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Buffy Summers sat in Math class gazing into nothing. She didn't know what she was staring at really; she was just lost in thought.

She really aught to stop thinking so much. The logic of everything was too much to handle at times.

She smiled as she looked out the window, onto the road outside the school. She wondered what life would be like if there was ever a little magic. Ever a little spark that made everything just that little bit more exciting… and there were the illogical thoughts that shehad asked for.

Blinking and coming back to the math class that she hadn't ever really left, she looked around. Sitting on her right side, was Xander Harris, her favourite male friend in the whole school. On her left was Faith Connelly, her sexy best friend and in front of her was Willow Rosenberg, her geeky best friend.

Next to Willow, was Daniel 'Oz' Osborne, Willow's boyfriend, and next to Xander was his wacked out girlfriend, Anya Jenkins.

Buffy smiled as he watched them play with each others feet under the table; it was so cute!

Faith and Buffy were the single two in the group. They were also the ones that had the most fun. They danced and they sang and they dressed up like it was slut-o-rama day, but at the same time, they were the ones that were the most tame. They were the ones who would go no further with guys than a blow job and a kiss. They were the ones that would always have their assignments in on time and they were the ones that parents were unsure of without being completely against.

Buffy smiled, remembering how Willow's mum had thought she was a goth and kicked her out the instant she came in. It took Wills two hours to convince her mum that Buffy wasn't and that there wouldn't have been anything wrong with it if she was.

Willow's mum was a funny woman. Nice at the best of times, but really horrible when she wanted to be. It confused her that Willow was so different, hiding under her long red hair, and under dungarees and daggy shoes.

Xander's mum reacted differently. Not much but differently just the same. She started screaming something about bringing prostitutes into the house…

Buffy smiled again, remembering his feeble attempt to explain Buffy to his mum.

Faith's mum… she died before Buffy ever met her, which was a shame, because apparently, she had been quite the woman. Darla Connelly…

Buffy tuned in to the final part of Mr Merrick's lecture before the class bell went, and she packed up her books and papers and left with Faith, Xander, Anya, Willow and Oz.

They all hurried off for Science class, which was supposed to be next period.

"Anybody up for a little Bronzing tonight?" Faith asked, as they rushed down the hall, books clutched to chests.

"Count me in," Buffy smiled, and immediately let her thoughts drift to what astonishing outfit she'd wear that night.

She didn't hear what the others were saying seeing as she was so wrapped in her own thoughts…

Buffy glanced at William 'Spike' Giles, who was sitting at the opposite side of the room. Good old Will. Everybody loved him and his bad-ass attire. Except Buffy. She never saw what everyone loved so much about him.

Faith's brother Liam, who was more commonly known as Angel, was more Buffy-stuff. She loved the way he put on the broody thing. The way he always looked thoughtful.

She wondered why everyone liked the fake. The one who hid behind his leather duster and under his fake bleached hair.

Only some students saw Angel. Saw past Spike to Angel.

Being friend's with Faith meant that when ever she visited Faith, her twin would have Spike or some other lame ass over trying to impress the girls. They didn't know exactly how Buffy and Faith worked. It was more of a Want. Take. Have. Thing between those girls.

Buffy laughed to herself as she thought of all the guys that had tried and failed, and laughed to herself as she finally figured out what to wear to the Bronze that night.

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