paused, then grinned devilishly. "Emphasis on kiss."

Heiji, leaning against the locked door, nodded his agreement.

Ran hmph-ed and refused to look at anyone.

"Ran-chan," Kazuha pleaded, "what will it take for you to forgive Kudo-kun?"

Ran snorted. "I'll forgive him when pigs fly."

Kazuha was about to respond when Heiji strolled past her, a bewildered look on his face. He opened the window, reached out, seemed to fish around for something, muttering to himself, and when he pulled his arms back inside, he was holding…a pig.

With white wings.

"Ummm…nee-chan?" Heiji said, holding it out for her closer inspection.

"Oink," said the befeathered porker.

Ran stared at it blankly. "Forgiven." After all, stranger things had happened…

The pig chose that moment to fly out of Heiji's hands, and the four teens engaged in the chase. In all the chaos, no one noticed a young man with unruly brown hair walking down the sidewalk, whistling jauntily and expertly shuffling a deck of cards.


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