Good Help Ain't That Hard to Find

Nani Pelekais threw the top of her red two-piece bathing suit onto the table with disgust. Between Stitch and Plekly it was amazing she had any clothes left. Turning her head she yelled back toward the laundry room, "And if I find you wearing anymore of my clothes you aren't getting any dessert for a week!" A knock at their back door distracted her from her rant.

Opening the door she found Buffy Summers standing on porch holding some kind of meringue pie. "Hi," she said, "Could I come in and talk?"

Nani glanced at the clock and saw she still had an hour or so before she had to leave for work, so she said, "Sure."

Opening the door she let Buffy in. Heading for the stove she grabbed the tea pot and asked, "Would you like some tea to go with the pie?"

Buffy nodded as she put the pie in the center of the table and took a seat. Nani grabbed a couple of plates and forks, plus a knife to cut the pie with and sat down. She tried to figure out exactly what Buffy could want. The construction of the Slayer School was going well; they had been taking care to keep the environmental damage to a minimum. Digging up tree's rather than cutting them down; with an eye toward replanting most of them around the campus, while finding places to plant the ones that they couldn't. They had also put up barricades to keep silt run off to a minimum, and the construction crews were even working sane hours.

When they had first announced that they were going to be putting a school in next door Nani had almost panicked. She had a vision of the beautiful area surrounding their home being turned into a desert by heavy equipment. Instead, Rupert Giles, Buffy, and Willow had gone out of their way to insure that not only was the area not going to be destroyed, but to also make sure she was up-to-date on both the plans for construction. They had even included her in discussions to minimize the impact on her family. When they had first started it had been a little difficult to keep Stitch and the cousins out of the construction yard, but when it was discovered that some of the cousins could actually be helpful with the projects, a sort of symbiosis between the two groups had actually sprung up. It was still less than rock solid, but it was growing. Buffy showing up with a gift, even if it was only a pie, put Nani on something of an edge.

"Andrew baked this," Buffy explained. "They just finished the cafeteria, and he wanted to test out the ovens. I think its pineapple."

Nani gave the pie a look. She'd sampled some of the Scoobies cook's fare. Most of what she'd tasted was delicious. The little that wasn't, was disgusting. Seeing the look Buffy assured her, "I tried a piece, it's pretty good."

"Sorry, but after the blood pudding experience, I think I trust Plekly more than Andrew."

"Don't apologize, I do too," Buffy agreed.

A sudden movement across the doorway had Buffy looking. Nani however called out with out turning around, "Bonny? Clyde? If our TV makes it out the front door, I'm going to make sure Gantu knows where your three favorite cache spots are!"

Buffy smiled to herself as the TV slipped back across the doorway on its return to the living room.

Turning back to Buffy, Nani said, "Sorry, it's like a zoo around here sometimes."

"Actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you about," Buffy segued as the tea pot began to whistle.

"Oh?" Nani said as got up and grabbed the tea kettle and poured two cups.

"We're going to be opening the school in a month or so. Since it's going to be a boarding school we're looking for someone to manage the dorms," she said as she took the cup from Nani.

Nani cut the pie and passed Buffy a piece, "I'll keep my ears open, if I hear of anyone who's looking for that kind of work I'll let you know."

"Actually, we'd like you for the job," Buffy said as she took her first bite of the pie.

"What? Why?" Nani asked, then jumping up she ran into the front hallway, returning a couple of seconds later with one of Jumba's experiments dressed like an old time phone operator. Nani put it on another chair and dumped a piece of pie in front of it. "What did I tell you about calling the Tokyo weather office?"

The experiment shrugged and began eating its pie.

"So why would you want me?" Nani asked, perplexed.

Buffy took a drink of tea and explained, "We'll be having between 50 and 100 super powered girls ages 12 to 18 in our first class. You've been dealing with the cousins now for a couple of years. We can't think of anyone else that is more qualified. Add in what you and Lilo have gone through and I can't think of a better house mother either."

Nani seemed tempted, but, "I have a job you know, and I enjoy it."

Buffy nodded, "Maybe this will help you decide," she said as she pulled an envelope out of her pocket and passed it over to the Hawaiian.

Nani opened it, read what was inside and her eyes bulged.

Buffy smiled, "Like I said, we want you for the job. If you like, as long as it doesn't interfere with your duties, you can keep your current job, I don't have a problem with that."

"I still don't see how I'm anything special, but if you want me, I guess you got me." Suddenly moving to the door she called out, "PJ! You get your butt back here and tell me what you booby-trapped!"

Buffy took another drink of tea, No, she wasn't special at all.