Boo! Did I scare you. Well if I didn't scare you I bet I surprised you.
Here's some of that story some of you may vaguely remember...

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Sara sat on a bench beside Greg. He had told her about the interveiw with Claire.

"So you need to know about Mike." Sara guessed.
"Yeah. Do you think he could have done this." He looked her in the eyes and spoke softly. She looked away.
"If I say no your only suspect is me, if I say yes how will you know I'm not lying to protect myself?" Greg didn't answer, he was new to interveiwing suspects. He started to think Brass had been wrong to get him to do this. Sara sighed and the started talking.
"Michael Hall." He's not a nice guy. Unless he likes you. I'm pretty sure he's killed before. I wouldn't be suprised if he did this. But I don't know why he would have."
"How much do you know his other murders?"
"Nothing concrete."
"Your knife was found at the scene." Sara looked at Greg again.
"Along with Claire's ticket. And you guys arrested her for it. Despite the fact that it would just about impossible for her to have gotten from the airport stopped off at my apartment picked up a knife, gone to the scene stabbed three men despite each of them being about twice her size and accidently dropping her plane ticket between the time her plane landed and the time of death."
"So how did your knife get from your apartment to the crime scene and Claires ticket get from well her or the airport to scene? Because the same time frame still applies."
"I don't know Greg"
"Where do I find Mike?"
"He own's a gym." She gave him the address. "I'm sorry. I don't know anything else."
"It's ok. Take care of yourself Sara." Sara nodded. Greg got up to leave, he turned around. "Sara." She looked up. "I'm sorry about your son." She said a quiet thankyou and Greg returned to his car.

When Sara got back up to her apartment, Claire was making coffee.

"So Whats the verdict. Are they goning to arrest me again?"
"I think there looking at Mike."
"What about your knife, and my ticket, I mean that had to have been planted but why would..."
"Mike does alot of things I don't quite understand."
"At least you're not defending him this time." Claire was refering to an argument they had after the night Joey was infected. "What if two of those men that were killed were the guys who broke in that night?" Sara walked up to Claire and put her arms around her.
"You don't have to worrry about this..."
"Don't have to worry about this." She pulled away from Sara's embrace."Sara someone planted evidence at a murder that implicates both you and I doesn't that concern you?"
"I...I don't know. I don't want to think about it." Silence fell between them. Claire brought her hand up to her eyes as she thought about Joey again. Once more Sara put her arms around Claire and decided that she had a point. Sheneeded to she pictures of the victims.

Greg and Brass pulled up outside 'Mike's' Gym. They got out of the car and entred the bulding. The smell of sweat entered their nostrils. Sounds of feet poundind on treadmills gloved fists hitting punching bags, weights hittingon the floor. They walked up to the counter. There was a young man behinda dustycounter. Greasy blonde hair, well built. Brass got his attention.

"Excuse me. I'm Dectective Brass from the Las Vegas police department, I'm looking for the owner, Mike Hall. Is he here?" The young man nodded politly or perhaps he was scared Brass couldn't tell.
"He's in the office. I'll show you." He stepped out from behind the desk and led them down the corridor. They got to a door on which the man knocked.

"Yes." Came the muffled response. He explained to Mike who they were and stepped aside to let them in, before he returned to his post.

"Your Mike Hall?" Brass asked.
"Yes and you are?" Brass introduced himself and Greg as he sized up Mike. Hes was a big guy. Probably about 6'4". He wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley. He asked him where he was the night of the murder.
"At home. Alone." Brass showed him photos of the three victims.
"Have you ever seen these men before?" Mike took the photos and studied them carefully, He handed them back.
"Do you know Sara Sidle."
"Yes." Brass was getting frustrated with the short replies.
"How do you know her Mr Hall?" His vioce got terse.
"Just a friend."Brass sighed and tried another tactic as Greg's eyes scanned the office. It was messy, and like most of the gym it looked as thought it was rarely cleaned. Other then that it held no obvious evidence.
"How about Clair Matthews."
"What about her?" Brass swolled his urge to smack the guy. Partly out of professionalism partly because Mike could probably flatten him with one hit.
"Do you know her?"
"Oh. Yes." Brass glared at him
"How do you know?" He sounded the words out slowly
"She's Sara's ex."
"Ok sir thanks for all your help." His voice held plenty of sacrcasm.He turned and left the office.

When they were outside Brass said to Greg.
"We need background on this guy."

Ok thats all for now. Kinda short I know and not much happened. I'm hoping to get some more up soon, and by soon I mean a few days not a few months.