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Harry Potter/ Constantine fusion

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Demon's Gambit

By: Mage-Alia

Chapter 4: The Hallowed Halls of Hogwarts.

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Summary: Harry drowned during the second task of the Tri-wizard tournament and time stopped long enough to reawaken his sleeping psychic powers, forcing him to grow up when he discovers the world that lays behind his own. Friends become enemies and rivals become allies as he teams up with an eccentric muggle, who believes he can bring the tipped scales back into balance, and Draco Malfoy, his own personal guardian angel.

No Harry pairings, R/Hr.

(Speaking like this…)Hellspeak – demons talking

"Speaking like this…" Normal speech

'Written like this…' thoughts

(Speaking like this…) Premonitions and thought speech

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Some the first of September Harry found himself sitting in an empty compartment of the Hogwarts Express, staring out at the masses of students, parents and half-breeds that milled around the platform. The summer, or what was left of it had simply slipped away from him in a haze of hunting, drinking and fighting. He'd let himself loose among the demon population of England, making himself known in the Muggle psychic circles, the few who had lived with the same horrifying knowledge as he did, every day of their lives. Few had the ability to do wizarding magic, there fore, even they could slip beneath the notice of the wizarding world, fighting their own wars for the sake of humanity, leaving everyone and everything none the wiser.

He was no longer a part of either of those worlds anymore, but at the same time both ruled him. Raven drew one foot up onto the seat and put his opposite elbow on the windowsill as his fingers crept toward his face as he began to focus. He'd pushed his psychic signature down into the very depths of his soul and covered it over to conceal himself but he didn't know how well it would protect him from the Demons. They could feel a psychic at nearly a mile away. It was their job to conquer and corrupt humanity while it was left to complacent angels to save it, but as everyone knew by now, they weren't doing their job.

The one with the power to defeat the dark lord approaches…

It was a line from a prophecy John had made one day. Harry had been there to witness it and somehow he knew, just as he had known to leave England two years ago, that it was a prophecy that had been spoken before, and Angela confirmed it. The enigmatic dark haired cop, and a friend of John's had made the same prophecy on her own. It had been muttered by the psychics throughout the world but for whatever reason Voldemort had never heard of it.

John said it was fate and that God had a plan for them all.

Raven just hated the fact he had to be Fate's Bitch.

Slowly, as the clock hit eleven the Hogwarts Express slid out of the station and along its track, soon leaving the city and the suburbs behind as the landscape opened out into lush green hills and farming communities. The rocking of the train had him lulling on the edge of sleep but he was to wary just to give in, even with the anti demon wards he'd painstakingly placed around the compartment he was in. Shaking himself to full awareness he looked out the window again as the old witch that pushed the snack cart knocked on the door.

"Anything from the trolley dear?" Raven grabbed a few things and went back to his seat, he was biting into the first pumpkin pastry when he felt it. The cold chill down his spine, his sixth sense suddenly kicking into over drive. Not one to give up a chance to eat, Raven shoved the rest of the pumpkin pasty in his mouth before pocketing the rest. He looked out the window, trying to find the danger and his gaze wandered to the skies.

What he saw there almost made him wish he hadn't looked.

There where hundreds, maybe thousands of Sepulvites circling through the air above the train. The scaled rotting flying demons flock swelled with every pass and in a flash of insight, Raven knew that 'when' they attacked, the enchantments that protected the train wouldn't stand a chance. Not taking his eyes off the darkening mass in the sky Raven backed to the door and opened it again, taking out his wand and muttering Sonorous under his breath, pointing it at his throat.

"DRACO!" The magnified call echoed down the trail but the teenage exorcist didn't wait to see if he'd come. He broke away from the window and dashed out of the compartment. Students poked their heads out of the doors along his section of the train and gaped at him before he vanished through the door that lead to the next carriage. Stopping just outside he groped beyond the safety of the roped walkway, the wind blowing his bangs into his eyes as he caught hold of the service ladder and hauled himself up.

Being in the third carriage down the smoke from the steam train up ahead went over him before dispersing in to the darkening sky. Storm clouds where coming now and confirmed that something otherworldly was happening.

Witches and Wizards where just to stupid to try and manipulate the weather.

Casting sticking charms on his feet and re-inserting his wand into it's holster Raven crouched low against the roof, hands flying to different pockets to check all his weapons where still there as the swarm above him began to loose altitude.

'To many…' came the thought as the first few broke off and strafed past the train, spitting out fireballs as they went. Raven didn't move as screams echoed out from bellow him. Great, the students had noticed. He watched intently as the fireballs hit the train's shielding and where deflected into the ground on either side. The shields remained visible as the second group, larger than the last, came past, then, as their attacks where once again re directed the magic flickered and died.

The screams of the innocents kicked up a notch and he could just feel the half-breed's beginning to incite panic.

'This is going to be hell…' He thought as he did just about the stupidest thing he could do sitting on the roof of a moving train half full of demon-spawn.

He released his power and everything became a whole lot clearer.

The world around him warped in his true sight and the Sepulvites all turned to face him instead.

