Wilson noticed the shaved side of House's face and asked a bit hesitantly : "Are you all right ? What happened ? Did you get mugged ? "

"No, I tried to save someone's radio . Got in between that and two martial artists. I really should learn to keep my mouth shut. Bruised ribs, few scrapes. My leg hurts. Can you drive me home ?"

"Er, sure", Wilson replied. Then another familiar face popped up next to him.

House blinked and growled : "You brought Cuddy !"

"Yeah, well.. I tried calling you back but you didn't pick up...we thought it might be urgent.. I was going to drop her off at her place but we figured we might meet you first. Which is a good thing because she can take my car and follow us. "

"Move over, I'll drive."

House slowly moved his legs outside, pulled himself up on the doorframe and Cuddy remarked : "You're not putting any weight on your leg."

"Really", snapped House.

"You need to get that looked at", Cuddy decided.

"Oh, come on !" replied House, "I'm a doctor, I know what is wrong. It's my leg. I'll be fine ! Just need to get home, get some ice." "Now, first help me to the other side."

"No, not you !" he growled at Cuddy who stepped forward, "you're too short."

He grabbed Wilson's arm , took one hop, then switched his cane to his left hand and put his right arm over Wilson's shoulders. Slowly they made it to the other side where Wilson helped House lower himself on to the passenger seat.

As he made himself as comfortable as possible and fastened his seat-belt. He saw Cuddy and Wilson exchanging a few words. When Wilson got back in he asked : "What was that about ?"

"She needed my car keys, said she'd follow us to your house and then let me drive her home."

They drove off, both silent, House shifting uncomfortably every once in a while.

"Thanks", House said to Wilson. "Thanks for coming."

"Any time." House turned on the radio and took another Vicodin.

But as Wilson turned right a couple of minutes later House said angrily : "Forget the recent gratitude - home was to the left, you are not taking me to the hospital !"

"If you keep protesting I'll order a stretcher for you", threatened Wilson.

House kept grumbling. "What are you going to do about it, jump out and run off ? You need to get yourself looked after." And after a short silence he added. "You don't look that good."

"Fine then..."House finally gave in as they parked in front of the hospital entrance, he was too tired to put up a good fight anyway. Just wanted to get home, take some painkillers and try to sleep.