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Harry Potter/ Constantine fusion

Demon's Gambit

By: Mage-Alia

Chapter 3: I seize the night, not the day!

Summary: Harry drowned during the second task of the Tri-wizard tournament and time stopped long enough to reawaken his sleeping psychic powers, forcing him to grow up when he discovers the world that lays behind his own. Friends become enemies and rivals become allies as he teams up with an eccentric muggle, who believes he can bring the tipped scales back into balance, and Draco Malfoy, his own personal guardian angel.

No Harry pairings, R/Hr.

(Speaking like this…)Hellspeak – demons talking

"Speaking like this…" Normal speech

'Written like this…' thoughts

(Speaking like this…) Premonitions and thought speech

A/N: Hmmmm, the response to my query about the HP/DM thing was rather mixed so I'm just going to continue along with the original things. (See Summary above) I think if anything does happen it won't really be all that serious but you never know. I'll see where this all leads.

This was embarrassing…

If there was one thing Harry aka Raven hated more than anything in the world it was going outside during the day time. The summer sun beat down on the back of his pale neck while the rest of his shaggy mane was pushed forward over his bowed head to hide his face from the light. His scar was safely tucked away behind a black bandana so others would have a difficult time recognizing him even if they did encounter the moody, gothic, long haired teen that was being dragged along behind the disgustingly happy Draco Malfoy.

"Ohhhh, Harry, everything has been absolutely chaotic!" He exclaimed eagerly, gaining a few stares from the other half-breeds in the crowd. There weren't to many and for the most part they where angels. Mortals swarmed around them down Diagon alley, completely oblivious to the world behind their own. Draco was babbling about the situation with the ministry and Voldemort, bringing him up to speed as they made their way to Gringgots. Some how the blonde had talked him into going back to Hogwarts and now he was stuck in Diagon alley with the slightly insane brat. He wasn't insane in a bad way persay… but to Harry, it was certain that the creature had come to earth with the singular purpose of annoying him to death.

As they reached the stairs of the back Harry wrestled his arm back and stalked ahead of Draco only to get a chill as he passed through the doors. He froze just inside the grand foyer and Draco stopped his babble in concern.

"What is it?" He asked, calming down. The earth bound hyper pain in the ass actually looked concerned as Harry's eyes narrowed and scanned every inch of the room they'd just entered.

"Something's here." The Psychic growled out darkly before taking a few steps forward, one hand going into a pocket to wrap around one of the warm flash globes that rested there. Harry took a sniff at their air. No sulfur… good, it wasn't a demon. No hissing… no creepy crawly constructs. He looked around again and found the source of his unease a moment later at a family of demonic half-breeds stepped into view from a room off to one side of the bank.

The Weasleys.

Harry shrank back into the shadows and put his back to a wall as they walked toward the doors, staring in morbid fascination at the family he'd practically adopted as his own. In their midst was Hermione, walking imperiously beside the slightly cringing Ron. She was certainly one of the oldest. To Harry's third eye she looked nothing less than a ranking demon. He had to actively fight the urge to deport them all back to Hell. They walked right past him, never once seeing him as he mentally blocked himself off from the rest of the world. It was a technique he'd learned in order to hide from the spiritual community. Harry didn't even breathe until they'd passed beyond the doors and out of sight. Malfoy stepped away from the wall as he relaxed slightly and looked around.

"Are you still afraid of them?" He asked, much calmer than he'd been since he'd shown up in the safe house. Harry merely growled and pushed off the wall, stalking ahead of the blonde to one of the tellers on the other side of the hall his braid swing behind him like the tail of an angry cat. Digging in a pocket he pulled out a tiny golden key on a chain and dropped it down on the desk before he looked up at the stunned goblin and decided that fate was messing with him again. Shaking his head slightly he nodded to the creature and mumbled a greeting.

"Good morning, Griphook." The goblin gave him a slightly startled look before breaking into a toothy grin that was simply frightening.

"Welcome back Mister Potter." Harry scowled lightly at the goblin who grinned unrepentantly as he summoned another goblin to take his place at the teller and escorted Harry and Draco to the carts himself, under the stares of the few people who had been within earshot when he'd spoken. The ride down to the vaults was relatively uneventful and the vault itself was an in and out affair. Harry hadn't even stopped to listen to Draco's loud exclamations at some of the magical books and artifacts he discovered. Instead he crossed the wide hall and looked around a small area clear of gold and jewels. There in the corner shelf was an array of artifacts that didn't quite follow the trend in the rest of the vault.

