Being Watched While Being Ill

Summary: You'll never know that your best friend loves you back, until he's making you soup and holding your hair back as you throw up. A Ron and Hermione Story.
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. I don't own Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup either.

Chapter Four: Ron Germs

Harry sighed and walked up the stairs to Hermione's flat. He had run to the store before going home. He wanted to make sure Hermione had enough soup and good tasty fluids.

He was a little angry at the cashier woman at the market that he went to. She had asked if someone was sick, and when Harry replied that his friend was sick, the woman had said that maybe he should try saltines. She also said that another young gentleman had come earlier, and that the saltines would settle the lady who was sick.

Harry hadn't told this cashier that it was a 'lady' who was sick, and the cashier had no right to suggest picking up a home pregnancy test either.

First of all, Hermione would never get pregnant without being married. Second of all, that type of thing was Ron's job. It was funnier to see him get all worked up about things like that.

He stood outside the door, and balanced the bag in his arms, and knocked on the door. When no one answered it, he knocked a bit louder, but again, no answer. He put his ear against the door, and tried to listen. He couldn't hear anything.

He put his hand on the doorknob and turned it. It was unlocked, so he just opened it. He walked into Hermione's flat, and shut the door. "Hey! I brought some more soup! Is anyone here?" Harry called, after glancing around the living room and not seeing Ron or Hermione.

What Harry heard in reply of his comment, made him flinch.

"Hermione Granger! Hurry, I'm about to get sick all over myself."

It was Ron. And he sounded sick.

Harry put the bag on the floor, and began walking towards where Ron's voice came from. Harry got there in time to see Ron throw open the bathroom door, and run into the room. Hermione came out, looking a little paler than Ron had. When she saw Harry, she immediately backed up.

"Harry! You have to leave. You'll get sick!" Hermione said, her voice not very loud.

Harry nodded his head, already feeling a little ill, because he could see what was wrong with Hermione.

"There's soup by the front door." Harry said quickly, before apparating away, and to St. Mungo's. He didn't want to get sick, and he knew Ginny would give him something to kill the germs he got from Hermione's flat.

Hermione turned around, and went to the bathroom. "Ron, are you okay?" Hermione asked, knocking on the door. She felt lightheaded, and her knees were shaking. She didn't have enough strength to stand at the door, and she felt like she was about to fall over. All she heard in return was the toilet flushing. After a minute or so, the door opened, and Hermione nearly fell, because she was leaning on the door.

Ron looked disheveled as he opened the door. His eyes were a little watery, and he sniffed, as his nose began to run.

"I got what you got." Ron said. He turned off the bathroom light and stood in the hallway. He squinted at Hermione, trying to keep her in focus. He felt like he was going to fall over.

Hermione was about to suggest to him that he get something to drink, and then lay down, but she sneezed.

"Bless you." Ron said. He watched as Hermione stumbled away from him and into the living room. She blew her nose, and then put hand sanitizer on her hands. Ron walked into the room behind her, and threw himself onto the couch.

"Do you want something to drink?" Hermione asked. She glanced at the clock and then out the window. She was surprised to see that it was dark outside.

"Orange juice please." Ron said, putting an arm over his eyes and breathing slowly. He felt like this…whatever it was attacked him, and was now getting him sick fast. His head hurt, his nose was running and clogged, his throat hurt, and his stomach felt upset.

His body felt stiff, and along with his stomach feeling upset, it felt like he had cramps too. His stomach hurt that bad.

Hermione looked sadly at Ron. She hadn't meant to make him sick. "I'm sorry Ron." She said, going to the kitchen. She opened up one of her cupboards and got a large glass. She got him a large glass of orange juice, and she slowly walked into the living room. Her knees felt so weak, and she was surprised that she had made it into the living room.

Ron was asleep when Hermione returned. She set the cup on the end table, and then went to Ron. She felt his forehead, and shook her head. He was running a fever.

Hermione had broken her fever after she woke from her second nap. That was around when Ron started to feel ill.

Hermione looked at Ron. His face was an extreme pale color, his freckles standing out like blemishes. His cheeks and ears had a slight pink tinge to them, and his nose was shiny.

Hermione sighed. Ron wasn't going to get a lot of rest on the couch, seeing how his long legs were hanging off, and his head was cocked at an angle. "Ron, come on, wake up." She said, shaking him. "You need to lay down on a bed."

"I don't want to." Ron mumbled, trying to push Hermione's voice out of hearing distance. It wasn't working.

"Come on." Hermione persisted. "I'll help you up. You can sleep in my bedroom." Hermione said. The sudden thought of her bed made her yawn, and she tried to fight off the sudden urge to leave Ron on the couch, and go sleep on her own bed.

"Will you lay down with me?" Ron asked, looking at Hermione for the first time. He was squinting at her, his head hurting because the light in the room.

Hermione sighed. "Sure." She said. She smiled as he slowly sat up, and held his hand in the air. Hermione, using all of her strength, pulled Ron to his feet.

