Full Summary: Escaping from a world on the brink of destruction, the people of the ship Pioneer 2 finally arrive at their new home world of Ragol. Before they could make contact with the first ship sent, Pioneer 1, a mysterious explosion is seen from orbit and communication is lost with Pioneer 1. To investigate this and to find out what happened to Pioneer 1, the principal government sends several skilled hunters working as a team starting with Lloyd , Colette , Genis and Raine .

HUGE PHANTASY STAR ONLINE SPOILERS! If you haven't finished the game, or plan on playing it and just don't like spoilers, DO NOT READ THIS! ToS spoilers are more character related…if you have not gotten to the doctor event in Flanoir and don't like spoilers, don't read this either.

Well I've finally decided to write a long ToS fic, not a one-shot songfic like in the past. As I've stated in the summary, this will be a Tales of Symphonia/Phantasy Star Online crossover fic. From what I can gather, few people who played ToS also played PSO. Also I had wanted to novelize of PSO, but didn't think anyone would read it. So then I thought, "what if the Tale of Symphonia characters were in PSO"? What if they replaced the characters in PSO?

So yes, this crossover takes place in the PSO world. However, instead of your own characters, the ToS characters are the hunters sent to investigate Ragol. The four that I mentioned in the full summary will be the first team. Sheena and Zelos will join them later and Presea and Regal later after that. Everyone will mostly have his or herown personalities (though since it's an entirely different world, expect some out-of-character-ness). I call Lloyd "Aurion" instead of "Irving" because here he knows his father is Kratos and was raised by him along with Anna. Also it will include some pairings: Lloyd and Colette, Sheena and Zelos, and maybe Presea and Genis later on. They'll start out are just hints though. By Episode II they'll become a bit more pronounced, though I'm still inexprienced with writing romace so it may not be all that good. There will be other ways I'll incorporate Tales into the PSO world (for example the people of Pioneer 1 and 2 come from Symphonia, not Coral like in PSO). I'll also make some changes to the PSO world to fit my theories and ideas on things (it's an AU after all) Oh and it'll be spilt into two stories, one for Episode I and another for Episode II. This first chapter is the prologue by the way. Since I know there will be people reading who never played PSO, the story shall be written so that there is no need to haven played it.

Okay, I think that's enough of this overly long Author's Note :P. I hope you all enjoy it.

Prologue: The Whole New World

In the vastness of space, a gigantic circle of light formed, breaking the usual blackness dotted by stars. From this circle, an enormous space ship emerged; a ship named the Pioneer 2, carrying thirty thousand refuges.

The people abroad the great ship hailed from a planet called Symphonia. Over a century ago it was discovered that the planet's magnetic field was weakening at an alarming rate. A planet of its size should've been able to keep it for much longer, but perhaps some cataclysmic event occurred that permanently damaged it. Whatever the case may be, without the magnetic field, the planet would be defenseless against the harmful radiation of outer space, which would very quickly destroy all life on Symphonia. Not much could be done except for one plan: To leave the planet. There was no other effective way.

Ironically, this wasn't even the first time the Symphonians had to abandon their home world. Indeed, Symphonia was not their original home world at all. Nearly two thousand years before, the ancestors of these people lived in a distant solar system called Algo. Their home planet was called Palma. However, an artificial moon had somehow come loose from orbit and crashed into Palma, destroying their ancestral home. All was not lost though as the Palmans had felt their world was in danger long before then and had already built hundreds of enormous "World Ships", managing to escape Palma's destruction before the moon could hit.

Some of these ships landed on the nearby planets of Motavia and Dezoris, but most others escaped into space, searching for new home worlds. One of these great "World Ships" called Symphonia found such a planet, naming it after the ship that brought them there. Feeling that they finally found a new home, the people built a new advanced civilization over a course of several centuries.

But even that came to pass upon the discovery of the planet's weakening magnetic field. Over the century they prepared to leave the planet that had become their home. They built great ship, smaller but more easily able to travel through hyperspace than the world ship that brought them to Symphonia. Most ships were heading to the other worlds that had been settled on. Some were even destined for their original solar system, Algo. However, there were people who did not want to go to an already established world. They wished to start up their own new world, much like their ancestors did nearly two millennia ago. These people were mostly hunters; adventurers consisting of blade-wielding Hunters, firearms-using Rangers and Techniques-casting Forces who wished to explore and colonize someplace new.

Thus started the aptly named Pioneer Project. First an unmanned probe was sent out to find a planet that could support human and Newman life. Such a planet was found and named Ragol, a name similar to their original system Algo, and the ship Pioneer 1 was sent to confirm if the planet was inhabitable and begin constructing a colony. Once the ship confirmed it, the main wave of refugees were sent in the Pioneer 2. A total of seven years after Pioneer 1 was sent (about three-and-a-half after Pioneer 1 landed on Ragol), the Ship was finally within the solar system Ragol was a part of.

As the ship neared their new home, the thousands of people onboard gathered around huge monitors. They were blank now, but they all eagerly waited for when the planet will appear onscreen. After three years of being onboard a ship, many longed to step on the soil of a real planet again. Young children who were either born on the ship or too young to remember life on Symphonia also were anxious to see the new world.

Soon the screen flickered to life. Everyone gasped in awe when they laid eyes on the near spherical object in space. Much like their home Symphonia (and Palma before), the planet consisted of a lot of blue for the oceans and green for the continents. To the colonists, the planet was a gem, a great beautiful gem floating in the stillness of space

Pioneer 2 prepared to open communications with Pioneer 1. Soon after the channel was opened though, a giant gray flare erupted from the planet surface. Everyone gasped; it looked very much like an explosion. At it's epicenter was the location of the colony Pioneer 1 began.

Immediately panic erupted among the colonists. What was that? Was it really an explosion? What caused it? And what happened to the people of Pioneer 1?