All kinds of religious paraphernalia was heaped into sections, waiting for a psychic to use them. They where the tools of the Evans family, Lily Potter had come from a long line of Psychic's, although, none had been magical before Lily had come along. Her genetics had given him both a gift and a curse. A gift to see beyond the scope of a normal human being and a curse of responsibility that came as being the only one who could make everything right again. He closed his eyes and bowed his head slightly toward the small crest on the wall behind the psycic weapons before he began pick through the enchanted items. His hands slowed at one point to hover uncertainly over a few familiar tubes of gold and silver.

They where Dragon's Breath.

He'd seen the canisters before during his training with John and at one point he'd even got to try one out. The raw holy magic in the flames was nothing less than incredible and they where among Harry's favorite weapons, guaranteed to take out nearly any infernal beast of hell with one shot.

Harry discretely tucked one of them into an inner pocket of his coat… It never hurt to have a back up plan. After he'd finished stuffing a large ring of various holy symbols into his hip pouch he grabbed Draco by the arm and dragged him back toward the entrance where Griphook was waiting.

"Did you find everything you needed Mister Potter?" He asked, smiling that same dark grin. Harry just leaned down and scooped a few handfuls of gold in to a bag from a pile by the door.

"That's all I need for now Griphook." He said flatly as the door shut with an ominous boom behind them. The goblin nodded and climbed back into the cart, beginning their accent to the surface.

Harry winced again when they exited the white marble building back into the bright midday sun of Diagon Alley. He raised a hand and twitched as he conjured a black muggle baseball hat and jammed it on his head before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pair of sun glasses to shield his eyes. Slightly to the left and behind Draco laughed.

"Ohhhh, can't the poor Ickle Potter handle a little sun?" Harry shot him a glare and stalked off toward the shops. Harry had finished his shopping and was waiting for the demented angel to finish with Madame Malkin. When a chill washed over him once more and 'they' entered the store, and this time, there was no hiding. Their eyes met and Ron and Hermione froze. Harry just watched them from under his bangs as Hermione got over her shock.

"Harry?" She asked, taking a tentive step forward, her eyes flicking to his forehead to make sure, but the scar was still hidden. Harry put a tight hold on his power and forced it down. Once it was hidden properly he gave a minute nod.

"Granger, Weasley." They looked a little taken aback by the use of their last names but it looked as though Hermione was already working things out, even before she nearly jumped on him acting like a concerned friend, demanding to know where he had been and why he'd run away. Harry didn't reply to anything they said and he pushed them off him, shucking the demonic influence and pulling his hand out of his pocket. There on a bracelet of large chain links was a collection of holy items. It was his mother's charm bracelet. Hermione recoiled slightly and Ron took a large step back. Harry couldn't keep the small smirk off his face as he pushed it out of sight again. Hermione took a tentive step forward again once it was gone and looked in his eyes.

"Where have you been Harry? Dumbledore has been worried. He had everyone out and looking for you." Harry's eyes narrowed at the question and felt the probing of his mental shields as Hermione's eyes took on a demonic red sheen. Harry stared her down, unafraid; after all, there was no chance of her getting through his defenses now.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you Granger. After all, I don't think I'd forgive myself if a demon like Dumbledore got a hold of my teachers." Hermione gave him a shrewd look that would have been taken by anyone else as rage over insulting the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

"Don't you mean You-Know-Who, Harry? Dumbledore isn't a demon." Harry rolled his eyes, breaking eye contact.

"No." Was all he said before Malfoy skipped out from the fitting area of the store.

Yes, he skipped.

"Harry!" He called out and rushed to him, glomping onto one of his arms and breaking the tension that had been building since the unwelcome pair had entered the store. "I'm done here! Now we can go get ice-cream!" Harry groaned when he heard that and began pulling Draco out of the store.

"Draco, there is no way what so ever that we are getting ice-cream! I have to go out tonight and I won't be doing it if you keep me up all day!" Ron and Hermione where left staring in surprise as the unusual pair walked out into the alley, Harry grumpily lashing out at anyone who got in their way.