"Oh, Fuck." The curse slipped by his lips before he'd even realized he'd said it because by that time, he'd disengaged the sticking charm and was half running, half sliding toward the end of the train. As he went he cast an old wandless spell John had taught him, the Demon Leech Shield, and the fireballs cast at him where reflected back at the demons causing a few to screech and fall away, burning up into ash. But for every one to fall, five more took its place. Seeing the end of the last carriage Raven wandlessly recast the sticking charm and braced himself, one hand sliding into a pocket on the inside of his leather jacket and pulling out the canister he'd grabbed from the Evans family tools. The demons dropped behind the train, some even getting ahead of him before he flipped out the tube and held it at arms length, hitting the release switch he had to cover his face as the super heated flames ripped into the front ranks.

This time the screeching was like music to his ears.

The holy fire jumped from demon to demon, burning through flesh like it was tissue paper and the Sepulvites broke off the chase, banking to the right and making a wide circle upwards. Using the reprieve Raven grabbed his wand again and waved it silently across the track behind the train. The stones used to line it responded to the call and lifted, rushing along with him as he passed. Another flick grabbed them from the air and transfigured them into needle thin spikes. Then with a smirk dancing across his lips, Raven launched them at incredible speeds toward the flock. The sheer number was enough to hurt a good chunk of the demons. A few of the stone needles finding their mark in hearts and heads, dusting the accursed things before the spikes fell back to earth, piercing a few more demons on the way down. They shot into the ground behind the train, making the earth look like a pincushion. Not exactly the holy stones John would use, but they where good enough for their purpose.

But they had left him with one more problem.

Kamikaze demons.

This was one of the reasons Raven hated Sepulvites. If the Fire spitter's where going to die, they always tried to make damn sure that they where going to take you with them. They dive bombed him without a second thought and Raven threw up any shields he could think of and levitated more stones to smash through the demon's skulls, stopping them before they could reach him. He was starting to feel a slight drag on his reserves as the last of the Sepulvites that weren't so badly injured they try a suicide run, broke off the attack and flew toward the east, the dark clouds that had protected them from the influence of the sun going with them as it began to sink into the mountains to the west. Raven shuddered as the air around the train suddenly began to cool rapidly, ignoring the large scorch marks and burns on the roof around him he walked to the end of the last carriage and climbed down the ladder before working open the door.

As he slipped in though he was abruptly reminded of the situation inside.

There was full-scale panic among the students.

They hadn't actually seen what had attacked them, bar the half-breeds in the crowd, but the explosions of the Demons and their attacks had shaken them greatly. Sighing in annoyance and wishing all the more that he could have taken a nap earlier he drew himself up to his full height and while repressing his psychic abilities, strode up the hallway, back toward the third carriage. As he walked people stared at him and in the same gruff manner he'd picked up from John he scowled back at them.

"Everyone go back to your seats." He ground out. "The attack is over, we'll be arriving at Hogwarts soon." He repeated himself the whole way up the train and the angels took the chance to counteract the demons influence. Things where nearly back to normal by the time he got to his compartment again and he flopped across the seat, throwing an arm over his eyes. Why was it that a loner like him, always ended up taking the lead in these situations?

"Because you have what it takes to actually lead these people." Raven started as Draco spoke from nearby and groaned, cursing himself for not sensing the half-breed when he entered the compartment. The angel spawn snickered and Raven opened a single green eye to glare at him as the blonde picked up the end of his braid clicked his tongue in a disapproving manner.

"Oh, they singed your braid." He pouted and took out his wand, casting a few charms to get rid of the sulfur, ash and scorch marks. He tried to repair his hair as well but Raven brushed him off.

"Go away you freaking cheerful pain in the ass!" The exorcist cursed and Draco pouted, slumping back into his seat on the other side of the compartment.

"Meanie!" He accused him childishly and Raven gave him the one finger salute.

"Is that an offer?" Draco promptly retorted and Raven just rolled over on his seat, putting is back to him and blocking the half-breed out, quite ready for that nap when the train began to slow beneath him and he rolled back over with a groan.

"Fuck… I need to eat." He had used too much power with that Demonic shield and then with the stone spikes. Raven moaned tiredly and pulled himself upright once more. Draco was still there, one eye raised as he watched him stumble to his trunk and pull out a vial of pepper-up potion. He only rolled his eyes when Raven snarled at him for still being there and as the train stopped the blonde grabbed onto his arm and pulled him along out onto the platform. The cool night air woke him up some more as Draco bundled him into a thestral drawn carriage. He'd done a brief double take when he saw them and wondered if Dumbledore wasn't entirely mad. Of course, in his line of work he'd seen plenty of death. Heck, he'd even traveled to hell once… or twice… okay, it was three times, but who was keeping count anyway?

He nearly drifted off again before the pepper up potion kicked in properly and Draco made a face at him.

"Why is it you're always sleeping? Geeze!" Raven sat upright as the carriage trundled through the gates and up the long path to the front doors.

