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Lone Wolf

"It will only be for a short time, and she loves being with you. I really would appreciate the help…" Kisa's mother's voice pleaded with Hatsuharu. 'A bit annoying really, having everyone treat you like you are about to explode…' He thought as he idly played with the phone cord.

"I wouldn't mind at all. What day would you like to drop her off?" He asked, earning a sigh of relief from the stressed mother. But then, just as easily as her tension left…it was back. He could hear the hesitation in her voice, trying to sooth him as if he were going to attack her if she said the wrong thing. 'Why is it that everyone treats me like this? I am not some madman!' This is exactly why he acted so temper mental…because that is what people expected.

"Umm…well, could I drop her off in the morning?" She asked quickly. He sighed and said it would be fine. 'Any thing for Kisa…'

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"Bye Okasan, and please don't overwork yourself." Kisa said in her quite manner, hugging her mother tight as she prepared to leave on a business trip.

"I promise…and don't give Hatsuharu-san any trouble why I am gone." She said quietly, glancing over at the cow, who was now leaning against an old oak tree in his yard.

"Arigatou Hatsuharu-san. It means a lot to me that you don't mind letting Kisa stay at your house while I am away." She said, humbly bowing. He returned the bow with a little nod of his head and she left quickly.

Once she was gone, Haru let down the guard he always kept when around people he wasn't comfortable with; meaning everyone but a handful of people. He put on a small smile and turned to the young tigress.

"What would you like to do today, Kisa-chan?"

Kisa put on an excited smile, that reached into her eyes. "Oneesan, invited Hiro-chan and me over to the house so we can watch Hiro-chan's newest anime. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you came." She said, containing her excitement until she got the 'ok'. He nodded and made arrangements to meet them both outside the main gate in an hour.

Haru didn't mind taking Kisa to Shigure's house…it was the fact that he felt no one wanted him there. He decided to take a shower before they left, since he had nothing better to do. 'Atleast now I get to see Yuki,' he mused, laughing out loud as the cold water met with his skin, overheated from the summer weather.

Truthfully, Haru had given up on Yuki long ago. He kept his act going, just as a sick joke. Even a fool could realize that Yuki had feelings for someone else. And although Haru liked to entertain the idea that he was still in love with the rat, he had changed. Yuki no longer kept himself bottled up; he was more open and pleasant to be around. But Haru…hadn't changed at all. He was still temper mental and rude at times. 'So what is it? What is it that has caused all of them to be different?' He knew the question was worthless, because there was only one person that could make such a drastic change.

Haru felt a tinge of jealousy as he thought of all of the people she had helped, that she wanted to help. But she had made no apparent attempts in helping him…or maybe she had and he was so hard to get to that she just gave up.

'Why the hell do I care so much? It's not like…' His thoughts were left unfinished when he realized that he had spent far to long in the shower. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he headed towards the closet. (A/N: drools…omg! Imagining Haru in nothing but a towel…)

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Kisa and Hiro walked a little ahead of Haru, bashfully holding hands. He felt like an intruder on their happiness. He was happy that they were happy, and even happier that they had found a way to be together…he hadn't been so lucky. He silently wondered if that's why he had been attracted to Rin; because they had both wanted something they couldn't have. But just because they both had a desire for love, they just couldn't give it to each other. But God knows they tried…

But once again, Haru was alone…and Rin had said she moved on. He felt as unwanted as ever. And even though he knew that she didn't love him and vise versa, he could still pretend, right? It felt good, even though it was just an act, to have someone understand you.

But here he was, the lone wolf…again. (or should I say 'lone cow'?)

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"YOU ASSHOLE!" Kyo shouted. Haru caught a glimpse of orange and purple hair before he was pulled aside gently. Tohru managed to pull Kisa, Hiro, and Haru into the kitchen before anyone was hurt by the tornado of strange colored hair. She leaned against the counter, wringing he hands in worry.


"Then why don't you stay! Baka neko!" Yuki's and Kyo's shouts were somewhat muffled by the thick wooden door, separating the kitchen and living room.

"What did you do now?" Hiro asked rudely, turning to the stressed onigiri's.

"Hiro!" Haru and Kisa said at the same time, angry at him for immediately placing the blame on her.

"Well, they only ever fight when it comes to her!" Hiro said defensively, but was interrupted by a crying Tohru.

"Ah! He's right! If I wasn't such a baka, none of this would have happened!" She sobbed, trying to wipe away the tears that were now spilling down her flushed cheeks. Kisa immediately ran to her side, hugging her waist. Haru offered her a clean kitchen towel and she dabbed her eyes.

"Now, do you mind telling us what happened Tohru-san?" Haru asked, closing his eyes and trying to block out the crashing noises coming from the other room. She sniffed and started her explanation while another voice was thrown into the mingle.

"You two stop it! I am leaving in an hour, and I don't want my house in pieces!" Shigure, who rarely got angry, yelled in fury. Both boys immediately stopped and came into the kitchen. Kyo, who was still angry, slammed his first down on the counter, earning a nervous jump from Tohru.

"Would either of you mind telling us what's going on!" Haru said impatiently. If this kept up, he might be black any moment.

"This bastard is leaving to go on some damn trip for the student counsil!" Kyo retorted, earning a chuckle from Haru.

"Wow Kyo-san, are you gonna miss him that much?"

"You shutup you damn cow! That's not the point!"

"Then do you mind explaining?"

"The point is," Yuki interrupted the two cousins, who were now at each others throats. "That the stupid cat is leaving on a trip with his master, and Shigure-san is leaving as well. So Honda-san is going to be all alone."

"I'll be perfectly fine! Don't worry about me," Tohru interrupted, desperately trying to stop the arguing. But every attempt she had made for the past…two years had failed.

"Why don't we all settle this over a nice cup of tea before we leave?" Shigure said, popping his head into the kitchen.

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Tohru poured hot tea into all of their cups, giving each Sohma a smile. The situation was explained briefly, and Haru now saw why they were so worried. At first, he thought they had been overreacting, but Tohru would be alone for two weeks. Two weeks is a long time, for someone who isn't used to being alone.

"Sensei? Why are you leaving?" Haru asked Shigure, sipping his tea.

"Aya-chan is going to have some of his designs in a fashion show in America, and he asked me to go!" Shigure exclaimed, bouncing up and down like a little kid.

"So Hatsuharu-san?" Tohru asked, a few minutes later. "What are you doing here?"

Haru cleared his throat and explained that he was taking care of Kisa for the week and that he decided to accompany them when they came and saw her.

"Wait a minute!" Shigure said, raising a finger. "Haru-san and Kisa-chan can stay with Tohru-kun this week!" He exclaimed, a smile lighting up his features.

"Oh no! I couldn't impose on Hatsuharu-san like that!" She exclaimed, waving her hands around.

"It wouldn't be any trouble, as long as Kisa-chan doesn't mind."

XxX burns tongue on hot tea XxX

Haru had surprised himself by agreeing so quickly. He thought back to how delighted Shigure was, and how upset his cousins were that he wanted to stay. And now, as he was pulling out the dusty futon and putting it in the living room, he thought back to the sweet smile she gave him. For a moment, before he could stop himself, he lingered on the excitement on her voice. 'Maybe she's only excited because she gets to see Kisa.'

But there was no doubting that Haru wouldn't be alone for a week…and he kind of liked the idea of company.

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