Squee has a Birthday

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Today is Squee's birthday, well we all know that his digusting father and mother hate him. So its not going to be a nice day. It was sunny which was a plus, he decided to go outside and play. So he takes Shmee out and sits him in the grass and plays with a toy truck.

Squee: ((imatating a truck)) VROOM-VROOM, ERRRR!

He playfully crashes the truck into a nearby dirt pile, and laughs childishly.

Squee: This is fun! ((smiles broadly)) I bet this is the best birthday so far Shmee.

Shmee just sits there in the grass with the same grin that he has always had. Grinning happily at Squee. He laughs a bit more, and continues to push the truck around in the grass. But, onlooking sits a lanky man in black. Yep, you guessed it, Johnny C. He sits perched staring out the window.

Johnny: Poor boy, his birthday and no one cares. Heh, WHAT A UNCARING WORLD!

He shrugs it off and walks back into the darkness of his house as Squee continues to sit outside. He sat there for a few long hours, playing with some old toys that had been drug into the yard by the neighborhood dogs. By the days end he was ready to lay down for a little nap. He walks back to his house, up the steps and reaches for the door handle. When in a sudden burst of air his father jerks open the door, and yells at the top of his lungs at Squee.


And in the same opening motion, he closed the door and locked it. Squee stood, his eyes watering. He held on tightly to Shmee and turned to look out onto the yard. Suddenly it looked nothing like it did earlier. It became dark and a chill wind whipped out around the the deadtrees. The sun sunk down behind the other houses until the dim street lights were the only thing that helped lead the way. Squee, slowly steped off the porch to the side of the house to get into the fence and atleast get into the old dog house to keep warm. Thunder clouds rolled in from the cold air and Squee tried frantically to get into the backyard. But to no avail his father had already planned for that. He started to shake with fear, with cold, having no security other than Shmee who still continued grinning through all of this. Slowly cold rain drops began to fall. One, two, three, four...all falling quickly and almost soaking Squee instantly. He had no where to go. He thought where he could go, when all the while there stood Johnny peering out of his window disgusted at Squee's father. Squee looked up into Johnny's window and saw Nny standing there, he only stared, and then motioned for Squee to meet him at his front door. Squee hurriedly rushed to the door. What was Nny to do, leave the poor kid out there? He meet Squeeat the door with his jacket which he draped over the small boys shoulders and let him come in without a word. Squee looked around, a blood soaked wall to the left, broken toys and what seemed to be kitchen appilances in pieces on the floor. Johnny cleared off an old chair then walked back into the shadow of the house.
Squee sat down into the empty seat squeezing Shmee tighter, shivering. But soon Johnny returned with a small chipped plate with some bread and cereal.

Johnny: Food supply is limited.

Squee only smiled at him and took the plate. Johnny stood towering over him and watched as he asked Shmee if he was hungry also, and tried to shove food in his mouth. It was amusing the violence he actually put into making this stuff animal eat. Nny only pulled up another chair and sat across the room as Squee nibbled on the bread.

Squee: Eat it Shmee! I know you are hungry!

Squee only looked up at Johnny slowly and waited before he said anything, but he managed to talk to him.

Squee: Johnny did you know it was my birthday today?

Johnny only nodded. No words fell from his lips as he poised, leaned over watching intently. Squee only picked at the cereal and after a few seconds of roughly trying to shove it into Shmee's mouth he ate it. Johnny wanted to try some nice comforting words, but that wasn't in him to say. He could see a slight tremble in Squee's motion for the cereal. Which was annoying him to no belief.

Squee: Johnny?

Johnny looked.

Squee: Do you want some?

He asked him, gesturing at the plate of food.

Johnny: No, Squee, you eat it.

Squee: Bu-But...you aren't hungry too?

Johnny was slightly annoyed at this point but didn't show it to the boy.

Johnny: Not at the moment...

He said roughly back turning and looking out the window at the rain.

Squee: I don't like the rain...

Squee said looking also, and shaking squeezing Shmee tighter.

Johnny: It can't rain all the time.

He said on a huff.

Squee: Johnny?

He turned again and looked.

Squee: Thank you...

Those two words burned at Nny's skin. Ripping at his emotions that he had once thought were gone for good. But they showed a roaring head back.

Squee: This is a good birthday.

Nny only glarred at the blood soaked wall, before turning to pick up a knife.

Johnny: You sit here, I will be right back.

Squee stared and began to shake as Jonny quickly darted out the door. It wasn't long before he turned blood soaked, and grinning the grin of Satan herself.(Thats right I said HERself. hate it orlove itknow you'll keep reading and post a comment about it)

But if Squee had only known that if he were to return home he would find his house, dark, and death striken. With a mother gushing blood on her bed where she stayed all day, and a father with a cracked skull laying at his desk, drowned in his own tears...both dead on his birthday would have been to soon. Nny returned and sat in the same chair looking down at Squee and the only thing left to say to him was going to come out wether he liked it or not was...

Johnny: Happy Birthday Todd.

The End of Chapter One (Thats right there is going to be more this story!