Almost a year had passed, and Warrick had made a full recovery from the gunshot wound to his shoulder and was now home with Cath enjoying full custody of his 3 year old son Eli, Cath had encouraged him to get custody when she found out he was trying, and Lindsey loved babysitting for him.

Strangely, she didn't even mind that they didn't pay her for it. She said Eli was her family, just like Warrick, and that it was wrong to be paid to look after family. Catherine also had something worth celebrating. She was going to have a baby girl in about 5 months. She knew the risks, being that she was now somewhat older than when she had had Lindsey, but both she and Warrick had been so happy when they heard the news.

On this particular October night, Catherine was relaxing on the back porch of the white house they had bought right after Warrick gained custody of Eli, sipping a cup of hot tea. She heard Eli running toward her. "Catie!" he called out. He'd called her Catie since they met, since he couldn't quite say Catherine yet.

"Yes, Eli?"

"Where are you?"

"On the porch, Kiddo."

He ran out, and Catherine could see he'd been crying. "What's the matter, Baby?"

"Bad dream," he sniffled.

"Oh..."Cath clicked her tongue in sympathy and opened her arms. He climbed into her lap. "So what was this dream?"

"Daddy hurt. Him and Uncle Greg."He cried softly into Catherine's shoulder.

"Shh, it was just a dream. Daddy will be home real soon, and you'll see."

He still cried, so Catherine rocked him til he fell back asleep. Warrick came home not long after he'd gone back down.

"Hey, Cath, man am I glad to see you." he smiled and kissed her.

She returned it and hugged him tight. "me, too." As she stood there hugging him, she couldn't shake the feeling that Eli's nightmare could be more than that.