"Spells require magic to cast Draco." He explained it, his tone as mocking as he could make it all the while keeping it simple so that even the blonde would understand. "Some spells, take more to cast than others. I used a big spell." Then blonde gave him a dirty look and the dark haired teen knew he'd probably have tried to chew him out if he was anything other than a heavenly being. After all, taking God's name in vain was Baaaaad, it even said so in those heavy books you found in hotel rooms that people often nicked for the hell of it….

As if he'd heard that stream of thought to Draco's glower deepened a little before the carriage rolled to a stop and his personality did a 180, returning him to the hyperactive state he'd been in since his possession. The shadows of his host, the Draco Malfoy that had been raised by his Death Eater father, had been suppressed and mostly destroyed as the entity pushed his psyche aside, but there where still a few characteristics that occasionally shone through in Draco's behavior. Raven sometimes found his mood swings amusing… when he wasn't getting the full brunt of it.

He hadn't changed into his school uniform like the rest of the school so his normal outfit got a few looks. His long leather coat, the skin tight leather pants, combat boots, a dark green almost black long sleeved shirt and Necklaces and bracelets with holy symbols all over them that resembled a solid neck brace instead of individual chains. He certainly wasn't taking any chances in Hogwarts, too many half-breed's around… he'd need all the protection he could get.

Even so, Raven didn't say a word as Draco dragged him into the midst of the Slytherin seventh years. Once everyone had entered the Great Hall and seated themselves Dumbledore stood from his seat. Oddly he didn't look anything like a demon, even under his true sight, proof that he'd been either manipulated into doing all the wrongs against him, or the old human was just that rotten and manipulative himself.

Raven had his money on the second one.

"Welcome everyone, to a new year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." He spread his arms wide in a warm gesture, smiling congenially with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Just before we sort the first years and tuck into our delightful feast there are a few things to be addressed… Firstly, there was an attack on the Hogwarts express by an invisible assailant, most likely He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his Death Eaters. Their plans where foiled however, by agents stationed secretly on the train, therefore no one was harmed. Second, I'd like you all to welcome back a student who had been missing from this fine establishment for two years now and has only recently agreed to return to continue his magical training. Everybody welcome back Mr. Harry Potter!" He clapped and there was a great round of applause before the Hall descended into restless muttering. People craned their necks to see the Gryffindor table, only to find them looking back in confusion.

Draco and a few Slytherins who had guessed Raven's identity snickered, but before anyone could look their way the first years entered looking so small and vulnerable Raven almost wished he could turn them around right then and there in the hopes they wouldn't be drawn into the war but it was to late for that now. The sorting went underway and once the first years where sitting in their new houses the feast began. Raven didn't care for manners. Upon seeing the food appearing on the golden plates he pulled the nearest platter of meat toward him and started to scoff down as many as he could. Draco and the others gave him a mildly disgusted looks but he just moved on to a bowl of pasta. He packed away as much as he could and sat back as the deserts appeared on the table. He didn't really like the sweets as much anymore. They where made of nothing but sugar anyway, he wouldn't get anything from them. Give him black coffee and carbohydrates any day. Not that they helped to do anything but restore his energy levels, he was still as skinny as he had been the day he left.

As the feast came to a close the students went their different ways and before anyone could corner him, Raven dashed up the stairs and out of sight, not to be seen until the next day.

666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666

He watched impassively as the limping remains of the Sepulvites where torn apart by spells as the Dark Lord he had been sent to assist violently expressed his rage. The screams of the Death Eaters and the Demons alike rang around the chamber and in the center of it all Lord Voldemort… Tom Riddle… was exposed for the damned soul he'd become.

There had been unexpected resistance on the train to that school. Until this point there had been nothing that the demons couldn't destroy. The wizards had no real knowledge of the old magic's or of the world behind the world. Their inability to return to the old ways left them far more vulnerable than the non-magical humans.

But this…

He could almost imagine the dark clad man that had fought them from the roof of the moving train was John, come to foil his credibility with Lucifer once more but he knew, that man was in L.A, still fighting valiantly against the devil to retain his place in heaven.

So, this new human the Sepulvites had seen…

"An Apprentice?" His head tipped to one side as he spoke to thin air, the large shinny roman coin that held some of his powers rolled across his fingers, flipping from one knuckle to the next before reaching the end and going the other way.

"So he took another Apprentice… but why him?" Balthazar's eyes flashed with the fires of hell as another Sepulvite exploded into a rain of sulfurous dust.

"It's so… unusual for you John… your last apprentice died… so why would you take on another?" He turned away from the view of the Dark Lord and looked out the nearby window, a pensive expression on his features.

And still the coin kept rolling.


Over end…

Over end…

666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666

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I mentioned in the beginning that Harry has wandless magic. He still does of course, but he's begun to use a wand again for to times when he has to do really big things that he doesn't have time to concentrate on. (Like the spiky stones) And while I'm at it, the shielding thing he does… It's kind of like… well, with the world beneath the world it's a case of "You see Them, They see You." So if Harry pushes back the thing that makes him see them he's somewhat protected.

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