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Feasts, Friends, Foes, and Family

Tohru watched Haru's retreating back out of the window and wondered what had caused such a sudden change in his behavior. She continued to watch him until he could no longer be seen. He walked in his normal, laid-back stride but his shoulders weren't held high as in their usual manner.

Sighing slightly, Tohru pulled away from the window only to meet the questioning eyes of Yuki whom had been watching her for a few moments.

"Is something the matter, Miss Honda?" He asked, secretly watching her emotions through her facial expressions.

"Oh Yuki, I didn't see you there!" She replaced the gloomy expression she had been wearing only moments ago with her usual cheery smile.

"Nothing's really wrong, but I was just thinking about why Haru seemed so…upset." She trailed off in thought.

"Upset? He looked perfectly normal to me." Yuki stated.

"Oh…well we had been talking fine on the walk home…but when we got here he just-"

"Got quiet." Yuki finished for her, mentally drawing a conclusion of the scenario. Tohru nodded in agreement, and her eyes questioned for a solution. Yuki was silent, but appeared to be thinking about something.

"Miss Honda? You said Haru and you had been talking fine…did he seem any different than he usually does?" Yuki asked, his eyes revealing a little glint of mischief.

"If you are thinking that he had switched-"

"No. I'm not suggesting that at all. I'm just wondering…if perhaps…you and Haru had something going on." He finished quickly, embarrassment at his question flared in his cheeks. Tohru blushed as well, but wondered if he was suggesting what she thought he had been.

"I…oh I don't know." She stated quietly, not wanting to let Kyo hear their conversation. "What if…what if I do like him? There is no way he could like me back…I think that he's just looking for a friend." She sighed. Yuki hid a small smile and cleared his throat.

"Miss Honda, I'm not speaking for Haru, but I'm sure if you just talk to him that you will find that he feels similar feelings. I haven't talked to him, but I think that you could be good for him. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some unpacking to do and I must call the vice president of the student council to tell him some details for handling the trip." Yuki said, excusing himself but was stopped by Tohru.

"But Yuki, what about Rin? I was sure..that they were still in love." She lowered her eyes.

"Miss Honda, you have no need to worry about them. Haru has told me long ago that their relationship, was just searching for comfort…someone who understood what it felt like to feel the curse." Yuki shuttered slightly and Tohru thanked him.

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Tohru, feeling much more relieved than when she had entered the house, busied herself around the kitchen the next morning. She was planning to throw a big lunch for the Sohmas, in regards to everyone's plans having been ruined by the sudden illness of Rin.

Humming to herself as she slowly stirred and sniffed at a concoction boiling in a pot, she couldn't help her mind wandering to one Sohma in particular.

Every moment that she had been apart from Hatsuharu over the past few days, her mind had replayed over every moment spent with him, obsessed over every detail of their conversations, and even denied her of the sleep that she so needed.

Her whole mindset was focusing on him… and it was killing her, not knowing what he was thinking.

'Oh mom, am I being as stupid as it sounds? How can something as easy as asking a question, bring such fear to me?' Tohru's action of stirring the soup slowed as she spaced out for the tenth time that morning. Her conscience reasoned that he seemed very interested in her, but the part of her (perhaps that part that every girl has) told her she was blind and ignorant to even have such a hope.

"I'm driving myself insane.." She muttered to no one in particular. Visibly, she shook her head and tried to focus on the task at hand. She didn't see Kyo lurking behind the cracked door to the kitchen, nor did she see suspicion and a hint of jealousy spark within his fiery eyes.

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Kyo threw a viscious punch at a random picture in the hallway, missed, and his body twisted around from missing the target. Instead, the misdirected punch, still flying, veered towards the ironically opening bathroom door that Yuki just happened to be exiting from.

Yuki stood shocked for a moment, but then anger seemed to tingle in his fingers and toes. One pale palm lifted to his mouth and removed a trickle of blood from his mouth, where he had bitten his tongue.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, cat?" He whispered dangerously, basking in the fear that drained Kyo's face of color. But the cat, always being a stubborn animal, opened his mouth despite his mind's resistance.

"Fuck you, jack ass-" Kyo's rude comment was cut short by a punch delivered to his jaw and an almost simultaneous, crashing kick to his stomach.

Kyo fell to the ground, the air leaving his lungs, and stared at Yuki with a glossy glare. Yuki smirked, brushed off his shirt, and muttered something about how all cats should be removed from the earth to make life easier, before he retreated down the stairs.

Groaning, Kyo picked himself up and limped to his room. He had no idea why he had been so angry in the first place. Tohru had only been talking to herself. There was no proof of the foreshadow and dread that seemed to fill Kyo's heart. Deep down he knew that something was happening… but, being the strong willed cat, he refused to believe that someone was messing with his territory.

No one could be that stupid…

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Hatsuharu's eyes flashed in anger as he let his black side vent. It was broad daylight and Hatsuharu had been attempting to explain Kyo's return to his best friend Yasashiku, and had gotten a little worked up. Yasashiku, Hatsuharu's equally interestingly dyed hair friend, seemed bored as he asked questions to the infuriated Hatsuharu.

"Tohru agreed to go out on a date with you to the movies, right? I don't see what you're getting all worked up over, Haru. She likes you… trust me." He said, surprised that his words had actually stopped Haru's rant from completely destroying the flower garden, hidden by a clump of trees, in the middle of the park.

"…The movies?" He said dumbly, his fist falling limply to his side, as his white side returned.

"Yeah.. Didn't you tell me like, three days ago, that she agreed to go with you to the movies?" Yasashiku stated more than questioned, but retrieved a nod from a more composed Haru now.

"So you drug me out here for nothing? Damn man… you need to control yourself." Yasashiku joked and Haru smiled at his best friend.

Yasashiku was one of the few non-Sohmas who not only knew and accepted Hatsuharu's split personalities, but most likely knew something shady was going on with the Sohma's. He turned a blind eye to all of this, however. Yasashiku had been raised as a gentleman and was very polite, despite the appearance he illustrated.

"Wanna go find something to eat?" Yasashiku asked to Hatsuharu as they left the park and began to walk leisurely down the sidewalk.

"Umm… actually… Tohru's throwing a big lunch for everyone so…" Hatsuharu trailed off and avoided Yasashiku's whoop of approval.

"And you were worried? Damn… you got her hooked." Yasashiku grinned and Hatsuharu punched him playfully in the shoulder. He couldn't help smiling himself, but the smile relaxed into a slight frown as they continued to walk. He had forgotten that Kyo would be present at the lunch, and Hatsuharu wasn't exactly sure that he could control his temper in front of the fiesty cat.

One thing was sure… this dinner was not going to be a regular family reunion, not with both of the temperamental teens silently fighting over the hostess.

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