The two of the stumbled a bit, but Ron managed to steady the both of them. Hermione smiled at him, and then she turned around and started walking to her bedroom.

Ron shoved his hands in his pocket and sighed. It was really getting warm in the flat, and it was making him uncomfortable.

Hermione threw open her bedroom door, and allowed her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She couldn't bear to turn on the lights, because she knew it would hurt Ron's eyes.

Walking to her window, she opened the curtains, allowing just a faint light from the street come into her bedroom.

Ron walked into her room, and immediately he took off his shirt, throwing it onto the floor. Hermione just watched him as he sat down on her bed. He slowly bent over and began untying his shoes.

"You're going to sleep shirtless in my bed?" Hermione asked skeptically.

"Yeah," Ron said, not looking at her, "Unless you're afraid that my skins going to chafe and fall off, and then you'll get Ron germs." He stated, looking up at her after taking off his left shoe.

"No." Hermione said. She sighed and sat down on the other side of the bed. "How are you feeling?" She asked.

"I'm feeling like bloody—"

"Don't swear." Hermione said.

"Sorry. I'm feeling horrible." Ron said. He took off his right shoe, and allowed it to drop onto the floor.

"I have your orange juice in the living room." Hermione said. "I can go get it and then you can take some medicine." Hermione said, halfway off the bed.

"No, no," Ron said, grabbing her hand. "I'll be fine."

"You're running a fever Ron. The medicine will take care of it." Hermione said. "I'll be right back."

"I'll be fine." Ron said. "I promise." He added. "Just lay down with me, please?"

"Why do you want to lay down with me so bad?" Hermione asked, sitting back down into the bed. She watched as Ron crawled into the bed, and then he rested his head in her lap.

"Because I don't feel good, and I love you." He stated, covering his mouth while he yawned. He closed his eyes as a sharp pain struck his head. He had gasped quietly.

Hermione smiled gently and put her hands in his hair. "Is it that bad?" She asked quietly.

"You have no idea." Ron mumbled. And soon after saying that, he fell asleep. Hermione watched him, shaking her head slowly.

Of course she had an idea! She had just gotten over that bug a few hours beforehand. But maybe she didn't have it as bad as Ron…

Hermione sat quietly on the bed, playing with Ron's hair. For a few minutes, she had been braiding it, but then she thought Ron wouldn't like that, so she undid them, and now she was just running her hands through it.

Ron had only been asleep for a quarter of an hour or so, when he woke with a jolt. Hermione jumped, as he suddenly sat up in the bed.

"Ron, are you okay?" She asked.

"I'm about to get sick…" Ron groaned. He hurriedly got off the bed, and stumbled his way out of Hermione's room. Hermione got off her bed and followed, just in time to see Ron slam the bathroom door shut.

Hermione stood outside the bathroom door, patiently waiting. "Ron?" she asked quietly. When no one answered, she opened the door, and saw Ron sitting on the floor, his head in his hands. His back was to the toilet, and his knees were up to his chest.

"Ron?" Hermione asked again. She stepped into the bathroom, and stood in front of him. He didn't bother to look at her, but he groaned, telling her that he heard her.

"I'm going to get you some ibuprofen." She said. "And break that fever."

"I hate being sick." Ron mumbled, as Hermione began looking in her medicine cabinet for her ibuprofen. When she found it, she got two and then she got his orange juice from the living room.

When she got back into the bathroom, Ron hadn't moved. She prodded him a bit, and then he took the glass. Swallowing the pills, he drank the orange juice. Hermione watched him to make sure that he took the medicine, and he didn't get sick off of it.

After a minute more of sitting down on the floor, Ron stood up. Hermione smiled at him, and then he wrapped his arms around her. "Thanks Hermione." He said quietly.

"No problem. I know you'd do the same for me." Hermione said, smiling slightly. Ron just tightened his grip around her. Hermione's smile got bigger. Ron was a lot more huggable and easier to get emotional around when he was sick.

But she liked him better when he was sick.

"There's nothing like throwing up, and yet having your best friend here to help you get put back together." Ron said, kissing Hermione's forehead. Hermione just smiled.

"You need to go to bed." Hermione said, looking up at him. Ron frowned at her.

"I don't want to." He said, his frown looking preposterous.

"You are." Hermione said. She broke away from the hug and grabbed his hand. She began pulling him to her bedroom. "Or you'll just get sicker.

Ron yawned. He knew he could have planted his feet, probably lose his balance, but planted his feet to make Hermione fall, but he decided that she could rule over her house…just for a little bit.

The two of them lay back down in Hermione's bed, and Ron felt his eyelids getting heavy. Fighting back a yawn, he saw Hermione smile at him. "You're tired."

"I know." Ron said.

It got quiet, and Hermione was sure Ron had fallen asleep. She felt herself dozing off, when Ron shifted and wrapped his arms around her. "Thanks for watching me while being ill." He whispered, around a yawn.

"Same here." Hermione said.

"I love you." Ron said quietly.

"Love you too." Hermione said, quietly, before she heard Ron fall asleep.


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