Music pumped from below the ground as he entered the rather exclusive nightclub in muggle London later that evening. Just like in L.A, Papa Midnight had nightclub havens all over the world. They where layered with enough old wards and magic that not even the ministry could see it, hidden in the midst of muggle life. Not every Demon or Angel turned out as a magic user either. In any case, the old crusaders clubs where over run with hundreds of half-breeds, shamans and magic users at any one time, making it the best place if you wanted to hear the news from up or down.

Harry entered and walked past a line of muggles waiting to enter the normal part of the bar and nodded to the bouncer, sending out a small mental pulse to get his attention. The bouncer acted immediately, opening up a section of the rope barrier for him to pass into the private section. At the end of a short red lit hall another bouncer was waiting, a deck of cards in hand. He held one up as he approached and Harry didn't even look at it before he knew what it was.

"Three swans in a pond." The bouncer flipped it to reveal the image and opened the way. The little ritual was standard procedure to make sure that only psychics could get into the next section and with good reason too, because the moment Harry stepped inside he was assaulted with heavy metal music and the sent of blood as a group of Demon spawn ripped into the still squealing pig laid out across a table. Harry's nose wrinkled as the only sign of disgust as he passed them and headed right for the bar, ignoring the indulgent creatures that enjoyed showing off to the humans that entered on occasion.

The long haired exorcist slid onto a stool and signaled for a shot before clamping down on his presence and waiting. It didn't take long before someone disengaged from the crowd. Wearing clothes that weren't as opulent as some the others where wearing it was another blonde angel, but this one didn't have wings either, instead it had burnt out stubs jutting a few inches from his back.

"Fancy seeing you here." Harry drawled picking up his drink as it was placed infront of him only to have it snatched out of his hands by the fallen angel and downed just as quickly. Gabriel scowled at him as he/she slammed it back down on the bar.

"What did John want now." Gabriel snapped and Harry signaled for two more drinks, smirking as he looked at the disgruntled, newly minted mortal. Well, he'd been like that for three years but that was short compared to the billion or so years he'd been an angel.

"Oh, John isn't here." Harry said airily. "He's still where he's always been, he doesn't want to get involved in this war since his entry is already assured." At that Gabriel scowled deeply and grunted before downing the second drink.

While Harry didn't know the full details of what had gone on before he'd found John he did know enough that he could still rile the fallen archangel he'd stumbled across. He had found Gabriel in L.A. and had actually gone as far to help him out of the alley he was living in and paid for him to fly to England. Gabriel had jumped at the chance to leave with a few thousand dollars and was now reluctantly in Harry's debt, passing along tibbits of information he managed to gather every now and then. This was the first time they'd seen each other face to face since Harry arrived in England and the former angel was chaffing at the reminders of his fall from grace.

"So what do I owe the displeasure of this visit." He snarled bitterly, just above the level of the music so Harry could hear. The teen raised an eyebrow, still nursing half of his own drink.

"The usual." He drawled not unlike John, watching the mirror over the bar, his eyes flickering from one writhing form to another behind him. There where spells that could fool a mirror but this one was enchanted to show everything, making sure nothing could sneak up on you. "You know I just got into town." Gabriel gave a bitter laugh.

"Hah! You've been here for longer than that! People complain Harry, they say there's an exorcist out there with a lot in the war, some even say it's like Constantine followed them here." Harry could hold in his smirk.

"Oh, I'm not that good." He said with a growing grin. "But Shade made me these new toys and I was itching to try them out." Gabriel scowled again and Harry finally finished his drink before turning to him.

"So now, tell me what they're saying about the magic users."

A/N: And that's the third chapter done! About time!

One of the reviewers mentioned that Draco was an angel before and now he'd a half-breed. This is intentional.

Before Harry left England he didn't know what exactly the other beings where or what they where called, the closest comparison was an Angel or a Demon because of their appearances. When he was being taught about his gift by John he picked up the term Half-Breed. Mostly because that's what John usually referred to them as.

Angels and Demons, those who rise and those who fall, as a rule, can't walk the earth themselves. They use humans like puppets and influence others through them. They can possess a host at any stage in their life, for example Hermione was possessed at birth but in the story Ron was possessed during fourth year while he was acting so jealous about Harry.

In Draco's case, he was possessed by an angel while Harry had his powers, so that explains why he was still being a nasty little turd up until Harry got his Sight back. Once Harry's gift was reactivated the possession became permanent.

So basically it all comes down to any Angels or demons being half human and half whatever else…

Does that answer the question? -

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